men’s cologne


Find me a man wearing a beautiful, alluring cologne and I’ll follow him most anywhere! There’s something about a man and his cologne that tends to drive women wild and force them to take notice. Be it the soothing scent, the sexiness of a man who isn’t afraid to show his feminine side and the thrill of the pleasant aroma, men who lather themselves in sweet yet manly cologne are downright masculine!

Men, if you doubt me, try this experiment. Step into an elevator wearing the beguiling aroma of cologne, along with three or four men who choose to go bare necked (no cologne). Make sure one female is in the elevator. I guarantee you, the woman who is trapped in an elevator with four or five probably very good looking men is only going to notice the “one” man who brings her nose and her senses to life with his very delicious scent of cologne. Manly!

The wonderful, sensual, romantic scent of a man in cologne brings a woman to life! It could be that one signature move that elevates a girlfriend to a wife!

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Women’s (and men’s) love of smelling great cologne has a lot to do with our pheromones. A pheromone is a chemical that humans and animals produce that changes the behavior of another human or animal. In the case of men in cologne, the glorious scent alone can cause our frown to turn into a smile and our noticing of you to rise to an off the charts level. I give a serious “thank you” shout out to all men who wear cologne…I am so happy from the scent alone.

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Facts About Pheromones:

1. Pheromones are similar to hormones but work outside the body.
2. Pheromones induce activity in other individuals, such as sexual arousal.
3. There are four types of pheromones: releaser; primer; signaler and modulator.

The nose knows! All men should wear cologne!

Our sense of smell is particularly powerful, keeping us women noticing scrumptious food, the scent of fresh, sweet flowers and the attractive and alluring smell of our men wearing their signature, favorite cologne!

Men, let your woman or barber pamper you, manscape and groom you to the ultimate perfection, adding a splash of cologne to take you in a “smells divine” direction!

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“But I’m afraid cologne will sissify me!” you say. Not even one single day! A sultry, soft smelling cologne worn on your neck and wrists will cause your wives and/or girlfriends to give you an extra kiss! Ah, you have no idea how much she will appreciate this!

Men who bathe themselves (just don’t overdo it) in the powerful, intoxicating scent of a heavenly cologne will most likely have females following you home.

Why not give it a try? Once you’re styling, smiling and ready to take on the town, highlight your overall aura with a splash of yummy cologne and be the best smelling man around! You’ll smell and look like a million bucks, whether you’re cruising through the streets in a shiny BMW or looking masculine and sexy driving a truck!

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Cologne, often times referred to as perfume for men, can be viewed as the cherry on the sundae. The final topping that puts a “put together” man completely together…and tops off his vibe of sex appeal and undeniable masculinity! A lethal combination!

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Men, remember this equation and you won’t go wrong: Men + Cologne = A Turn On! Masculine and strong!

“Who is that man you’re walking so close behind?”

“I’m getting whiffs of his cologne when I stand nearby.”

“He’s going to think you’re stalking him or you don’t respect his space.”

“I can’t help it. The marvelous scent of his cologne shows he has great taste.”

“He’s entering the gym. Are you following him in there too?”

“Yes. Fit and he smells divine. What’s a girl to do?”

Cologne: Perfume for men. Give it a try. The fabulous results will show you why!

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