This fall the neon lip is back! But did it ever truly go away? Neon lipsticks and lip glosses are bright and cheery all year long. In the realm of beauty and fashion, neon shades of lipsticks complement and highlight any look and outfit.

Eye-catching, hot and flamboyant, fluorescent neon colors look fabulous and fantastic. Neon lips make your face pop and get you noticed in a crowd, without looking gaudy or loud. Bold and beautiful, neon look-at-me lips not only brighten your face, but they elevate your mood. There are no dull moments with neon lipsticks!

Neon lipsticks are effervescent. It illuminates the lips and adds excitement. Colors that look gorgeous in neon are red, pink, peach and orange. A swipe of neon lipstick over your lips gives off a vibe of being fun and on trend.

Of all cosmetic products, lipsticks are at the top as far as bringing out the fine features of your face, so why not truly stand out with neon colors? A great way to wear neon-colored lipstick is to match the color with neon painted nail polish.  How about wearing sandals or open-toed shoes? It’s the perfect time to match your lips, fingernails and toenails with identical (or similar) neon colors.  Although all neon colors are magnetic, the color red provides the best visibility both during the day and at night. For a double dose of neon fun, apply two coats of lipstick or lip gloss to your lips.

Neon lips speak volumes to expose your bright, outgoing personality. Daring and darling rolled into one, this fall neon painted lips will bring you fun in the sun, wind or rain! A sure way to pull off the neon lip is to wear the flashy lip with more neutral colors of clothing. This ensures that even though you’ll be fashionable from head-to-toe, your neon lips will be the most noticeable.

Let’s be honest, anytime your lips are coated in neon colors, you know your attention meter is in high gear! As fashion divas, those are words we love to hear!

What’s a glamour girl to do on days when she’s feeling blue? Perk up your mood and attitude with bold, brazen, bedazzling neon blue lipstick!

Lipstick and lip gloss are cosmetics that add allure and va-va-voom color to your face.  Develop your own unique, authentic you through wearing whatever neon colored lipsticks best suit you!

Another great fashion and beauty tip is to highlight your natural skin tone by the neon color(s) lipsticks you choose to wear.

Neon lips! Always kissable.! Always glam!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website




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