However you personally define glamour, most people think of glamour as an appearance of enhanced attractiveness, most notably relating to fashion and style. Glamour is revered worldwide, as is evidenced by red carpet events, celebrity followings, fashion shows, beauty pageants and the media. Whether you are someone who enjoys glamming up with clothing, makeup, hairstyles, etc., or someone who prefers a more natural, dressed down look, everyone should strive each day to look and feel their best. Feeling and looking great can help you deal with the stress and busyness of everyday life while keeping a smile on your face.

The best way to pull off your ultimate glamour goals is by making a list of the daily efforts it will take to maintain your personal style of glamour. Although it will require effort at the start, if you stick to your goals they will eventually become something you fit willingly into your daily grooming routine.

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Ways to Achieve Your Daily Ultimate Glamour Goals:

• Develop a Healthy Skin Care Routine: By taking good care of your skin and maintaining a glowing, healthy complexion, you will face each day with confidence and a smile on your face. Wash your face daily and then apply a moisturizer/sunscreen.

• Exercise: Even if you aren’t able to fit in yoga, jogging or calisthenics on a daily basis, you can choose to walk, take the stairs if available, or do something that requires movement. You’ll not only look better but you’ll feel better also.

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• Present Your Own Unique Fashion/Style: Do you have clothes that you relish wearing, even if you feel they are too dressy? Do you love experimenting with makeup in ways that work best for you? Then by all means, fill your closet with garments that make you look and feel good and wear the makeup that makes you feel like a va va voom vixen. Dress for yourself and you’ll elevate your mood!

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• Hairstyle: We all love our hair. The way we wear our hair, from our color choice to our length and style preference, our hair matters. Face each day with your hair worn and styled your own signature way. Straight or curly, short or long and girly, have fun with your hair!

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• Nail Care: You’ll definitely want to take daily care of your hands and feet. A good way to ensure you keep your hands and feet soft is by applying lotion or petroleum jelly after showering. Also, pamper yourself with occasional manicures and pedicures, or do them yourself at home. Paint your fingernails and toenails to highlight your gorgeous hands and feet.

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• Maintain a Healthy Diet and Get Good Sleep: Everyone has days where they need fast food or a piece of chocolate cake. Sleep? It’s not always easy to get your 7 or 8 hours a night as recommended. However, for the most part, by eating healthy, nutritious food and getting good rest you can help ensure you’ll look and feel your best, with enough strength and vitality to stay glamorous all day.

It is easy to pull off your ultimate glamour goals, it merely takes discipline and desire. By making your grooming routine a priority, selecting your signature fashion sense and facing each day with confidence, you’ll be a walking advertisement for health, glitz and glam!

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Be a true glamour girl everyday in your own personal, signature way!

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