When it comes to fashion garments, necklines have a large impact on the look and style of the clothing. The neckline is the top edge of a garment that surrounds the neck, especially from the front view.  For each garment worn above the waist, the neckline is primarily a style line and may be a boundary for further shaping of the upper edge of the clothing with a collar, cowl, darts or pleats.

One type of neckline that is sexy, sensual and perfect for summer is the halterneck. Halterneck is a style of women’s clothing straps that runs from the front of the garment around the back of the neck, leaving the impression from behind that nothing is holding up the dress or the top.

In addition to tops, blouses and dresses, the halterneck style is used in bathing suits to maximize sun tan exposure on the back, and minimize tan lines. The halterneck style creates the look of a backless dress or top. The neck strap itself can be covered by your hair, leaving the impression from behind that nothing is holding up the garment.

Halterneck Fashion Tip: If a bra is worn with a halterneck, the bra is generally strapless or of halterneck construction itself, to avoid exposing the back straps of a typical bra. For those of you who are fashion fearless, exposing bra straps is a popular trend.

Other Popular Types of Necklines:

  1. Boat Neck – A high, wide, slightly curved neckline.
  2. Deep Necklines – Low necklines in either V, U or square shapes, revealing various amounts of cleavage.
  3. Jewel Neckline – Round and sits at the base of the throat.
  4. Off the Shoulder – The neckline rests low and below the shoulders and collar bone.
  5. One Shoulder Necklines – Asymmetrical necklines that cut across the torso diagonally, exposing one shoulder.
  6. Polo Neck – High, close fitting collars that wrap around the neck (turtlenecks).
  7. Scoop Neck – Curved shaped Us, with the arms of the U hanging on the shoulders.
  8. Square Neck – Three linear edges, with the bottom edge meeting the side edges at a right angle.
  9. V-Neck – Two diagonal lines from the shoulders meet on the chest, creating a V shape.

For a cool, chic neckline that passes the hot summer weather test, the halterneck is truly  the best!

Neckline Fun Fact: The shape of your necklines can be modified in many ways, by adding a collar, scarf, overlaying the neckline with another fabric or decorating the edges with picots, ruffles or fringe. The neckline can be a sharp edge of fabric or a more gentle cowl, and can be accentuated by patterns in the material itself.

For summer and beach wear, a halter top is incredibly popular. A halter top is a sleeveless shirt similar to a tank top, but with the straps being tied behind the neck as opposed to the straps going over the shoulders, like spaghetti straps. In another style of the halter top, there is only a narrow strap behind the neck and a narrow strap behind the middle of the back, so that the top is predominantly backless. This design resembles many bikini tops, although the halter top covers the chest more and may cover all of the abdomen.

High end glamour in a halterneck!

“Your evening gown is simply divine. You’re ready to hit the town.”

“I love the halter neckline and tight fit. The best fashion style around.”

“The halterneck works on garments that are casual or extremely elegant.”

“Yes. A true glamour girl can never go wrong in a gorgeous halterneck outfit.”

“The backless look and bare shoulders are a true fashion win.”

“Halternecks provide high end glamour no matter what garment you’re in.”

Halterneck: Always cool, always chic, always an eye candy fashion treat!

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