We hear about the “no makeup” natural look, but most of us know that even a natural face wears some makeup. For summer beach days when you don’t want to look overly made up, but your face needs some TLC, there are ways to look makeup free and gorgeous!

Since this no-makeup look is geared for this summer, it’s important to prioritize what kind of sunscreen to use. SPF 30 and SPF 50 are the go-to sunscreen protection. Pairing your choice of sunscreen with a highlighter and a very thin amount of foundation, your face can look makeup free and youthful. Make sure the color of your foundation matches your natural complexion – going too light or too dark is noticeable. Before applying your foundation, dab concealer over red spots, dark spots, and any blotchy skin that you choose to cover up.

Now that your base coat is on, go very light with any makeup. Stay away from eyeshadows and dark lipsticks. For the eyes, just put a thin coat of mascara on your eyelashes. Leave off any colored eyeshadow and eyeliner. For your lips, use only clear gloss or a touch of a nude shade. This will allow you to look awake and put together while appearing to be makeup free.

For more dimension and warmth, add some bronzer to the areas where the sun would naturally tan the face. Lightly dust it over the forehead, cheeks, and nose. Find the color that complements your skin tone for a healthy bronzed glow.

Everyone wants to go to the beach, but no one wants to look overly made up while they’re there!

Glamorize for a day in the sun with minimal makeup and the maximum beach look on!

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