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It’s time to welcome in the sizzling, wonderful, long, exciting, crazy and lazy days of summer. Summer is my favorite season and brings us vacations, a break from school, long warm days and evenings, barbeques, beaches and fun in the sun. Summer is a glorious season that is revered by most everyone.

Although many people look forward to the warmer temperatures and getting to wear fashionable summer clothing (mainly shorts, sleeveless shirts, flip flops and baby doll dresses), there are lots of people who fear and loathe putting on the dreaded bathing suit. There is a perfect remedy for you. Whether you’re walking along the sand and surf, relaxing on a sailboat or cruise ship, or merely spending time at the beach, there are numerous cute, lightweight long or short dresses that work perfectly to conceal your body, yet allow you to move freely and still enjoy the radiant sunshine.

Surf, sand and fun in the sun. There are adorable beach dresses to suit the personal fashion taste of every woman!

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For those of you that want to feel the thrill of your bare feet sinking into the sand, yet slip your body into a cool, cute dress, why not go with a sarong? A sarong is a large tube shape of material or length of fabric that is wrapped around the waist, thereby making a skirt. A sarong is generally fastened by tucking one corner of the fabric into the opposite end of the material, much like wrapping a beach towel around your waist. Sarongs can be worn with a bathing suit top, or if you prefer to cover your midriff section, a tube top or tank top. You can still enjoy the soothing effects of the sun without having to worry about a fit physique or a painful sunburn.

Some perfect dresses to wear to the beach are sarongs, maxi skirts, baby doll dresses and lightweight, cotton summer dresses. These dainty dresses are airy enough to allow you to breathe and move freely, yet they provide far more body coverage than a bathing suit.

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For those of you that prefer to enjoy the beach in a sarong, even if worn over the bathing suit you have on, there is another way to tie the sarong to ensure it stays sung and tight, not falling off while you jog the beach or play frisbee or volleyball. Once you step into the sarong, bring the upper edge above the level of your naval (the hem of the sarong should be level with your ankles), position the head of the sarong at the center of the back and folds in the excess fabric from both sides to the front center where they overlap, and then secure the sarong by rolling the upper hem down over itself.

Basically wrap and roll…and unleash the beach babe rock ‘n roller that lives inside of you.

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Who said only bathing suits should be worn to the beach? Dresses that are meant to be beachwear.

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at http://www.struttinginstyle.com, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  https://www.facebook.com/nancymmangano/  Twitter @https://twitter.com/nancymangano and her author website http://www.nancymangano.com

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There’s no denying that in the world of hairstyles, bangs are absolutely adorable. Bangs, also known as fringe, are made by a shaped cutting of the front part of the hair so that it lays over the forehead. Bangs can be cut fairly straight, at or above the eyebrows, but can also be ragged or ruffled, wispy, spiked up with hair gel, mousse or wax, swept to the side, or cut longer to fall over the eyes.

No matter how you choose to wear your bangs, haircuts with bangs look bold, beautiful and bouncy! Bangs can be alluring, provocative, cute, fashionable, high fashion, sexy, youthful and fun.

If you love bangs but don’t feel confident to cut your own hair, let a Mobile Styles hair professional give you the stunning hairstyle you long to wear.

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Common Styles of Bangs:

1. Straight Across or Full Bangs
2. Side Swept Bangs
3. Blunt Bangs
4. See-Through or Wispy Bangs
5. Layered Bangs
6. Arch or Rounded Bangs
7. Parted Bangs
8. Baby Bangs
9. Brow Skimming Bangs

If you’re used to forging forward with a bare forehead, yet somewhere deep inside of you bangs are banging to get out, take the bang plunge. If you tend to desire a more conservative look, yet you want to try a banging bang hairstyle, you can go to your favorite beauty supply store and buy clip on bangs. This serves a couple of purposes: you can see if you do indeed rock your look with fashionable bangs and, if you don’t want to go as permanent as cutting your hair, you can periodically clip in the bangs whenever you feel sassy enough to do so.

Change your current hairstyle and wear adorable bangs for awhile!

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No matter which way they hang, you can’t go wrong with gorgeous bangs!

Beautiful bangs for a beautiful you!

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Go Bold! Go Beautiful! Go Bangs! No matter which way you let your bangs hang, there is no doubt about it. A hairstyle that is framed by bangs is always a fashionable hit.

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at http://www.struttinginstyle.com, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  https://www.facebook.com/nancymmangano/  Twitter @https://twitter.com/nancymangano and her author website http://www.nancymangano.com


We all enjoy the pampering and pleasure that we receive by indulging in a fabulous facial. In addition to the soothing, relaxing effects and joy that a facial brings, we also get immediate benefits with clear, smooth, healthy, younger looking skin. Ah, to love the skin that you’re in!

Facials are used for both general skin health and to treat specific skin conditions. Popular types of facials include the European facial, LED light therapy facials and mini-facials.

Depending on your preferred results, your skin type and your complexion, there are different types of facial masks (cactus, cucumber, etc.) used for different purposes:

  1.  Deep Cleansing: Penetrates the pores, healing acne scars or hyper-pigmentation.
  2.  Brightening: Brings a gradual illumination to your skin tone.

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Facials are performed using moisturizer creams, masks, or both. A large part of the success of your facial is determined by the type of moisturizer that you use. Moisturizers are complex mixtures of chemical agents specifically designed to smooth the skin and make external layers of the skin softer and more pliable.

Facial masks help hold in moisture, making your skin supple and adding a healthy glow. Some masks are designed to solidify on the face, almost like plaster, while others remain wet. The perceived effects of a facial mask treatment include revitalizing, healing and refreshing the skin, yielding temporary and long term benefits. Facial masks are removed by either rinsing the face with water, wiping the mask off with a damp warm cloth, or peeling a dry mask off the face.

Fabulous facials make your skin look and feel healthy and younger!

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Why not rejuvenate your skin and your mind with a professional facial, administered by a professional Mobile Styles expert? Be kind to yourself and the skin that you’re in!

Fabulous Facials Preserve All Skin Types:

1. Normal Skin
2. Dry Skin
3. Oily Skin
4. Combination Skin
5. Aging Skin
6. Sensitive Skin

Fancy, youthful, stress free faces deserve fantastic, fresh facials!

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for an indulging facial using marvelous masks and face creams.

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Fabulous facials that make your skin look and feel healthy and younger. For the glamour girl youthful glow, a professional Mobile Styles facial is the way to go!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at http://www.struttinginstyle.com, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  https://www.facebook.com/nancymmangano/  Twitter @https://twitter.com/nancymangano and her author website http://www.nancymangano.com


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In my fashion and beauty opinion, the two cosmetic items that are most important to add glamour, allure and magic to the face are mascara and lipstick! If you can only choose two makeup items to put in your cosmetic bag, choose those two and your fabulous face will thank you.

Long, thick, luscious eyelashes area a sign of health and beauty. Long, thick eyelashes not only look beautiful, but they draw out the appeal and allure of your eyes. Your eyelashes are to your eyes what a fabulous frame is to a picture; they highlight the overall look.

An eyelash is one of the hairs that grows at the edge of the eyelid. Eyelashes protect the eye from debris and perform some of the same functions as whiskers do on a cat or mouse, in the sense that they are sensitive to being touched, thus providing a warning that an object (dust, hair, etc.) is near the eye, which then closes reflexively.

Items needed to capture the essence and glamour of long, heathy eyelashes are mascara, an eyelash brush and if preferred, an eyelash curler. If you do use an eyelash curler, don’t press and close the grips too hard, as this can cause eyelashes to pull out.

Mascara Fun Fact: Mascara is a cosmetic commonly used to enhance the eyelashes. Mascara darkens, thickens, lengthens and helps to define the eyelashes. Mascara is available in three forms (liquid, cake, cream), and most contain the basic ingredients of oils, waxes and preservatives.  The thicker the coats of mascara applied, the thicker and more full your eyelashes will look.

For the most dramatic eyelash look of all, jet black mascara outdoes them all. However, colored mascara can be fun to experiment with and wear when you’re feeling unique, magical and whimsical!

Tips for Growing Long, Lush, Healthy Eyelashes:

  1. Vitamin E, Iron, Vitamin B12 – Just like your body, hair needs protein, iron and Vitamin B12 to stay strong and healthy. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that adds to healthy hair growth. Eyelashes are hair, so they need to be fed nutrients just like the hair on your head.
  2. Biotin (Vitamin H) – Promotes hair growth, texture and thickness.
  3. Petroleum Jelly – If you remove your mascara before you go to sleep, then apply petroleum jelly to your bare eyelashes and leave on overnight while you sleep, this will help your eyelashes to grow faster, thicker and stronger.
  4. Castor Oil/Olive Oil – These oils help to promote hair growth.
  5. Enriched Mascara – Many mascaras that are available for purchase today include lash boosting serums, botanicals and pro-vitamin enriched formulas.

Bat your eyes in lovely, long eyelashes!

Long eyelashes are considered a sign of beauty in many cultures. Did you know that you can enhance your eyelashes artificially, either by applying false eyelashes or using eyelash extensions? Permanent eyelash tints have also become a popular procedure provided in many salons. It is also possible to get eyelash transplants, which are similar in nature to hair transplantation done on the head. Since the eyelash hair is transported from the head, the new eyelashes will continue to grow.

Eyelash Fun Fact: The invention of the photograph and motion picture launched mascara’s popularity and usage in the United States. Motion pictures advertised a new standard of beauty and sex appeal. Famous actresses of the classic cinema era, such as Theda Bara, Pola Negri, Clara Bow, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis and Jean Harlow depended heavily on dramatic mascara applications for their glamorized appearances, which the mainstream public began to mimic.

Today, mascara is often used on a daily basis around the world. In 2016 alone, U.S. consumers spent 335.6 million dollars on the top ten leading mascara brands.

Yes, beauty is a billion dollar business!

For the animal lovers out there, eyelashes, being hair, are found on mammals. Camels have eyelashes that are remarkably long and thick. Horses and cows have long eyelashes also. Inherited eyelash problems are common in some breeds of dogs and horses. Not much different than people!

Eyelash Fun Fact: The average eyelash takes about seven to eight weeks to grow back if pulled out, and constant pulling may lead to permanent damage, stunting hair growth.

Eyelashes bedazzling and beguiling being lush, lovely, luxurious and long are truly a fashion and beauty bomb!

“Baby, baby, baby, bat your lovely, lush, long eyelashes at me.”

“I’m flattered you’re admiring my luxurious eyelashes, you see.”

“Are your eyelashes naturally that long, or could your lashes be fake?”

“These are my own lashes coated with mascara. Black mascara takes the cake.”

“Your extra long lashes add to the allure, appeal and attractiveness of your eyes.”

“Yes. The longer the lashes, the larger your eyes appear in size.”

Long Eyelashes: A true beauty masterpiece!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at http://www.struttinginstyle.com, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  https://www.facebook.com/nancymmangano/  Twitter @https://twitter.com/nancymangano and her author website http://www.nancymangano.com





Fashion boots equals boots at their finest! Perhaps one style of boot that always stands out and is always in style is the high heeled ankle boot. Ankle boots are the most widely worn style of fashion boots for women, worn both under pants and with skirts and dresses. Ankle boots can vary in length from booties or shoe booties (shoes that skim the ankle) to boots that cover the lower part of the calf.

The defining characteristic of the boot is the length of the shaft. For those of you that adore wearing boots, you’re probably familiar with boots having various shaft lengths, including a shaft that follows the curve of your calf, straight legged, loose fitting or slouchy. With ankle boots, the shaft is shorter, going to or slightly above the ankle.

Ankle Boot Fun Fact: Ankle boots generally have a shaft height of less than 8 inches (20cm). In the 19th and early 20th century, ankle boots were common footwear for women. Even with rising dress hemlines, ankle boots add a cute, youthful, playful look and feel to the overall outfit.

While many ankle boots are made of leather and/or patent leather, some boots are also adorned with decorative features such as elaborate stitching and fur trims.

Sometimes, when it comes to shoes, only a high heeled ankle boot will do!

Popular Boot Designs:

  1. Ankle Boot
  2. Calf Length Boot
  3. Knee Length Boot
  4. Over the Knee Boot
  5. Thigh High Boot

Of course, various types of boots include combat boots, cowboy boots, construction boots, Russian boots, Ugh boots, vinyl boots, go-go boots and more!

Boots, boots, boots galore!

Fashion Boots Fun Fact: Although fashion boots and particularly go-go boots are often described as “typical” of 1960s fashion, it wasn’t until the 1970s that boots became a mainstream staple of women’s fashion. By contrast, in 1977, boots made up approximately 20 percent of all women’s shoe sales in the United States. The end of the decade saw fashion boots occupying pages of mainstream mail-order catalogs by companies such as Sears, Wards and Kays.

Exquisite women’s fashion boots of the 1960s and 1970s are just as trendy today!

Have you ever wondered if wearing boots feels cumbersome and bulky, or how people strut easily when their feet and legs are poured into boots? In close fitting boots, flexibility is achieved by the use of gussets: slits in the material either at the top of the shaft (in knee length boots) or wider panels at the sides of the shaft (in ankle boots), which are backed with elasticized fabric. Compression folds around the ankle allow for movement of the foot. In thigh high boots, flexion of the knee is usually attained by a vent at the back of the boot, running from the top of the shaft to the back of the knee. This may be closed with laces, elastic or left open.

Where a vent isn’t used, freedom of movement is achieved by either having the top of the shaft flare outwards above the knee, or making all or part of the shaft out of a stretchable material.

Come one, come all, let’s dance the boot scoot boogie in cowboy boots and high heeled ankle boots…stand tall!

Ankle boots are chic, cool, popular footwear for girls and women everywhere!

“That stiletto boot you’re wearing is delightful to the eye.”

“They’re so fun to wear. I feel like I can touch the sky.”

“The black vinyl boots decorated with rhinestone studs adds immense style.”

“And with the platform sole, I can strut and easily walk a mile.”

“You possess such exquisite fashion taste. Especially in the shoe.”

“There are times only a gorgeous high heeled ankle boot will do!’

High Heeled Ankle Boot: You’ll want to walk farther than a mile in your shoes! That’s true!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at http://www.struttinginstyle.com, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  https://www.facebook.com/nancymmangano/  Twitter @https://twitter.com/nancymangano and her author website http://www.nancymangano.com









With the 90th Academy Awards preparations well under way, many of you will be hosting and/or attending Oscar parties. Whether you’re mingling with celebrities at after Oscar parties such as Vanity Fair, or hosting and/or attending an Oscar party with family and friends, the fun bash/celebrations take your evening into an exciting direction.

The 2018 Academy Awards will air live on ABC on March 4, 2018, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Although you certainly don’t need a reason to throw a party, the Oscars is the epitome of award ceremonies, and it presents the “to the nines” party opportunity.

Tips for Hosting the Perfect Oscar Party:

  1. Select a theme: Hollywood, Glamour, Movies, etc.
  2. Prepare and strut your own Red Carpet event.
  3. For delicious food and munchies, serve popcorn, or go for the catered affair if you are hosting a fancier event, or do it “potluck” style where each guest brings a dish.
  4. Have all guests dress to Oscar proportions and give a prize to the first place male and female winner.
  5. Have your guests guess their favorite nominee (winner) in each category. First place wins a prize.
  6. Supply fun goodie bags for the guests.
  7. Enjoy!

2018 Movies Nominated for Best Picture:

  1. Call Me by Your Name
  2. Darkest Hour
  3. Dunkirk
  4. Get Out
  5. Lady Bird
  6. Phantom Thread
  7. The Post
  8. The Shape of Water
  9. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Best Actor:

  1. Timothee Chalamet     Call Me by Your Name
  2. Daniel Day- Lewis        Phantom Thread
  3. Daniel Kaluuya             Get Out
  4. Gary Oldman                 Darkest Hour
  5. Denzel Washington      Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Best Actress:

  1. Sally Hawkins                The Shape of Water
  2. Frances McDormand   Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
  3. Margot Robbie               I, Tonya
  4. Saoirse Ronan                Lady Bird
  5. Meryl Streep                   The Post

Best Director:

  1. Christopher Nolan         Dunkirk
  2. Jordan Peele                    Get Out
  3. Greta Gerwig                   Lady Bird
  4. Paul Thomas Anderson Phantom Thread
  5. Guillermo del Toro         The Shape of Water

And the Academy Award goes to? You! For throwing the best Oscar party in town and looking like the star that you are!

Oscar Party Tip: If you’re hosting an Oscar party, why not stick to the Red Carpet theme and use red party essentials? Red plates, napkins, decorations, etc. Or, go with the always elegant and beautiful color scheme of black and silver. Better yet, why not go with opulent gold party essentials, to mix in with the Oscar gold statuette?

Your party, your theme, your way. Look gorgeous, handsome and red carpet ready on this special Hollywood day!

Camera ready, that’s you. Get your Red Carpet best on as you enjoy the night away dressed your classy, magical way!

“Wow. With you in that glorious evening gown and me in this tux we’re quite the pair.”

“Yes. You with your caramel skin kissed by the sun and my Southern belle skin so fair.”

“We look glamorous enough to go to the Academy Awards. I’ll rent the limousine.”

“We’ll walk in like royalty: you dressed regal as a king and me your shining queen.”

“Well attend a glorious after Oscar party and fit in like the stars that we are.”

“I would adore attending the Vanity Fair party. We’re Hollywood royalty by far.”

Oscar Parties: Whether your Oscar party is a black tie affair or more casual wear, everyone hopes to see you there!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at http://www.struttinginstyle.com, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at https://www.facebook.com/nancymmangano/ Twitter @https://twitter.com/nancymangano and her author website http://www.nancymangano.com



In the realm of jewelry and accessories in fashion, belts are one of the best items to decorate and dress up an outfit. Yes, belts do much more than merely hold your pants up! Perhaps the loveliest of all belts is the chain belt.
A belt is a flexible band or strap, typically made of leather or a heavy cloth, and worn around the waist, or sometimes directly under the rib cage. Chain belts are typically made from precious metals, mainly gold and silver. Platinum, palladium and steel may also be used. These metals are used because they keep their intricate shape and strength, and require minimal maintenance to keep their lustrous shine.

Chain belts and body chains are designed mainly for aesthetic purposes.
Popular Types of Jewelry Chains:

  1. Byzantine: An intricate chain that can be made by the hobbyist from jump rings.
  2. Figaro: A number of standard chain links precede an elongated link all the way through.
  3. Rolo: Round links joined in a simple alternating sequence.
  4. Rope: Rope chain creates the effect of two twisting strands spiraled together, created by many small links which are not completely joined.
  5. Singapore: Links are joined in such a way that even when the chain is untwisted, there is a natural curve to it.
  6. Trace: The simplest chain. The links are uniform in breadth and thickness.
  7. Twisted: The links are joined to where the chain has a twisted look.
  8. Wheat: Long, thin teardrop-shape links that all point in the same direction.

A chain belt around the waist shows off your exquisite fashion taste!
Chain Belt Fun Fact: Chain belts are often made from “fancy” chains, which can be any form of fine metal that can be replicated and joined onto each other to make a chain. Many fancy chains are variations of the standard styles, for example a trace chain formed of heart-shaped links or a curb chain with every other link set with a gemstone.
Bead chains are another popular choice for chain belts. A bead chain is formed of small balls of metal joined by small lengths of wire, not longer than each bead in between.
Chic in chain belts: would I yank your fashion chain?


Chain belts look gorgeous and can doll up a casual outfit or add extra elegance and pizzazz to ritzy, evening attire.
Belt Fun Fact: Belts have been documented as male clothing since the Bronze Age. However, both genders have used belts depending on the current fashion. In the Western world, belts were more common for men, with the exception of the early Middle Ages, late 17th century Mantua, and skirt/blouse combinations between 1900 and 1910. Today, belts are as popular for women as for men, often worn with skirts, dresses and pants.

Other Popular Types of Chains:

  1. Anchor
  2. Belcher
  3. Briolette
  4. Curb
  5. Herringbone
  6. Prince of Wales
  7. Snake
  8. Spiga

With so many types of chains to choose from, and so many styles of belts, you can find a beautiful chain belt for any occasion, ranging from wide to svelte.

Chain Jewelry Fun Fact: In addition to making fabulous belts, chain jewelry is made to encircle parts of the body, namely the neck, wrists and ankles, and they also serve as points to hang decorative charms or pendants.
Make great fashion gains wearing elegant, stunning, chic chains!
“I never knew chain that resembles a chain link fence can look so pretty and chic.”
“Yes, the wide chain links on my belt look large and open,  but also sleek.”
“I love the way the layers of chain drape slinky around your waist and over your hips.”
“Did you notice the way I matched my gold chain belt with the gold lip gloss on my lips?”
“And the gold nail polish on your fingernails and your perfectly polished toes.”
“When mixing and matching your gold chain belt, anything ‘gold’ goes!”
Chain Belts: Sensual, stimulating, stunning in silver too! Would a true fashion diva lie to you?
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Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying, Murder Can Be Messy and Deadly Decisions – A Natalie North Novel. Visit Nancy on her author website http://www.nancymangano.com, Twitter @https://twitter.com/nancymangano, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at http://www.struttinginstyle.com, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nancy-Mangano/362187023895846