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Whether you’re dressed to the nines in haute couture, or toned down in casual jeans and a T-shirt, accessorizing your outfit with a fashionable, eye catching hat will add to the oomph of your look and add all that!
A hat is a head covering which is worn for various reasons, often as a fashion accessory. Hats are also worn for protection against the weather, ceremonial reasons, school graduations, religious purposes and safety.  Style divas have found a way to turn practical garments into aesthetically pleasing props for centuries!

Hat Fun Fact: While there are many official records of hats before 3000 BC, hats were commonplace before that time. Archaeologists think that the Venus of Brassempouy from 26,000 years ago may depict a hat. One of the earliest known confirmed hats was worn by a bronze age man whose body (including his hat) was found frozen in a mountain between Austria and Italy, where he’d been since around 3300 BC. He was found wearing a bearskin cap with a chin strap, made of several hides stitched together, essentially resembling a Russian hat without the flaps.
One of the first pictorial depictions of a hat appears in a tomb painting from Thebes, Egypt, which shows a man wearing a conical straw hat, dated to around 3200 BC. Hats were commonly worn in ancient Egypt. Many upper class Egyptians shaved their heads, then covered their heads in a headdress intended to keep them cool.
No matter the hair, no matter the head, when covered in a gorgeous hat you’ll knock ’em dead!

Hat Fun Fact: In the first half of the 19th century, women wore bonnets that gradually became larger, decorated with ribbons, flowers, feathers and gauze trim. By the end of the century, many other styles of hats were introduced, among them hats with wide brims and flat crowns, the flower pot and the toque. By the middle of the 1920s, when women began to cut their hair short, they chose hats that hugged the head like a helmet.
Popular Styles of Hats:

  1. Ascot Cap
  2. Bonnet
  3. Baseball Cap
  4. Beanie
  5. Bearskin
  6. Beret
  7. Bowler/Derby
  8. Cricket Cap
  9. Coonskin Cap
  10. Cowboy Hat
  11. Fedora
  12. Felt
  13. Fez
  14. Hard Hat
  15. Montera
  16. Pillbox Hat
  17. Santa Hat
  18. Sombrero
  19. Straw
  20. Top Hat
  21. Toque
  22. Turban

So many hats on the market but only one head. With so may days in a year you can wear a different hat many days, and even when you go to bed!

Hat Fun Fact: Hats sizes are determined by measuring the circumference of a person’s head about 1/2 inch (1 centimeter) above the ears. Inches or centimeters may be used depending on the manufacturer. Felt hats can be stitched for a custom fit. Some hats, like hard hats and baseball caps, are adjustable. Other hats come in standard sizes, such as small, medium, large and extra large.
Traditional hat size is worked out by adding the fore and the aft side to side measurements (in inches) and then dividing by two. In the United Kingdom, an equivalent hat size is an eighth of an inch smaller than in the United States.
From felt to straw to baseball caps, highlight your head in haute hats!

Hat Fun Fact: St. Clement, the patron saint of felt hat makers, is said to have discovered wool felt when he filled his sandals with flax fibers to protect his feet, around 800 AD.
In the Middle Ages, hats for women ranged from simple scarves to elaborate hennin, and denoted social status. Structured hats for women similar to those of male courtiers began to be worn in the late 16th century. The term “milliner” comes from the Italian city of Milan, where the best quality hats were made in the 18th century. Millinery was traditionally a woman’s occupation, with the milliner not only creating hats and bonnets, but also choosing lace, trimmings and accessories to complete an outfit.
Match your hat with your clothes and shoes to strut the streets stepping out in your own fashion rules!

For a look that is sure to excite and entice, let the brim of your hat hide your eyes…sultry and nice! (Just be careful where you walk and only look down!)
Looking sensual and hot in haute couture hats!

You’ll turn heads and decorate your own head when you walk the streets highlighted with happening hats! You’re a fashion queen that’s all that!
“Well just look at that girl with the hat decorating her gorgeous head.”
“Dressed head to toe in a flashy outfit with the main color being red.”
“She has to be taken by someone…she’s too lovely to be on her own.”
“If she’s a true independent fashion diva, she has no trouble doing things alone.”
“She definitely beats to her own drum and dresses in styles that bring her joy!”
“She grabs life with gusto…whether on her own, with other women or with a boy”
Hats: For the haute couture rebel and royal goddess in all of us!

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