Fashion boots equals boots at their finest! Perhaps one style of boot that always stands out and is always in style is the high heeled ankle boot. Ankle boots are the most widely worn style of fashion boots for women, worn both under pants and with skirts and dresses. Ankle boots can vary in length from booties or shoe booties (shoes that skim the ankle) to boots that cover the lower part of the calf.

The defining characteristic of the boot is the length of the shaft. For those of you that adore wearing boots, you’re probably familiar with boots having various shaft lengths, including a shaft that follows the curve of your calf, straight legged, loose fitting or slouchy. With ankle boots, the shaft is shorter, going to or slightly above the ankle.

Ankle Boot Fun Fact: Ankle boots generally have a shaft height of less than 8 inches (20cm). In the 19th and early 20th century, ankle boots were common footwear for women. Even with rising dress hemlines, ankle boots add a cute, youthful, playful look and feel to the overall outfit.

While many ankle boots are made of leather and/or patent leather, some boots are also adorned with decorative features such as elaborate stitching and fur trims.

Sometimes, when it comes to shoes, only a high heeled ankle boot will do!

Popular Boot Designs:

  1. Ankle Boot
  2. Calf Length Boot
  3. Knee Length Boot
  4. Over the Knee Boot
  5. Thigh High Boot

Of course, various types of boots include combat boots, cowboy boots, construction boots, Russian boots, Ugh boots, vinyl boots, go-go boots and more!

Boots, boots, boots galore!

Fashion Boots Fun Fact: Although fashion boots and particularly go-go boots are often described as “typical” of 1960s fashion, it wasn’t until the 1970s that boots became a mainstream staple of women’s fashion. By contrast, in 1977, boots made up approximately 20 percent of all women’s shoe sales in the United States. The end of the decade saw fashion boots occupying pages of mainstream mail-order catalogs by companies such as Sears, Wards and Kays.

Exquisite women’s fashion boots of the 1960s and 1970s are just as trendy today!

Have you ever wondered if wearing boots feels cumbersome and bulky, or how people strut easily when their feet and legs are poured into boots? In close fitting boots, flexibility is achieved by the use of gussets: slits in the material either at the top of the shaft (in knee length boots) or wider panels at the sides of the shaft (in ankle boots), which are backed with elasticized fabric. Compression folds around the ankle allow for movement of the foot. In thigh high boots, flexion of the knee is usually attained by a vent at the back of the boot, running from the top of the shaft to the back of the knee. This may be closed with laces, elastic or left open.

Where a vent isn’t used, freedom of movement is achieved by either having the top of the shaft flare outwards above the knee, or making all or part of the shaft out of a stretchable material.

Come one, come all, let’s dance the boot scoot boogie in cowboy boots and high heeled ankle boots…stand tall!

Ankle boots are chic, cool, popular footwear for girls and women everywhere!

“That stiletto boot you’re wearing is delightful to the eye.”

“They’re so fun to wear. I feel like I can touch the sky.”

“The black vinyl boots decorated with rhinestone studs adds immense style.”

“And with the platform sole, I can strut and easily walk a mile.”

“You possess such exquisite fashion taste. Especially in the shoe.”

“There are times only a gorgeous high heeled ankle boot will do!’

High Heeled Ankle Boot: You’ll want to walk farther than a mile in your shoes! That’s true!

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