As a fan of high heeled shoes, I have to admit that with certain outfits, sometimes sneakers can rock the look. With the wide array of tennis shoes on the market today, you can find sneakers that are fun, cute, stylish, casual chic and even sexy!

Yes, sexy!

Did I hear that right?

Yes, sexy!


Whether Natalie North is geared up in tennis shoes to make a quick get-away on foot in my novel, A Passion for Prying, or whether Floyd Grayson has his feet covered in sneakers to be extra quiet when walking up to and running away from a murder scene in Murder Can Be Messy, there are times that sneakers can be the ideal shoe of choice!

A sneaker, also called a tennis shoe, is a sports shoe usually made of canvas and having soft rubber soles. We all know that sneakers have become far more than sports shoes! 

Whether working out, walking, running, dancing or merely wanting a playful shoe to pull your lively ensemble together, you can look sassy in sneakers for most any occasion.



Sometimes, sneakers are cool!

Sometimes, sneakers are bubbly!

Sometimes, sneakers are high-spirited!

Still styling in sneakers? All the time!





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