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Oh how we all wish we could adore the skin that we’re in: blemish free, soft and smooth with a healthy, happy glow. I’m thrilled to say it can be so. By eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and protecting and nurturing your skin with the right products and daily skin care routine, you truly can love the skin that you’re in.

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Skin care can seem overwhelming with so many serums, products and brands on the market that promise radiant, wrinkle free, younger and blemish free skin. What’s a glamour girl or guy to do when you walk down the store aisles and you see so many lotions, moisturizers and soaps standing out at you?

Your basic skin care can be simple with great results by using 5 essential products to help you relish the skin that you’re in!

The 5 Most Important Steps of Your Skin Care Routine:

• Facial Cleanser: Facial cleansers will clean your skin, and are easier and more gentle on your skin than soap. When cleansing, start at the bottom of your face and work your way up to stimulate the skin and open the pores. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel.

• Skin Toner: A strong skin toner works wonders for a healthy skin care routine. Toners close pores, remove traces of built up oils and help seal in moisture.

• Moisturizers/Oils: Once your face is fresh and clean, you’ll want to prevent dryness by applying a moisturizer or facial oil. Dry skin leads to premature aging, clogged pores and dull looking skin. Oils help to moderate your skin’s oil production as opposed to making oily skin oilier.

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• Facial Masks: Although you don’t need to use a facial mask everyday, once a week is a grand idea to help firm and cleanse your skin. All beauty supply stores carry face masks geared for different skin types (dry, normal, oily, combination) and skin conditions (deep-pore, mid-pore and topical). Cream, clay and mud masks are very popular and can either be wiped off or peeled off when your mask treatment is complete.

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• Clean, Soft Makeup Brushes: Once your skin care routine is finished for the evening or morning and it’s makeup time, you’ll likely want to brush a light dose of translucent powder over your face to give you a healthy, radiant, lasting glow. Always use soft, clean brushes to keep your pristine skin care routine at its best.

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After only a few weeks of sticking to your healthy skin care routine, your face will thank you. You’ll not only feel shiny clean, but your face will appear smoother, younger and more supple. You’ll definitely look like a happy, healthy, blemish free skin king or queen!

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5 sure skin care steps to ensure clean, shiny, stunning skin.

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