Whether you prefer to look as pretty as a princess, or more like a flower power wild child, a certain hairstyle is monumental in giving you your desired look. Hair swept up off your shoulders radiates elegance and charm, while hair that is tousled with a messy bedhead look gives off the aura of daring, brave and carefree. How you choose to style and wear your hair speaks volumes about your personality and your unique fashion choices.

Headbands and hair wreaths decorate all hairstyles!

A sure way to add beauty and a feminine allure to your hairstyle is by dolling up your hair with headbands and hair wreaths. Hair accessories work well with all hair types, from straight, wavy, curly or kinky.  Hair jewelry can be used for ornamental purposes, or as ways to hold various hairstyles in place, such as keeping buns positioned, pulling the top of your hair back from your forehead and capping off ponytails.

Headbands and hair wreaths can be made from many materials, including plastic, elastic, cloth and flowers.

While hair wreaths tend to be round and sit on the head, much like a hat, headbands come in various shapes. The two most popular shapes of headbands are the horseshoe and the loop. In addition to the glamour that headbands and hair wreaths provide, they can also be worn to hold your hair away from your face and/or eyes. Fashionable and practical hair jewelry at its best!

Your hair is one of your most defining characteristics. Whether you prefer your hair short or long, straight or curly, adding a headband or hair wreath to your hair will make you feel glamorous and girly.

All it takes for a fresh hot hairdo is adding a headband or hair wreath to doll you up a notch or two. Glamour and beauty rule because you’re worth it!

Hold your head high in high end or vintage headband and hair wreaths!

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