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Beautifully manicured hands and fingernails look luscious and lovely! Our hands are seen and noticed by people all day long, and as all glamour girls know, manicures and decorative nail art not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but helps to keep your hands soft and your fingernails strong.

Whether your nail preference is acrylic nails or your own natural nails, it’s a fact that eventually all nails break, and often at the worst time. A broken nail is a flaw to your magnificent nail art as much as a run in your hose can ruin the looks of your outfit. You’re way too classy for that. So what do you do when you experience the sudden break of a nail or two?

You book an on demand Mobile Styles professional nail artist to come to your rescue and save you.

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Have you ever wondered what causes nails to break? Brittle nails and nails lacking moisture tend to break often. Nails can also break due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency, or keeping nail polish or nail strengthener on for way too long.

So, how do you go about fixing a broken nail? For an in-home mend, you could apply a small dot of nail glue to the acrylic nail, and hope it holds until your next nail appointment. For natural nails, if the break is minor, apply a strip of nail glue to the broken area and hope it holds until the nail grows out. We all know nails grow at a slow speed, and once a natural nail is broken, even the strongest nail glue doesn’t hold for long, and we are left with short, stubby fingernails.

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Although you can give yourself a Do-It-Yourself (DIY), at home manicure, don’t you deserve the pampering and catering that a professional manicurist will do for you? You can sit back, relax, let a nail stylist massage your hands, paint your nails and add ornaments and decorative art to your nails that satisfies you to your heart’s desire. Select pretty pink polish, purple, red or blue. Whatever color(s) cheers you up and looks sexy and stunning on you!

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For a professional manicure that’s out of this world, download the on demand Mobile Styles app and book an appointment with excellent, trained nail artists. The pros will come straight to you within an hour of your booking time. The best part? No more unsightly, broken nails as Mobile Styles will save you in the knick of time! Ah, your hands and fingernails will look truly sublime.

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