What is one of the best features of an outside carnival in the dark night? The gorgeous array of vivid, neon, flashy colors that make up the rides, the game booths and the gregarious atmosphere. A lit up carnival against a black sky can be seen from miles away, creating a rainbow of happiness for all eyes that drink in the exuberant variety of splendid colors!
You can get this same rush of joy merely from the colors of clothes that you choose to dress yourself in.
To sum it up, changing the color of your clothes truly does help to change the reflections of your moods.
For this blog post, I am going to highlight the color green, since green represents freshness, hope and prosperity, among other things. Clothe yourself in the splendor that is green, a color fit for a queen.
The color green is the color of balance and harmony, as well as springtime and the environment. Green signifies growth, and we all know that plants provide oxygen that is crucial to life!  Green runs a gamut of shades, including, emerald, shamrock, jade, olive, mint, lime, hazel, dark green and avocado, to name a few.
Are you having a day that is getting you weary and bringing you down? Try putting on a green garment, which in the United States and Europe is associated with status and power! Green equals money; money equals opportunity and freedom!
Free yourself from a bad mood by cloaking your fabulous body in the fascinating color that is green!
Positive Effects of the Color Green:

  1. Green rejuvenates us when we are physically, mentally and/or emotionally exhausted.
  2. Green is linked to the heart, and the color urges us to nurture others, as well as to nurture ourselves.
  3. The color green is considered to be a diplomatic color, helping us to see situations clearly from all sides.
  4. Green represents hope, the anticipation of things to come!
  5. Green represents money, and let’s face it, money may not buy complete happiness, but it sure helps! Can we say peace of mind?

Are you hoping to go out and reward yourself by buying a new outfit? If so, consider going green!
I love cosmetic jewelry, and green stones and gems make for some absolutely beautiful jewelry and clothing accessories!
Green is soothing and eye catching, and makes an ideal color for dresses, skirts, blouses, pants and shoes!
Green Fun Fact: Green is the color of growing grass, of nature, of the environment. In the continuum of colors of visible light, green is located between yellow and blue. Green is considered a cool color on the color wheel.
Look cool – wear green to work or to school!
The color green has been linked with love and sexuality! How many times have you felt more sexy, or sensual, or feminine, or vibrant merely by the color and style of clothing that you are wearing? Colors and clothes play a major role in our moods and in our feelings!
Green Fun Fact: The consumption of green M&Ms has earned the urban legendary status as a true aphrodisiac, although the company that makes M&Ms has pointed out that the green M&M is identical in content to the other colors.  Hmm, perhaps the sexuality that green brings out in us is a mind connection!
One thing that is certain, green M&Ms are yummy!
All colors are mind connections, so connect to your inner glamour girl by wearing colors that make you feel fashionable, noticeable and runway ready!
Green Fun Fact: Green is often associated with jealousy and envy. The expression “green-eyed monster” was first used by William Shakespeare in Othello: “It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” Shakespeare also used the term in the Merchant of Venice, speaking of “green-eyed jealousy.”
Be the envy of everyone when you strut your gorgeous stuff through town draped in dazzling, glorious green! You will be noticed!
Green clothing is simply grand! Green wears well with black, and also with various shades of golds, tans and yellows. White is another color that offsets green superbly!
Are those green bills in your wallet begging you to take them clothes shopping? Allow the green cash to buy you some stylish, fantastic materials and fabrics in the form of green garments!
There is no denying, as you run your eye down these pictures of green garment wonder displayed in this blog post, that green is an emotionally positive color!
Put some life in your wardrobe – go green!
Look cool, suave and keen! That is the clothing color that is green!
Author Nancy Mangano is the author of two novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Nancy has blended her love of detective work along with her flair for fashion into her books. Visit Nancy on her author website at www.nancymangano.com, her author/fashion/style blog www.passionforprying.wordpress.com, Twitter @nancymangano and her author “like” Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano.


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