Academy Awards


Even if you don’t follow celebrities or Hollywood, most everyone around the world has heard of and is aware of the Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars. Since the 90th Academy Awards is coming up, to be televised worldwide on March 4, 2018, I thought I’d give you some interesting trivia of how the fashionable, star studded red carpet event came to be the biggest awards annual show in the motion picture industry.

The Academy Awards are a set of awards for artistic and technical merit in the American film industry, given annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements as assessed by the Academy’s voting membership. The various category winners are awarded a copy of a golden statuette, officially called the “Academy Award of Merit”, which has become known by its nickname “Oscar”.  The sculpture was created by George Stanley.

Academy Awards Fun Fact: The awards ceremony was first broadcast on radio in 1930 and televised for the first time in 1953, and is now seen live in more than 200 countries and can be streamed live online. The Academy Awards ceremony is the oldest worldwide entertainment awards event. Its equivalents – the Emmy Awards for television, the Tony Awards for theater and the Grammy Awards for music – are modeled after the Academy Awards.

Academy Awards Trivia:

  1. The awards, first presented on May 16, 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, are overseen by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). The first presentation had an audience of approximately 270 people and the ticket cost was $5.
  2. Since 1941, the Academy uses sealed envelopes to announce the name of the winner in each category.
  3. The first Best Actor awarded went to Emil Jannings for his performances in The Last Command and The Way of All Flesh.
  4. At the 29th ceremony, held on March 27, 1957, the Best Foreign Language Film        category was introduced.
  5. The 74th Academy Awards, held in 2002, presented the first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.
  6. Since 1973, all Academy Awards ceremonies have ended with the Academy Award for Best Picture.
  7. Traditionally, the actors present the awards for actresses, and the actresses present the awards for actors.
  8. Since 2004, Academy Award nomination results have been announced to the public in January.
  9. The major awards are presented at a Hollywood venue during a live televised ceremony, commonly in late February or early March, and six weeks after the announcement of the nominees.
  10. While the Academy Award is owned by the recipient, the statuette is not on the open market. Although some Oscar sale transactions have been successful, some buyers have returned the statuettes to the Academy, which keeps them in its treasury.
  11. The red carpet event allows viewers an opportunity to see the designer clothing, jewelry and shoes worn by the nominees.

Academy Awards trivia for the movie buff in all of us!

Academy Awards/Oscar Fun Fact: The origin of the name Oscar is disputed. One biography of Bette Davis, who was president of the Academy, claims she named the Oscar after her first husband, band leader Oscar Nelson. Another claimed origin is the Academy’s executive secretary, Margaret Herrick, first saw the award in 1931 and made reference to the statuette’s reminding her of her “Uncle Oscar” (a nickname for her cousin Oscar Pierce). One of the earliest mentions of the term Oscar dates to a Time magazine article about the 1934 64th Academy Awards. Walt Disney also thanked the Academy for his “Oscar” as early as 1932. The trophy officially received the name “Oscar” in 1939 by the AMPAS.

The Academy Awards is the only awards show televised live in all United States time zones, Canada and the United Kingdom. The broadcast gathers millions of viewers elsewhere throughout the world.

There is no doubt that people tune in to see the outcomes of their favorite movies, and also to take in the glitz and glamour and all of the pamper!

The Academy Awards: A ceremony to honor and celebrate the motion pictures of the year…allowing the world to participate in the fashion, opulence and aura, and be the star that you are!

Whether you refer to the black tie event as the Oscars or the Academy Awards, there is no denying that for a movie and fashion buff, the evening gowns and tuxes are always stylish and fashion forward!

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Amy adjusted her bouffant hairdo, colored in her penciled, exaggerated lip line with watermelon lip gloss, and tried not to blink, as the glue meant to hold on her one-inch false eyelashes was instead causing her right eye to stick in a flirtatious mode.  A Passion for Prying – Chapter 29.

If you have read my Natalie North novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy, then you know that my stories take place in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area. With the Academy Awards coming up in February, which as we all know is magnitude glamour, I thought that I would share with you the steps that it takes to create the sensual, sultry, steaming eye visual known as smokey eyes.

I’m sure that you have all seen smokey eyes as the look has been worn by many celebrities and the gals of the Jersey Shore clan. Smokey eyes definitely radiate high form glamour, and the smokin’ hot appearance can be captured in just a few easy steps:

  1. Prep the Eyelid: Swipe an eyeshadow primer (base) across the upper and lower eye area and let it dry.
  2. Apply Eyeliner: Apply liner above the entire upper lash line, drawing the line thicker in the middle of the eye.
  3. Blend in Color on Bottom Lashes: The bottom color is one of the main elements of the smokey eye look. Run an eyeliner pencil under the entire bottom lashes and smudge the line with your finger. You can also apply some eyeshadow and smudge them together.
  4. Apply Base Color: The key to the smokey eye is pairing a lighter base with a darker hue. Sweep a light, glistening shadow over the eyelids to the browbone.
  5. Blend in Darker Color: Blend in the darker color starting at your lash line, blending up. Blend the color into the lash line so that the eyeliner disappears.
  6. Check your Work: Make certain that both eyes match and rub out any smears or smudges with a Qtip.
  7. Apply Globs of Mascara: Thick mascara is a must to finish off the smokey eye effect. Apply enough coats so that the lashes look long, thick and dark. False eyelashes can be worn if preferred.

Smokey eyes are smokin’ hot!

Tip: A nude or pale pink lip gloss wears well with smokey eyes. With such a dramatic eye, a dark, bold lipstick could be too much!

Generally, the smokey eye is done in darker shades, using blues, grays, silvers and blacks. However, this same method can be applied with any colors that you prefer!

Smokey eyes are alluring, hot, eye catching and sultry! They can also be playful and fun! So the next time that you go out to a fancy dinner, a party, dancing, or any place where you want to glam up, remember the smokey eye. You will double dazzle!

Or, if you’re a makeup/beauty connoisseur like me, you can wear the smokey eye at two o’clock in the afternoon on a trip to the car wash!  After all, we all have to live a little!