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A popular, pretty and never outdated top to wear with skirts, pants and shorts is the beautiful and feminine top known around the globe as the blouse.

A blouse is a loose-fitting upper garment that can be either gathered at the waist or hang loosely over the wearer’s body. Blouses come in various styles, patterns (floral, print, solid color) and cuts, and are made from a variety of fabrics. Some common material for blouses is cotton, lace and silk cloth. Blouses may or may not include a collar and sleeves.

Blouses run the gamut from standard, no nonsense, professional attire all the way to frilly, lacy, fancy apparel. Many blouses resemble men’s dress shirts in the way the blouse buttons up the front, has a firm collar and long sleeves that button at the wrists.

Blouse is a French word meaning “dust coat” and has become a common word in the English language. Blouses were rarely a part of the fashionable woman’s wardrobe until the 1890s. Before that time, blouses were popular for informal wear in styles that mirrored peasant or traditional clothing. A simple blouse with a plain skirt was the standard dress for the female workforce in the 1890s. In the early 1900s, elaborate blouses, such as the lingerie blouse (heavily decorated with lace and embroidery) and blouses with tucks and pleats became immensely sought after for both office and evening wear.

Tailoring can provide a closer fit to the wearer’s shape. This form fitted look is achieved with sewing of features such as princess seams or darting in the waist and/or bust.

Nancy’s Fashion Tip: I think that tailored, form fitted blouses look real nice with solid-color pencil skirts or either high waisted or hip hugger pants!

Generally a front button up blouse should be worn with the top button or two top buttons open, for better comfort. This look wears real well when the blouse is worn as the sole top, or when the blouse is worn underneath a blazer or a jacket. A striking necklace or choker to decorate the neck and open chest area when added with the blouse creates a stylish, feminine look.

Other cuts of blouses zip up the side, slip on over your head or button up the back. Many of these blouses are fancier to look at compared to the standard shirt blouse, and they can dress up and doll up your outfit merely by their divine elegance.

Sheer blouses and lace blouses are ultra feminine and sensual. These blouses can be worn with dress slacks and skirts to create a fancier look, or they can be worn with casual or denim slacks, skirts and shorts to give off a more youthful, yet alluring vibe!

A blouse is by far a nice, comfortable flowy top that is much more classy than a cotton shirt or t-shirt!

Nancy’s Tip for Wearing a Long-Sleeved Blouse on a Warm Day: Roll up the sleeves to above the elbows. I think rolled-up sleeves is a great, fun look. Not only does it allow you to wear the blouse even in warm weather, but it emits a cute, cool, fashionable image!

Blouses are elegant, pretty and always in style!

So whether your tastes run more casual and sporty, or more girly girl and dolly, there are numerous styles and types of blouses to satisfy your particular, unique fashion sense.
From sensible to sensational!
From practical to prissy!
From downplay to darling!

Blouses mix and match with most all outfits!

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All around the world, blouses are a dress attire that hold much appeal to many women. It’s a fair assumption to say that probably most females own at least one blouse, if not many more. Blouses are versatile, feminine, comfortable and chic, all rolled into one top!
A blouse is a loose-fitting upper garment that was formerly worn by workmen, peasants, artists, women and children. A blouse can be worn gathered at the waist (with elastic, a belt, a waistband, etc.) or the blouse hangs loosely over the wearer’s body.
Blouses, even if the style and cut is casual and sporty, have an unmistakable feminine appearance!
Cotton, lace, frills, ruffles or flannel, blouses are festive, fun and fashionable.
Blouses look vogue and trendy whether they hang loosely, outside of the lower garment, or tucked into a pair of pants or a skirt. When wearing a front button up blouse, most women prefer to have the top button open for better comfort (so as not to grip the neck). Some blouses are made with a free neckline so as not to compromise comfort.
Button Up Blouse Tip: Button up blouses look fantastic when the top two to three buttons are left unbuttoned, and a tight choker is worn around the neck! This look sizzles.
Blazing forward in fashionable becoming blouses!
Button Fun Fact: Women’s button up blouses have buttons on the reverse side of men’s shirts. On women’s blouses, the buttons are normally on the left hand and the buttonholes are on the right. Some suggest that this custom was introduced by launderers so they could distinguish between men’s and women’s shirts. Another theory is that women’s blouses were designed so that they could be easily buttoned by the maids and servants, while men’s shirts were designed to be buttoned by the man wearing the shirt.
Whatever the reason, the custom or tradition of the button placement of men’s and women’s shirts still exists today.
Blouses are often made of cotton or silk, and may include a collar and sleeves. Blouse are usually more tailored than simple knit tops, and often contain feminine details such as ruffles, lace, soft bows, ties, embroidered decorations and rhinestones and beads.
Beautiful blouses decorated to dandy perfections!
Traditional blouses are usually white. There are many ways to tailor blouses to give the tops a variety of shapes and appearances. Different styles can be achieved by sewing of features such as princess seams or darting in the waist and/or bust.
Blouse Fun Fact: During the Victorian period, blouses became common as informal and practical women’s wear. A simple blouse and a plain or tight cut pencil skirt was the standard dress for the newly expanded female workforce of the 1890s, especially for the females employed in office work. In the 1900s, elaborate blouses (heavily decorated, tucks, pleats) became popular for daywear and some informal evening wear.
Today, you can find the perfect style blouse whether you are going to a high society event, or merely spending your day in play!
Blouse is a word loaned to English from the French word blouse, which means dust coat. The word was first officially noted in 1828, from French blouse (a workman’s or peasant’s smock) of obscure Occitan route.
Blouse Fun Fact: In the 1970s and 1980s, blouses made a bouncing spike in fashion popularity: double cuffs, extra wide pointed collar, belt around the waist, synthetic fibers, bedazzled artwork and the like. Blouses with three-quarter arm sleeves were a striking phenomenon in the 1990s.
Blouse Fashion Tip: Blouses look divine when they are tucked into waist cut, flared pants (bell bottoms or flared jeans) and worn with a platform shoe or ankle boots! Gussy the garments up with dangle bracelets, gems, jewelry and rhinestones, and you are dazzling good to go!
Blouses also look fabulous and wear well with blazers, tank tops, bolero jackets, sweaters, colorful accessories and bead chain necklaces.
Blouse Fashion Tip: You can’t go wrong wearing a blouse. If you aren’t sure what to wear, but you want to look right, being dressed in a blouse is a lovely sight!
From the front and the back, a blouse is all that!
Provocative and sexy without trying too hard! A trick to having exquisite style is that you never want to appear is if you’ve tried too hard. Subtle and sassy speaks volumes by far!ImageImage
Silk, satin and sheer blouses are sheer elegance!
Glamour personified!
Many women adore the blouse jacket. A blouse jacket is one garment that is drawn tight at the waist (either tailored or with a built in elastic band) with loose blousing hanging over the waistband.
A blouse generates a nightlife clothes feel, and is also a status of the elegant woman. A blouse can be worn to the most ritzy club, or to church and places demanding formal attire.
Aspire to own a garment that works for sporting events to lighting up a fashion fire! From summer beach babies to glamour girl gorgeousness, blouses are a fashion best!
Do you have a cats meow blouse stored in your house?
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