The pretty and pleasing fabric known as plaid never goes out of style. As early as the 1830s, plaid was a popular fabric pattern in the world of fashion. Plaid is a recognizable pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands of multiple colors. Plaid originated in woven wool, but today plaid fabrics are available in many other materials.

Plaid is made with alternating bands of colored threads woven as both warp and weft at right angles to each other. The weft is woven in a simple twill, two over – two under the warp, advancing one thread at each pass. This forms visible diagonal lines where different colors cross, which gives the appearance of new colors blended from the original ones. The resulting blocks of color repeat vertically and horizontally in a distinct pattern of squares and lines known as a ‘sett’.

Ready, set, go…look fabulous from head to toe when you are dressed in the cool, chic, rad fabric that is plaid!

Plaid Color Shades and Meanings:

1. Modern: A plaid that is colored using chemical dyes as opposed to natural dyes.
2. Ancient: A lighter shade of plaid that represent the colors that would result from the fabric aging over time.
3. Muted: Plaid which is shade between modern and ancient. This type of plaid is very modern, dating only from the 1970s. This shade is said to be the closest match to the shades attained by natural dyes used before the mid-19th century.

For those of you that prefer a splash of plaid as opposed to being wrapped in plaid, why not carry a plaid handbag or doll yourself up in plaid accessories? A touch of plaid looks exceptionally graceful and elegant on anyone, yes, even men!

Plaid Fun Fact: Plaid is recorded by counting the threads of each color that appear in the sett. The thread count not only describes the width of the stripes on a sett, but also the colors used. For example, the thread count “K4 R24 K24 Y4” breaks down as 4 black threads, 24 red threads, 24 black threads and 4 yellow threads. The first and last thread of the thread count are the pivot points.

The word ‘plaid’, derived from the Scottish Gaelic ‘plaide’, meaning blanket, was first used to describe any rectangular garment. Over time, the term ‘plaid’ was used to describe blankets themselves.

Today plaid is a pretty, pleasing pattern that looks both elegant and fun and is adored and recognized by everyone!

The fashion pandemonium plaid is never a fad!

Although plaid prints can be found in all colors, plaid fabrics consisting of black, red and yellow are the most popular. For a striking, stunning sight, dress in plaid garments of black and white.

Gorgeous and glad to be wearing plaid!

Even though the plaid pattern never goes out of style, plaid is making a huge fashion statement for Fall/Winter 2018! Go out and buy the perfect plaid clothing for your closet…it shows great taste! You’ll enjoy wearing plaid and receive so many compliments that your money certainly won’t go to waste! Whether you wear plaid shirts, pants, dresses, shorts or skirts, plaid is a cute, fun, recognizable pattern adored by everyone.

Get your positive fashion spin on when wearing plaid…the criss-cross pattern is cool, chic and rad.

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Yes, it’s true that if you go to the beach wearing a one piece bathing suit you will likely be surrounded by a borage of beach babes dressed in thongs, bikinis and two piece swimsuits. Guess the good news? You can still stand out and be a bathing suit beauty wearing a one piece swimsuit. Have you seen the one piece bathing suits on the market today? They are sexy, classy, sassy and gorgeous all the way!

Whether you prefer a one piece bathing suit that covers your entire torso, or a swimsuit that still shows plenty of skin, when you fit yourself into a slinky, stylish, sensual one piece bathing suit you’ll love the suit that you’re in (and the way you wear the suit so well)!

Before the popularity of the two piece swimsuit, and then the bikini, virtually all female swimwear covered at least the wearer’s torso, and men also wore similar swimsuits. While the bikini has increasingly found popularity since the 1960s, the one piece swimsuit has maintained its signature place on beaches and pools to this day. Yes, the darling, adorable one piece swimsuit is here to stay. Hip hip hooray!

The most common type of one piece bathing suit is the maillot or tank suit, which resembles a sleeveless leotard or body suit. Many variances of the one piece swimsuit include the halter neck, wrap around, pretzel suit and bandeau style bathing suit.

One Piece Bathing Suit Fun Fact: The modern one piece swimsuit made its appearance in the mid 1900s, when the style was widely known as the tank suit. Its widespread acceptance is attributed to Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman, who attracted further attention to the style in 1907, when she was arrested on a Boston, Massachusetts beach for indecent exposure because her swimsuit showed her arms, legs and neck. This arrest prompted a wide public outrage which added to the worldwide acceptance of the tank top one piece bathing suit style. Can you imagine what would have happened if Annette Kellerman had been wearing a thong bikini that is prevalent today? Locked up for sure and they would have probably thrown the key away. Ha!

One reason I find the one piece bathing suit so attractive is because you have more material to work with, which means the designer can cut and sew a swimsuit together that has more fashion and style. When you work with the minimal amount of fabric it takes to sew a bikini, you don’t have much fabric to put together and show off your creativity. With a one piece swimsuit, you can have shoulder straps, halter neck tops, cutouts and openings in the midriff section, etc. which allows the designer/manufacturer more options in sewing together a knockout, sexy, beautiful bathing suit.

It was during the 1920s and 1930s that people began to shift from “taking in the water” to “taking in the sun”, where tanning and sunbathing began growing in popularity. It was at this time that one piece bathing suit designs shifted from functional and practical to adding more decorative features. Necklines plunged at the back, sleeves disappeared and sides were cut away and tightened. Once again, fashion wins! The looks, design and aesthetics of the swimsuit began to matter more to women than merely being something to wear in the water to cover their skin! Ah, hail the fashion divas that take practical, necessary garments and make them chic, cool clothes to behold!

Look like “the one” in a one piece bathing suit!

Even in contexts still today, a two piece swimsuit is regarded by some as immodest and controversial, with a one piece swimsuit being mandatory, as in the case of most school swimming events, Olympic women’s swimming and other international swimming events and competitions.

Beach baby, beach baby there on the sand…oh how I adore the fabulous one piece bathing suit that you are wrapped in!

“We’re planning to take a fun, festive, much needed vacation at the Jersey Shore.”

“This calls for splurging on a few new bathing suits that you will adore.”

“I think I’ll go for the one piece swimsuit to help keep tan lines away.”

“You’ll turn every head on the shore when you wear a stylish one piece each day.”

“I think I’ll buy one red, one black and one rainbow, with slinky slits and cutaways.”

“You’ll be the belle of the beach and you won’t want to come home. Vacation all the way!”

One Piece Bathing Suits: Grab yourself a beach ball, slip into your slinky one piece bathing suit and be a true bathing suit beauty that is the most noticed gal on the shore.  Need I say more?

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at http://www.struttinginstyle.com, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  https://www.facebook.com/nancymmangano/  Twitter @https://twitter.com/nancymangano and her author website http://www.nancymangano.com






Most people can agree that glitter is fun to use, pretty to look at and adds sparkle and shine to even the most mundane items. Glitter describes an assortment of small, colorful, reflective particles that come in a variety of shapes. Glitter particles reflect light at different angles, causing the surface to sparkle or shimmer. Glitter is similar to confetti, sparkles or sequins, but somewhat smaller. Glitter is shiny, glorious and glamorous.
As the holidays near, a fun, youthful, hypnotic way to add oomph and pizzazz to your already intriguing eyes is with powerful glitter eye shadow. Eye shadow adds depth and dimension to your eyes, complements the eye color and makes your eyes appear larger. When you wear glitter eye shadow, your eyes stand out big time and you look major attractive and festive!

Glitter Fun Fact: Since prehistoric times, glitter has been made and used as decoration, from many different materials including stones such as malachite, galena, mica and glass. Modern glitter is usually manufactured from plastic.
The first production of modern plastic glitter is credited to the American machinist Henry Ruschmann, who found a way to cut plastic or mylar sheets into glitter in 1934.  During World War II with German glass glitter available, Ruschmann found a market for scrap material ground into glitter made of plastics. He founded Meadowbrook Inventions, Inc. in Bernardsville, New Jersey, and the company is still a large producer of glitter.
When painted in sparkly glitter of colors galore, the eyes have it, forevermore!

Eye Shadow Fun Fact: Civilizations across the world use eye shadow. Many people use eye shadow to enhance and improve their appearance, but the alluring cosmetic is also used in theater and other plays to create a memorable look, with bright, bold colors. Depending on your skin tone and experience, the effect of eye shadow generally brings out glamour and gains much attention.
Up the volume with glittered eye shadow for off the charts glorious glam!
Glitter eye shadow can be applied in a variety of ways depending upon the desired look and formulation. Typically application is done using fingers and brushes. The most important aspect of applying eye shadow is blending well. When using glitter eye shadow, which gives a more dramatic look than cream or powered eye shadow, not blending the colors together can give off a powerful, majestic look that is filled with mystery and mystique! Magical eyes! Glittered size!

Glitter Fun Fact: Today over 20,000 varieties of glitter are manufactured in a vast number of different colors, sizes and materials. Over 10,000,000 pounds of glitter was purchased between the years of 1989 and 2009 alone. Holy kamoly…that’s mountains of glitter! Commercial glitter ranges from 0.002 square inches to 0.25 square inches. First, flat multi-layered sheets are produced combining plastic, coloring and reflective material such as aluminum, titanium dioxide, iron oxide and blemish oxychloride. These sheets are then cut into tiny particles of many shapes including squares, rectangles and hexagons.
Glittered and glowing glamorous eyes truly hypnotize!
My oh my, you’ve gone over the top glitter wise, making for some sensational eyes!
Eye Shadow Removal: To remove eye shadow, including glittered eye shadow, a commercial makeup remover can be used, though a rich face wash with warm water will generally remove all traces of color. Vaseline works great for removing eye shadow, and all makeup! Eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara may also be removed using baby oil. Another great way to remove both light and heavy eye shadow is using makeup wipes, which can be found at many drugstores and beauty supply stores.
Glitter Fun Fact: Over 6,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians produced glittering cosmetics from the iridescent shells of beetles, as well as finely ground malachite crystal. Researchers believe Mayan temples were sometimes painted with red, green and gray glitter paint made from mica dust, based on infrared scans of the remnants of paint still found on the structures in present-day Guatemala.

Common ingredients in eye shadows consist of talc, mica, sericite, magnesium stearate, colorants and preservatives. For a royal, regal look, let’s add glitter!  Fillers in eye shadows are primarily talc. The liquid binders are typically a silicone and the dry binders are typically magnesium stearate. In order to make eye shadow, there has to be a balance between the fillers, dry binders and the liquid binders.
Glitter Fun Fact: Due to glitter’s unique characteristics, glitter has been proven to be useful forensic evidence. Because of the tens of thousands of different commercial glitters, identical glitter particles can be compelling evidence that a suspect has been at a crime scene. Glitter particles are easily transferred through the air by touch, yet cling to bodies and clothing, often unnoticed by suspects! Interesting! Moral of the story? If you’re setting out to commit a crime, only wear cream or powdered eye shadow. No glitter!
Have you ever got glitter on your couch or in your carpet? You’re best to adapt to the stunning sparkles and leave them there, as trying to remove all the glitter will have you pulling out your hair!

Get a real fashion rise with glittered eyes!
“You absolutely sparkle in your glittered eye shadow. Reds, greens and blues!”
“It adds magic to my eyes and complements my blue eye color too!”
“If you bat your eyes at me I can get a glitter show of intrigue and glamour.”
“If I bat my eyes at you, you’ll be so mesmerized and want it over and over.”
“Some glitter has fallen below your eyes and is running down your cheek.”
“I decorated my face this way. Cosmetics and fashion is bold…not meek.”
Glitter Eye Shadow: Paint your eyes to cool and chic!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at http://www.struttinginstyle.com, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  https://www.facebook.com/nancymmangano/  Twitter @https://twitter.com/nancymangano and her author website http://www.nancymangano.com