Ulta Beauty 21-Day Sale! Oh so worth It!

There’s a great reason why Ulta advertises their 21 Days of Beauty as “Beauty’s Biggest Event,” because to cosmetics lovers and beauty gurus, it is!

With so many cosmetic lines available on the market, both walk-in and online stores promoting major sales and price reductions on numerous beauty and skincare items, do you as the consumer really benefit from product sales and gimmicks?

Ulta Beauty Inc. is a chain of beauty stores in the United States, headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Ulta Beauty carries cosmetics and skincare brands, men’s and women’s fragrances and hair care products. Ulta Beauty has both walk-in and online stores, and all walk-in stores are equipped with a salon.

Twice a year, usually in the months of March and September, Ulta has a 21-day sale where select brands or items give huge discounts for one day. Each day throughout the 21 days has at least two beauty steals, with discounts up to 50% off. Ulta also promotes Hot Buys which run through the entire 21-day sale. Along with the events, you are usually offered Beauty Samplers and Try Me Kits. These deals come from Ulta’s upcoming catalog and their online link. All listed deals are available both in-store and online unless the deal is listed as an online exclusive. Another sales technique used by Ulta is free shipping for Platinum and Diamond members and free shipping with a $50.00 or more purchase for UltaMate members.


For all you fashion and beauty lovers and for those of you that occasionally glam up, is Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty worth the hype? Yes!

Our fascination with cosmetics, skin and hair care products is evident, as the beauty industry racks in billions of dollars in sales annually.

If you receive an Ulta catalog in your mailbox announcing their upcoming 21 Days of Beauty deals and browse the magazine, you’ll see why Ulta’s bi-annual sale benefits both Ulta, and you as the consumer. Leading up to the event, if you actually shop in the store before the sale begins, it’s all too easy to get lured into eyeing not only the beauty items you plan to purchase at that time, but additional items will catch your eye, and you’ll think “Why not? I’ll buy those during the 21-day sale.” There is something about thinking you got a bargain and are spending your hard earned money wisely that makes you feel good and satisfied!

Another way Ulta’s 21-day sale is a success is because if you spread your purchases out over a number of days, you’ll feel like you’re spending less money overall, as opposed to one large purchase in one day. Then by tossing in free shipping for any order over $50.00, you’ll naturally hike your cart price up while you’re shopping, which even though you’ve spent more money, you’re happy because you saved on the shipping!

If you’re someone who buys a large number of cosmetics and beauty products throughout the year, then Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty is a great promotional sale for you. Ulta carries their own brand, as well as a large supply of major brand cosmetic products, so you’ll have numerous makeup, fragrance, skincare and hair care items to choose from. Some people prefer certain brands, while others will mix and match their cosmetic choices, and you have this preference made available to you through Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty. You can buy all your favorite reduced items in one store or on one online website, over a 21 day period.

Don’t miss out on the remaining days of the Ulta Beauty 21-day sale 2021. It’s running from August 29, 2021 through September 19, 2021 so you still have plenty of time to stock up on all your favorite beauty and skincare products for 50% off.  So shop away! Every guy and gal uses skin and hair care products, so you’ll certainly find items you will love and get your money’s worth out of, and save money in the process. Your price reduced purchases will feel like a major success.

Ulta Beauty 21-Days of Beauty! Oh so worth it!

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