Isn’t it about time that you treat yourself to something fun, unique and practical all in one jewelry item? Go with a finger ring watch.

Most people who want to know the time of day rely on their wrist watches, or more frequently, merely glance at their iPhones or their mobile phones. While both of these items suffice to let you know if you are running late, early or are precisely on time, a much more colorful way to find out the time is to look at your decorated fingers. Let your ring watch do the time talking.

If I had to use one word to sum up a ring watch, that word would be “cool!” Ring watches are just too cool!

There’s an element of flashiness and playfulness with wearing ring watches that you just don’t get when you are wearing a standard wrist watch, pocket watch or relying on your cell phone to show you the time.

As with all jewelry, the selection of ring watches runs the gamut from cosmetic to real jewels, and from sporty to elegant. A person can find an ideal ring watch that speaks to them even more deeply than simply telling them the time. A ring watch can add oodles of class and character to your hands that radiates a spark of your personality.

Although wrist watches are the most common type of watch used today, a wrist watch can’t match the novelty conversation piece known as the ring watch!

I have had many ring watches throughout the years and I find them to be both fun to look at and enjoyable to wear. However, when adorning your finger with a ring watch, you need to remember to remove your watch anytime that you wash your hands or are immersing your hands in water.

In fashion, there is no set rule for how to wear a ring watch. Whether you choose to slip the watch onto your right hand or your left hand, your fingers or your thumbs, anything goes. Ring watches are ornamental timepieces in whatever mode of style that you prefer to wear them.

Although wrist watches evolved in the 17th century, they didn’t become extremely popular as fashion pieces until the 1920s. Before this, most watches were pocket watches and attached to a watch chain or a watch fob. And as with almost all practical items, women found a way to doll up the wrist watch and wear their watches around their feminine fingers. Ring watches were born.

Another fun way to wear a ring watch is to attach the ring onto a chain, and dangle the darling timepiece around your neck. It’s similar to how we wore our friendship rings when we were “going steady” in junior high and/or high school. Reminisce time! As long as I’m off on a memory lane sidebar, remember when we would receive a friendship ring that was too big for our fingers, and rather than slide the coveted ring onto a chain, we would wrap the back of the ring with fuzzy angora material or scotch tape to size the ring to fit our dainty fingers? Priceless!

Okay, back to ring watches!

Wasn’t that a visual vicarious experience? And you aren’t even wearing the ring watch. Imagine how much more pleasing the watch would be to gaze at if one of these colorful, unique ring watches was jazzing up your fingers.

Time Telling Fun Fact: The study of timekeeping is known as horology.

I certainly am glad that there are people who study timekeeping and invent all of these fabulous ring watches, but with my busy schedule, I am content to let someone else do all of the work, while I merely lather my fingers in the gorgeous, time telling, finished product that is the ring watch!

Ring watches are amusing! Ring watches are trendy! Ring watches are the cat’s meow!

The next time that someone asks you for the time of day, you can hold up your finger and show off your glamorous ring watch, and let them check the time themselves. Unless of course you are wearing your fashion piece on your middle finger, at which time you would be wiser to glance down at your hand yourself and recite them the time, in your own sweet voice.

I think I’m going to go out tomorrow and buy me a new ring watch. I’ll let my fingers do the time talking.

Let your watch be a ring! They’re the “in” thing!

Cool finger ring watches: it’s about time!

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