Yellow is  a color that everyone notices!  Bright and sunny, cheery and happy, the color yellow spreads joy and sunshine.

For fashion that adds glamour and fun, why not dress in monochrome yellow? Monochrome are varying shades of only one color. So, from head to toe, monochrome yellow clothing is the way to go!  The popular clothing color on the catwalk verifies this is so!

The color yellow stimulates many warm emotions, such as joy, happiness, hope, cheerfulness and fun. Who doesn’t love a pleasant, sunny day? The color yellow radiates friendship and good cheer all throughout the year. Think of yellow flowers and yellow clothes; loved by all, as everyone knows.

On the color wheel, yellow is a warm color, along with orange and red. Being the lightest hue of the color spectrum, the color psychology of yellow is uplifting and illuminating, inspiring original thought and inquisitiveness. The soothing, mellow mood of the color yellow! Wear it well and look swell!

Yellow is the best color to create enthusiasm for life and can awaken greater confidence and optimism.

Yellow Color Psychology Fun Fact: Within the meaning of colors, yellow is the great communicator and loves to talk. Yellow is the color of the networker and the journalist, all working and communicating on a mental level. Yellow is the scientist, constantly analyzing, looking at both sides before making a decision, methodical and decisive. Yellow is the entertainer, the comic, the clown.

Paint the town dressed in the uplifting, unique color that is yellow!

The color yellow represents:

  1. Mind and Intellect
  2. Happiness and Fun
  3. Communication of New Ideas
  4. Creativity
  5. Quick Decision Making

Are you in the mood to buy a new, spectacular garment but not sure what color to go with? Make a quick decision to try yellow. A beautiful, sunny, gorgeous color! Fabulous fashion fun! If you adore the color yellow, but feel an entire yellow outfit is too loud for your more reserved personality, why not wear yellow shoes and accessories? A touch of yellow added to black, tan or white clothing makes for a stylish, fashionable, glorious sight.

Yellow Fun Fact: Yellow is the most highly visible of all colors (even above red), which is why it is used for pedestrian crossings and some fire trucks. Take note of the crossings which are marked in white – they are less easy to see than those marked yellow, particularly on cloudy, overcast days.

If you feel bright yellow barks out at you like a ferocious guard dog, there are variations of the color yellow that work great for all apparel:

  1. Pale Pastel Yellow
  2. Lemon Yellow
  3. Golden Yellow
  4. Cream
  5. Dark Yellow

Whether you prefer a mellow shade of yellow, or a  hello, I’m here shade of yellow, when dressed in dapper yellow duds you’ll make a splash everywhere you go.

Studies have shown that the color yellow helps us with decision making as it relates to clarity of thought and ideas. Yellow helps us to focus, study and recall information, useful during exam time. For the school bound, do you have a major test coming up? If so, put the findings of this study to the test. Wear yellow on test day and see if you ace the exam. If not, at least you’ll look knock-out, drop dead gorgeous taking the test wrapped in the fun, festive color that is yellow. Hey, maybe there is a reason number 2 pencils are yellow (used for multiple choice scantron tests).

Yellow clothes: fiery on the eyes, easy on the body!

Yellow is by far one of the prettiest colors on the planet! Bright and cheery, never weary or dreary!

Dress in yellow garments for a look that’s runway  perfect!

Monochrome yellow  fashion brings the cat’s meow to the catwalk!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website



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