In general terminology, the words fashion and style are used interchangeably, blending together and meaning the same thing. What are some words that come to mind when you think of fashion and style? Clothes, trends, vogue, accessories, popular, fads? Yes, those words do fit in with fashion and style, but actually, there is a distinct difference between the two.
Much like the words burglary and robbery. In general terminology, the words are used interchangeably, when in actuality, they are two distinctly different crimes.
Definition of Fashion: The current style or custom as in dress or behavior.
Definition of Style: The way in which something is said or done. A quality of one’s imagination and individuality expressed in one’s actions and tastes.
Fashion is the clothes, the latest trends, popular fads of the moment. Style is the way the wearer puts the clothes together, moves in the clothes and carries themselves in the clothes.
One can buy a brand new outfit, yet not wear it with style. On the other hand, you can pull some clothes out of your closet that are ten years old, and depending on how you mix and match the clothes with shoes and accessories, move in the clothes, etc. you will look stylish.
FASHION: Manner, Mode, Method, Appeal, Technique
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STYLE: Chic, Panache, Elegance, Stylishness, Flair, Grace
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Fashion consists of the garments and materials themselves. Yes, some clothes can look more stylish than other clothes on the hanger, merely by the cut, lines and flair of the garment. However, this doesn’t mean that by putting the garment on, you will automatically look stylish. The wearer, when put together impeccably from head to toe, and walks and moves with a sensual air of elegance and grace, brings the style to the clothing.
Kate Moss has style in droves. Yes, she is a fashion model, but she herself has style. The girl can’t help it…she just does. It  isn’t the clothes themselves that bring out her unique style, it is the way she wears the clothes. She possesses what is referred to as an innate sense of style. That is the big difference between fashion and style!
Basically, if you want to move and wear your clothes with style, think symmetry. Symmetry is when things are in balance, in proportion, maintaining an evenness. When a wall picture hands crooked, it is out of symmetry. When hanging straight, the picture is symmetrical (to the wall). No matter how pretty the picture, if it hangs crooked, the photo just doesn’t have the same panache as if you were viewing the picture hanging perfectly straight. For the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) people, they need to straighten the picture. They can’t help themselves! (I fit in this category).
So when thinking fashion and style, if you wear clothes that you love and that fit your inner image of yourself, put yourself together impeccably from head to toe (clothes match, accessories match and compliment the clothes, great shoes top off the outfit (shoes can make or break your look)) and you carry yourself with flair and class, you’ll ooze style with your fashion choices!
Wear your clothes well and develop our own signature style in your unique diva fashion!
Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy.  Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano


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