Los Angeles magazine ran an article on the power couple a few months back. Blake Belmont is relatively young, rich and gorgeous. That’s a lethal combination for a male.”

This is a direct quote from Natalie North, the sassy private investigator who spends her days busting adulterous partners, letting her father know that merely due to Blake’s enviable top of the line package (youth, bucks and beauty) Natalie somewhat suspects that she would be surprised if Blake wasn’t cheating on his alluring wife, Victoria Belmont.

Fast forward to the next chapter in my novel, Murder Can Be Messy:

“For fourteen years I’ve been a loving wife to that man. I’ve known him since I was a mere teenager.”

“I’m sure he loves you.”

Victoria sighed. “He loves only himself. And his money,” she threw in as an afterthought.

“If it turns out that your husband is having an affair…”

“Affairs,” Victoria interrupted.

“You sense there is more than one other woman in his universe?” Natalie asked.

“Women, men, two, twenty. I don’t know the man anymore.” 

The question is, did Victoria ever really know Blake in the first place? I’m not saying that it is right for anyone to cheat on their partner, but hooking up with or marrying a man who turns heads, has more money than he knows what to spend it all on and is still basking in his youth, does up the ante that he just might cheat on you. But hey, only you know if the lavish perks of being with this man outweigh the odds that he might view his enviable traits as a free pass to slip his weenie in any other woman that he feels so inclined to frolic with.

My sister and I were at a concert of a well known rock band. As the world-famous lead singer walked through the audience to approach the stage, every female within close range of the rock God screamed and stretched out her arms in an attempt to touch the married man. My sister turned to me and said, “I could never be married to him!”

Interpretation: If I was his wife, my days would be consumed with thoughts that he might be cheating on me. True, but obviously his wife is willing to take the chance, being as she gets to live the lifestyle of a wealthy woman and does get to enjoy this man in all of his birthday suit splendor.

No one is immune to being cheated on, no matter what their partner’s genetic pool has bestowed on them and no matter how much cash sits in their bank accounts. A cheater is a cheater as much as a  loyal mate is a loyal mate. Hooking up with a man who has countless women throwing themselves at him at his every turn comes wrapped with probable suspicions of infidelity. It comes with the territory.

As the wonderful women that we are, if I was married to an Adonis who needed to carry a large stick to fend off all of the glamorous women that were dying to get their hands on him, and their naked bodies, I would go about my days merely being me, as let’s face it, he would be darn lucky just to have me. If he chose to sample the sweet nectar of other babes, I wouldn’t hesitate to kick him to the curb. I wouldn’t waste my time worrying about if he was sharing his sensual manhood with only me. 

Why? Because as females, we are fabulous. With or without a partner! And men, all men, are quite lucky to have us!








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