Silver has long been valued as a precious metal, most notably used to make jewelry, ornaments, tableware, currency, mirrors and silverware. While silver is a soft, white, lustrous transition metal, it does however, possess the highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and reflectivity of all metals. As much as we adore silver, silver is also a color that shimmers and shines in clothing!
Although lovely colors themselves, I’m not talking about certain shades of gray or various shades of blue that take on a silver hue. I’m speaking of ‘pure’ silver garments, clothes that radiate appeal and glitz and glamour purely because the fabric is the color silver.
No matter the garment, no matter the cut, silver clothing pulls you out of a fashion rut!

The color silver has feminine energy and is related to the moon, with the ebb and flow of the tides. Silver is fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious. What words come to your mind when you think of or see the color silver? Perhaps soothing, calming and purifying?
Silver Fun Fact:  Silver is a very ductile, malleable (slightly less so than gold), univalent coinage metal, with a brilliant white metallic luster that can take a high degree of polish. Protected silver has higher optical reflectivity than aluminum at all wavelengths longer than 450nm. At wavelength’s shorter than 450 nm, silver’s reflectivity is inferior to that of aluminum and drops to zero near 310 nm.
Reflect your inner and outer glamour girl when stepping out in silver material!

When dressed in sensational silver, even silver accessories help bring out the color’s majestic appeal.  When draped in silver from your head to your feet you will look mesmerizing and oh so sweet!
There are some colors that are so solid, that if worn too heavily, a break is often needed (i.e., if wearing all black, go with a silver or white accessory; if draped in navy blue you may want to break the solid dark color with a splash of light blue). However, with silver being a rich, lighter color, dressing in all silver (including your shoes and purse) makes for an illuminating, fashionable look!
Go out on the town wearing all silver and you’ll definitely be hooked! You silver fox, you’ve got the look!

Silver Fun Fact: Silver, being the rich color and metal that it is, has long been used to confer high monetary value to objects (such as silver coins and investment bars) or make objects symbolic of high social or political rank. Silver salts have been used since the Middle Ages to produce a yellow or orange color in stained glass, and more complex decorative color reactions can be produced by incorporating silver metal in blown, kiln-formed or torch-worked glass.
For the jewelry lover in most all females, silver jewelry is always appealing, always alluring and always in style!

I ‘heart’ silver!
For you fashion dolls that adore the color silver, but do find the color overbearing if too much, a sexy, sophisticated look is a silver pencil skirt with a black blouse, or some other color top. Pencil skirts are adorable to begin with, with their slinky fit, then add a lovely, luscious colored blouse or shoes into the seductive clothing mix, and you have sheer style bliss!

The Color Silver Represents:

  1. Illumination
  2. Reflection
  3. Prestige
  4. Wealth
  5. Feminine Power
  6. Calmness
  7. Dignified
  8. Responsible
  9. Glamour
  10. Modern

Go glam, go modern, go gorgeous! Look cool, calm and dignified with every step you take! Silver garments take the cake!

Scrumptious as the silver fashion fox!
Silver Fun Fact: Silver, with a balance between black and white, is seen as a good critic, unbiased and compassionate, with a mature sense of justice.
Walking around donned in all silver garments makes a fashion statement that is so marvelous and so magnificent that it ought to be illegal! When dressed in silver, you’ll turn heads like riveting shades of reds!
Although the color silver is similar to gray, silver pops out more than gray. Gray seems more fit for winter clothing, whereas silver garments hold mass popularity in both summer and winter months. The color silver conjures up feelings of light-heartedness and optimism!
“I’m guessing silver is your favorite color since you have it on from head to toe.”
“Wearing silver makes a splash entrance at all events, no matter where you go.”
“If I bought you a ring of gold would you put it on your hand?”
“Not when I’m wearing this outfit. Only pure silver will look grand.”
“Why even the color of your eyes match. A divine grayish blue.”
“Don’t let this lighting fool you. In the sunlight my eyes look silver too.”
“I dare say, the color silver is most becoming on you!”
Silver: A sensational color for a glitzy outfit that is truly out of this world! Superb!
Nancy Mangano photoshoot
Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano


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