Sexy, sassy, classy and cute. Hail the one piece bathing suit and sizzle this summer!

Dress Boho Chic for fun in the sun under sizzling summer heat! For a look that blends frilly girly clothes and a splash of punk and goth, dress boho chic and you can’t go wrong. This is where “unique” fashion belongs!

Glitter and Glow Eye Shadow: Perfect for the holidays and for a true glamour girl, perfect for any day!

Satchel purses/handbags are by far my favorite type of carrying bag (and pretty much only type of purse I carry), except for an occasional evening clutch bag. Satchel purses are small enough to be comfortable and convenient to carry, yet large enough to look fashionable and fantastic against your outfit! Satchel bags are classy, compact and cool!

Whether it’s an easy day that you’re breezing through, or a day where you need your claws, get through the day dressed the animal print way…sexy, alluring and raw! Those animal prints and animal paws cause all fashion divas to stop and take a pause!

For all fashion divas, one of the most gorgeous ways to  highlight your radiant eyes and add glamour to your overall face is with long, thick, full, black eyelashes. Whether the look is achieved through lots of mascara on your natural lashes, or through the allure of festive fake eyelashes, you’ll be batting your eyelashes for this amazing, appealing look! I simply adore long eyelashes!

High fashion elegance in haute couture hats! What could be more stylish fun than that?


One of the most popular pieces of jewelry for fashion plate girls? Pearls!


Boho (Bohemian) Chic: My choice for the favorite fashion look of the week! Ethereal, trendy, mod and fun. A definite style that rates Number One!


Cool, Colorful Sunglasses: For a day of fashion fun in the sun!


Fun, festive, fancy frills when dressed in fringe dresses! Va va voom spicy!

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Exquisite Makeup Color Combination: By far one of the most beautiful makeup color combinations! Dark smokey blue, gray eye shadows, heavy black eyeliner, heavy black mascara and pale pink lipstick. Add a black choker into the mix and you have sheer, elegant glamour!


Chokers: In my opinion, the most elegant, alluring and beautiful neck jewelry on the planet!


This is just a lovely fashion photo. Leather, lace and a pretty face. Not to mention a gorgeous choker! Feminine, dainty and a touch of luscious leather. Fabulous picture!


Man on man, what suit wearing woman! Make menswear your own and own it!



No matter the color of your hair or the shade of your skin, ooh la la bright orange lipstick is trendy and always “in.” Orange overload tops the cosmetic fashion road!


Chain Headbands: Attractive, alluring, all that in place of a hat! Classy, elegant and deliciously darling!


How do you say, “I’m trendy, I’m edgy, I’m cool!” without saying a word? When wearing only one rocking, styling earring will do! You wear it well!


For a look that is both fashion fabulous and sensual chic, long, flowing, elegant earrings work every time! Highlight and frame your beautiful face!


Over-the-Top Body Chains: A great, classy and sassy body look that works on every body!


For a dainty yet durable look, crocheted clothes rate an A! The warmth of the yarn or knit material mixed with the wispy, open, airy look embodies style and comfort!

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Black Magic – Fashion Fierce. Black clothing always makes a statement: elegance, sophistication, confidence, tough, bold! Cause a fashion black attack!

carnancy black dressNancy Marie M479890_366791373435411_1876173714_n

I adore lace clothing. So graceful and elegant. For feminine stylish appeal, win the fashion race dressed in lovely, luscious lace!

Nightcap-High-Neck-Victorian_801C6B21NIGHTCAP - victorian lace dress

Cool and chic in sexy summer halters!


I generally tend to stick to pink shades of lipsticks and glosses, and sometimes oranges and reds, but lately I’ve been into the lavender shade craze. Not a deep purple, and not a lavender/pink, but a true lavender shade. Nicki Minaj wears lavender lipstick well! So will you! When in doubt? A true lavender color will always do.


Join the lavender nails craze. Love the pale purple color of your nails for days!


Beautiful blouses work well for most all occasions. From frilly, feminine, lacey blouses to silk or cotton blouses, when worn with casual pants or skirts and dresses, blouses are a great way to hit a fashion home run!


Animal print clothing is fun and exciting to wear. Jump on the animal print obsession and unleash your inner animal!


I adore incredibly sexy made up cats eyes! Heavy eye shadow with deep dark eyeliner extending beyond the upper eyelid and tapering to a point. Dramatic and daring. Definitely the cat’s meow!


With today’s technology, I don’t wear a watch. When I need the time, I check my iPhone. However, a piece of jewelry that I adore is the ring watch. Ring watches make for great looking jewelry and are a unique novelty item. The time on your hand is simply grand!


The perfect dress for the lazy, crazy, incredible dog days of summer? Halter dresses! Cool, chic, comfortable! Elegant on the eyes!


Gorgeous, popular, tempting turquoise jewelry. Turquoise jewelry is closely associated with the Navajo Indian tribe! Turquoise set in silver is simply sensational!


Sleek, sexy pencil skirts paired with chic, cool crop tops always makes for a stunning sense of style! Slinky high-heeled shoes or an elegant stiletto heel a must!


Chalk your hair; not the blackboard. Hair chalking is a fun, quick way to add temporary shades of vivid, vivacious color to your hair! Hair flair!


Hats can be the fashionable, flashy, finishing touch to an outfit much like the cherry on the ice cream sundae! Be all that in a haute couture hat!


Two  beautiful pairs of Steve Madden platform shoes. For shoes, black is my favorite color, even in the summer. Black shoes give a regal elegance to an outfit!


Palazzo pants for the perfect fit and the pretty look! The wide leg palazzo pants can either be worn at the waist or on the hips, and the flowing drape of the wide leg looks great with heels, flats or sandals. You can dress up or down in the palazzo and look stunning!


Thigh high boots that touch the sky! These boots are so darling and so daring that they don’t need an explanation. Thigh high boots are in a class of their own!


Stuart Weitzman thigh high boots = always incredible!


When it comes to purses and handbags, each and every one has its own style and personality. Of course, I love all bags, but I prefer to carry satchels. Satchels are generally box shaped bags, with short handles that you grip in your hand or drape over your lower arm between the wrist and elbow (as opposed to shoulder straps) and tend to look more feminine. I love satchel bags.


Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as well as rubies and pearls. But costume jewelry is just as fun and as gorgeous as the real thing. Add pizzazz and allure to all of your clothes with fabulous costume bling!


Sometimes it’s fun to dress all in orange. Orange is bright, vivacious, bold! Who said orange is only for Halloween? Wear orange and release your inner pumpkin all year long!


The most elegant necklaces on the market? Chokers! Sensational!


If you select only one piece of jewelry to wear to trump all others, pick the attached ring/bracelet (slave bracelet). This stunning piece of jewelry is sexy, alluring and eye catching. Can you say sassy?


Black and white equals beautiful and wow! When dressed in black and white from head to toe (including jewelry, shoes, belt, etc.) people will do a double take! All eyes on you!


Pink platform shoes put the “P” in pizzazz! Posh!4156554-7-Inch-High-Platform-Womens-Sexy-Shoes-Clear-Slingbacks-Colored-Piping-Open-Toe-1

Colorful bangle bracelets are a great, fun way to decorate any arm. Stack the bracelets up your arm one by one. When you sway your arms you’ll rock in jangle fun!


Calvin Klein kicks off his spring/summer collection at New York Fashion Week 2015:


Daphne Groeneveld proves that high wasted pants are sexy!


The garment most associated with women’s fashion? The little black dress. A must have for every glamour girl’s closet!


Gwen Stefani shines on the cover of Fashion magazine and shows that the color orange is ooh la la lovely!


“I’ll take every shoe in the Michael Kors house, thank you!”


Could a high-heeled shoe lover really say “no”?


Georgia May Jagger shows that the London Look is always in style! Rimmel London!


How do you beat the bathing suit blues? You wear a red one!

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For a great makeup combination that stands out and looks spectacular! Dark eye shadow with heavy black mascara and eyeliner, with a nude lipstick or gloss. Always a winner!


Calvin Klein! Yes, I love him as a designer. He represents the epitome of fashion cool!


Sometimes black and white fashion photos are more powerful, and speak much more loudly, than color shots!


Can you truly celebrate fashion without giving a nod to Versace?

Donatella Versace by Versace Fashion ShowVersace-for-H-M-dress-viva-la-fashion-26426142-1200-1600

So many high heels? Which shoes to wear? Tip for a great look:

Flared or bell bottom pants? Platforms! The hem of the pant drapes the shoe and gives off an elegant look. Straight legged pants? A more refined pump, as the entire shoe is exposed! Different cut pants, different high heels, same exquisite style!