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Bolero jackets are amazing. In addition to looking fetching, fabulous and feminine, bolero jackets serve a multitude of style purposes!

A bolero jacket is a short, cropped jacket that usually has long sleeves and tends to look quite formal when worn. A true bolero jacket will cover only the upper torso, shoulders and arms, leaving the waist and the hips uncovered. Many bolero jackets do not fasten in the front, leaving the neck and the lapel of the jacket open, however, some bolero jackets fasten in the front with buttons or zippers.

Benefits of Wearing the Bolero Jacket:

  1. The cropped shape of the bolero jacket can help to emphasize the waist by reducing fabric bulk around this area.
  2. When the jacket snugs above the waist, the garment helps to create or enhance an hourglass silhouette.
  3. This jacket comes in handy for women heading straight from work or class into the nightlife. Slip on a bolero over your day clothes and doll up the outfit.
  4. Summer shirts such as tank tops, tube tops and halter tops can be worn to work by covering up the shoulders and backs of these skimpy shirts with an elegant bolero jacket.

Do you have two events to attend in one day and don’t want to carry along a second outfit? Merely slip yourself into a bolero jacket and change your shoes, and your same basic outfits become two entirely separate, stylish ensembles!

Bolero jackets can be made of many different types of fabrics, and can be used to dress up or down almost all types of outfits. Silk, satin and velvet are excellent materials that will allow the bolero to spruce up your daytime or nighttime attire.

Bolero Fun Fact: Although the bolero jacket can be worn at any time of the year, they are popular in spring and summer months as an alternative to heavier jackets or sweaters. In addition to hiking up the fashion radar of your outfit, a bolero jacket provides some warmth from cooler temperatures and light breezes. without overheating your body temperature like a bulky coat will do.

Be the bomb in a beautiful bolero jacket!

Bolero Fun Fact: The word bolero is used to describe a traditional form of Spanish dance. The bolero jacket originated in Spain as part of the gentleman’s dance costume, and also as the jacket worn by many bullfighters. A bridal bolero jacket can be an excellent accessory to a wedding dress, allowing an opportunity for detailing or contrasting embroidery. You can also use the same bolero jacket to slip on separately from the dress, perfect for anniversary celebrations or formal parties.

The main target for a spot on bolero jacket is the length of the jacket. The hem of the jacket should fit right below the bustline, around the rib cage. Too long and the jacket can tend to look dowdy or frumpy.

Fashion Fun Fact: Dowdy and frumpy will never be used in the same fashion sentence as modern and vogue! Save dowdy and frumpy for when you are taking out the trash. Oh wait, are you a true fashionista? True fashion plates simply don’t blend well with dowdy or frumpy at all.

Have some fun with your bolero jacket. Go in lace, go in leather, go in silk, go in satin! Are you into glitz and glam? Then how about a sequin bolero jacket. Sparkle away in the most fashion fabulous way!

An article of clothing similar to the bolero is the shrug. A shrug is a cropped, cardigan type garment with short or long sleeves, typically knitted or crocheted. Usually a shrug covers less of the body than a vest would, but the shrug is more tailored than a shawl.

A bolero jacket shows off the mid-section between the rib cage and the waist! Strut your stuff in the splendor that is the bolero!
You bolero beauty, you. Beauty, brains, and boleros.

For mounds of style and minimal protection from the feisty elements of Mother Nature, the bolero is the best way to go.

Bolero Jackets: Simple never looked so stunning!

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