You’ve got boots clear up to your thigh! Oh my!

If you have legs right up to your neck, or boots right up to your thigh, the fact is that you will be riding high and getting the same effect: hot legs!


Thigh high boots are easy on the eyes, yet not always that easy of a look to pull off. If you are someone who dares to be a bit fashion bold, as well as sassy and styling, then you just may want to wrap your legs, your knees and a portion of your thighs in these long boots that say oh, so much.

Thigh high boots don’t need an introduction. They introduce themselves when they walk in a room.

When wearing thigh high boots, the fabulous footwear looks the best when the entire boot is on display. If you are draped in boots that hug clear up your leg, then by all means, show off the entire sensual shoe.

The Best Ways to Wear Thigh High Boots:

  1. If the boots are worn with a dress or a skirt or shorts, the hem of the garment should stop before the clothing touches the top of the boot, leaving at least one or two inches of thigh showing from the top of the boot to the hem of the skirt/dress/shorts.
  2. If the boots are worn with pants, the best look is when the pant legs are tucked inside of the boots, allowing the entire boot to be seen.
  3. If the boots are tucked into leggings, make sure that your shirt doesn’t hang so low as to cover any portion of the top of the boot.

Thigh High Boots Fun Fact: Many thigh high boots fit clingy to the leg, however, more loose fitting, casual looking thigh high boots also wear exceptionally well with certain outfits.

Thigh high boots are generally viewed as either daunting or darling. Depending on your opinion of the brave boots, these shoes are by far a conversation piece. I’m sure there are many people that find thigh high boots flattering, yet, also scary to try on themselves.

Try on a pair of thigh high boots and fight your fears!

Thigh High Boots Fun Fact: Thigh high boots elongate your legs, as the boots themselves are quite long and high, giving off an illusion of longer legs.

Thigh high boots are probably not a shoe that you would wear daily to the office, but they are an ideal shoe to unleash your inner glamour girl and to wear confidently to your office holiday party, or any place where you want to be in the spotlight!

“Oh what a night. It was late December, back in ’63, what a very special time for me, as I remember (in my thigh high boots) what a night!” Sorry, I got lost in a mental sidebar.

When wearing thigh high boots with dresses, skirts or shorts, the boots take on different looks merely by the hosiery that you are wearing. Here are some of the best choices to pull off a polished, haute couture toe to thigh look:

Hoist Your Boots on Over:

  1. Bare legs
  2. Opaque stockings or pantyhose
  3. Nylons
  4. Fishnet stockings or pantyhose
  5. Tights

Tight fitting, thigh high boots, slinked on over clingy tights, worn with a form fitted or a full skirt and a feminine top is quite the sight!

Depending on how you choose to wear your thigh high boots, you can create looks that radiate sheer sophistication, as well as outfits that work perfectly for a more casual, playful, yet trendy look.

Pull on a pair of thigh high boots, and after one look, you’ll be hooked!

Warning: Thigh high boots shout sex appeal, so be prepared for lots of looks as you strut your stylish self through town in a head turning pair of thigh high boots!

Thigh High Boots Fun Fact: If you have larger calves, a boot where the material stretches or zips up the back will be easier to slip on or off. I have no guarantee that once you pull up your thigh high boots, that the mile high shoe will slide off as easily as the dashing boot slipped on! However, the effort that it takes to garnish your legs in thigh high boots is well worth the energy.

It makes no difference the color of the shoe, it’s the style and the height of the boot that shines through!

How will you know a true pair of thigh high boots? All of your knee will be covered, and the top portion of the boot will extend above the knee and up a portion of the thigh. Thigh high boots are not to be confused with knee high boots. I love the aura of knee high, stiletto heeled boots. Yet, from a truly high fashion perspective, I feel that the image of style that the thigh high boot conveys can kick the knee high boot to the curb.

In the world of boots, thigh high boots takes center stage and are all the daring fashion rage!

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