Being a beach babe beauty doesn’t have to mean bikinis, two-piece bathing suits, or thongs. Women, no matter our body size or shape, can rock one-piece bathing suits and still look gorgeous and sexy. That’s a splendid combination!

Before the popularity of the two-piece bathing suit, and then the bikini, virtually all female swimwear almost completely covered the wearer’s torso, and men wore similar swimsuits. Although the bikini gained prominence and popularity in the 1960s, the one-piece bathing suit has maintained a powerful place on beaches today. Even the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition features some models wrapped in sensual, provocative one-piece bathing suits. For all the fashion buffs, the more material you have to work with, the more alluring and eye-catching the garment can be. This holds true with one-piece bathing suits. From high back to low back, bare midriff at the sides, or sleek V-necklines, one-piece swimsuits can still be the center of attraction. The more fabric used on a swimsuit, the cuter, more stylish it can be!

One of the most common forms of one-piece bathing suits is the tank suit. The tank suit is the inspiration for the ever-dependable tank top. The name “tank suit” is derived from the term “swimming tank,” an obsolete term for what we now call the “swimming pool.” The tank suit is worn for female water sports, swim competitions, etc. The tank suit resembles a sleeveless leotard or bodysuit.

Although we think of one-piece bathing suits as being similar to bodysuits, one-piece swimsuits can be tight-fitting or loose-fitting. Think maternity bathing suits! They are often layered and made of a cotton material that doesn’t cling to the body when wet.

Popular styles of the one-piece bathing suit include the halterneck, the wrap around, the bandeau, and the pretzel suit. One-piece swimsuits are flexible. It can be really cute or super sexy, depending on the style and cut you like.

Whether you’re swimming, diving, surfing, or sunbathing, step out sassy and classy in a one-piece bathing suit. With their slinky fit and stylish appearance, the one-piece swimsuit will still show off a fabulous figure. Think beauty pageants, where contestants oftentimes strut the stage in an elegant one-piece bathing suit.

In the realm of health and beauty, sometimes less is more. In the realm of bathing suits, sometimes more is less!

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