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Are you one of the many who wear their sunglasses in the dark, at night, even though it dims your eyesight? Why? Because any fashion diva walking behind sunglasses creates a stunning visual: striking, trendy and cool.

Sunglasses do far more than protect our eyes from strong rays of sun. Sunglasses make a fashion statement on everyone!

Sunglasses are a form of protective eyewear designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes. Sunglasses also function as a visual aid, featuring lenses that are colored or darkened, and frames that are cool, chic and sexy.

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Sunglasses Fun Fact: The American Optometric Association recommends wearing sunglasses whenever a person is in the sun to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation (UV) and blue light, which can cause serious eye problems. Fashion experts recommend wearing sunglasses whenever you wish to appear hot.

Sunglasses have long been associated with celebrities and film actors, primarily from a desire to mask their identity, or to add mystery to their mass appeal. Since the 1940s, sunglasses have been popular as a fashion accessory, especially on the beach. Sunglasses have become popular for many reasons, one is to keep sun and glare out of your eyes. Sunglasses can also be worn to hide the eyes, making eye contact virtually impossible, which can be intimidating to those not wearing sunglasses.

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Fashion trends are another major reason for wearing sunglasses, particularly designer sunglasses from high-end fashion brands. Sunglasses of particular shapes and sizes may be in vogue as a fashion accessory. Fashion trends can also count on the “cool” image of sunglasses and their association with a prominent lifestyle, especially the close connection between sunglasses and beach life. Sometimes the image sunglasses gives off serves as the core concept behind an entire brand.

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Sunglasses Construction:

1. Lens: The color of the lens may vary depending on style, fashion and purpose, but for general use, red, grey, green and brown are recommended to avoid or minimize color distortion.
2. Frames: Frames are generally made of plastic, nylon, metal or a metal alloy. Frames can be thin, thick, colorful, wire, and various shapes.
3. Nose Bridge: Nose bridges provide support between the lens and the face. They also prevent pressure marks caused by the weight of the lens or frame on the cheeks.

I wear my sunglasses in the dark! Simply because I can!

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Fashionable Types of Sunglasses:
1. Aviator
2. Clip Up
3. Flip Up
4. Gradient Lenses
5. Mirrored
6. Oversized
7. Shutter Shades
8. Teashades
9. Wayfarer
10. Wrap Around

Various names for sunglasses are shades, glares, glints, sun spectacles, sun shades, dark glasses, sunnies, smoked spectacles, solar shades, glecks and cooling glasses. Some major brands include Foster Grants, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Persol, Luxottica and Serengeti.

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Who is that stunning guy and gal behind those sunglasses? Sunglasses look fashionably sexy on all lads and lasses!

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