We all enjoy being groomed and pampered by health and beauty specialists in the relaxing environment of salon spas. Spa resorts originated to offer various health treatments, most notably using mineral-rich spring water to give medicinal baths. Day spas now offer much more, including massages, beauty masks, laser hair removal, waxing, and milk baths. With so many options offered at spas, it helps to know what services are worth the money and which treatments are as beneficial when performed yourself from home.

Love and take care of the skin that you’re in.

Spa Services That Are Worth the Cost:

• Laser Hair Removal: All skin tones and complexions are safe for using laser hair removal. You will experience dramatic hair reduction on dark, coarse hairs from those pesky areas you prefer to keep hair free. Laser hair removal doesn’t work on gray or white hairs. For those hairs, you can try wax, cream hair bleach, or tweezers.

• The Milk Bath: A luxuriating milk bath works wonders for softening and soothing your skin. Yes, you truly bathe in milk. Having this service done at a professional spa is worth the cost. Can you imagine if you fill your own bathtub with milk, the effort, and cost that it will take you? Milk truly does a body good, inside and out.

• Hydrotherapy Massage: Submerge yourself in a deluxe scented, salt-infused tub for an invigorating underwater experience. This service is relaxing and will soothe your sore, tight muscles by pulsating jets of air that stroke your body as you soak in luxurious warm water.

• Brazilian Bikini Wax: Sure, there are over the counter Brazilian bikini wax kits that you can buy and use at home, but ouch! For a thorough, fairly pain-free front and back bikini wax, this service is best left to the professionals. Enjoy how you look in your barely there thong bikini with this popular wax service.

• Manicure/Pedicure: Even if you are someone who prefers to paint your own fingernails and toenails, everyone should experience the luxury and occasional treat of partaking in a professional salon manicure/pedicure. You can kick back and read a book, surf your iPhone or just close your eyes and relax while pro nail artists fancy up and massage your hands and feet. Grooming your fingers and toes never felt or looked so good.

• Decolletage Rejuvenation: Eventually gravity begins to take a toll on everyone. One of the first places you may notice loose or sagging skin is with your breasts and your neck (think the turkey neck). With decolletage rejuvenation, this regenerative skin tightening treatment helps firm loose, cleavage and sagging neck skin. Treat yourself to a professional decolletage rejuvenation and love your firm skin once again.

There are so many wonderful, invigorating spa services that will make you feel like the youthful, confident man or woman that you are. Why not treat yourself to the pampering you deserve? ,Spa services never felt so spectacular! Luxurious, lovely, luscious!

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T-shirts are comfortable, trendy and popular garments in most people’s closet and/or drawers.  A T-shirt, known as the basic tee, is a style of cotton fabric named after the T shape of its body and sleeves. Most tees are short sleeved with a round neckline, known as the crewneck, which lacks a collar. V-shaped necklines are also popular. T-shirts are typically made of cotton textile in a stockinette or jersey knit and have a distinctively pliable texture compared to shirts made of woven cloth.

T-shirts originally started as undergarments and have transitioned from undergarment wear to general, all use casual clothing. The most popular color for T-shirts is white, but the sturdy shirt can be found in all color choices.  For those of you that own one basic white T-shirt, there are numerous ways to wear the one shirt that makes it useful for casual to dressy wear!

Various Ways to Wear the White T-Shirt:

  1. Under a printed or floral jacket: By leaving the jacket open, showing the white tee, your jacket will take on a different look.
  2. Under a jumper or overalls: The basic white tee works wonders when worn with  a jumper or overalls.
  3. With lots of denim: Denim clothing is stylish and fashionable. If you are dressed in head to toe denim, it might help to break the look by wearing a white tee. I personally feel that when wearing a T-shirt with blue denim, a white T-shirt is the best looking way to go.
  4. With high waisted dress pants: There is something about the mix of a casual white T-shirt and dressy, high waisted pants that complement each other with style. Add a dress belt, high heels and jeweled accessories to make youy uptown outfit feel a bit casual. This is a striking look.
  5. With a pencil skirt: Tuck a white tee into the waist of your pencil skirt and I guarantee you that you will love the look!
  6. With shorts: T-shirts work well with all lengths of shorts. From short shorts to Bermuda shorts, a basic white tee will look lovely.

The best thing about mixing and matching your white tee? It matches and goes with everything!

Most T-shirts extend to the waist or sit on the hips. Hip hop fashion calls for tall T-shirts which may extend all the way down to the knees. A similar item is the T-shirt dress or T-dress, a dress length T-shirt that can be worn without pants. T-dresses look great with fishnets or opaque stockings!

Numerous ways to wear a basic white T-shirt!

Since the 1960s T-shirts have flourished as a form of personal expression. Think of T-shirts with quotes, sayings, pictures, designer logos, etc. splashed across the front for all to see. Share a portion of your personality with a slogan that means something to you printed across your white tee.

A plain white tee can literally be the glue that holds your outfits together. Change up your garments and your outfits with one basic shirt, the white tee. It really is that easy.

The white tee can worn with so many garments that the comfortable, trendy shirt can work for any occasion. An evening at the theater, a fine dining dinner, a fast food lunch, a Sunday brunch. Are you stepping out for coffee or tea? Why not go dressed chic and cool in a defining white tee?

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website


“Bell bottom blues, you made me cry. I don’t want to lose this feeling. And if I could choose a place to die it would be in your arms!” Bell Bottom Blues – Eric Clapton

Okay, Eric Clapton may be singing to a woman, but this is the same way denim lovers feel toward their cherished blue jeans.  Yes, to many people their denim duds are that desirable!

Denim is a sturdy cotton warp faced textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces a diagonal ribbing that distinguishes it from cotton duck. The most common denim is indigo denim, in which the warp thread is dyed, while the weft thread is left white. As a result of the warp-faced twill weaving, one side of the textile is dominated by blue warp threads and the other side is dominated by the white weft threads. This is what causes blue jeans to be white on the inside!

No matter the decade and no matter the style, denim bell bottoms are fun, beautiful and fashionable. Bell bottoms are a style of pants that become wider from the knees downward, forming a bell-like shape of the pant leg. Did you know that in the 1970s Sonny and Cher helped popularize bell bottoms in the United States by wearing them on their variety television show?

Bell Bottoms Fun Fact: In 1989 bell bottoms rose in popularity after bands such as The Rolling Stones, Happy Mondays and the Charlatans wore them while performing on stage.

Create a bell bottom blues revival by parading around in denim bell bottoms on your own stage! Set a glorious fashion rage!

Dazzling denim duds welcomes bell bottom blues!

How Denim is Made:

  1. Cotton is harvested by hand or machine.
  2. A cotton gin separates the cotton fiber from the seeds.
  3. The fiber is put into bales. A bale weighs around 550 pounds and can make around 400 pairs of jeans.
  4. The cotton fiber is spun into yarn.
  5. The yarn is dyed, giving it color such as the classic denim blue.
  6. The yarn is then woven in a shuttle loom or projectile loom into denim.
  7. The denim is then sent to the manufacturer for use.

Dry or raw denim, contrasted with washed denim, is denim that hasn’t been washed after having been dyed during production.

Some people prefer their denim dark blue while others prefer the washed, faded look. Patterns of fading jeans caused by prolonged periods of wearing them are a way of personalizing the garment.

Popular Patterns of Faded Jeans:

  1. Combs or Honeycombs – Meshes of faded line-segments that form behind the knees.
  2. Whiskers – Faded streaks that form rapidly from the crotch area.
  3. Stacks – Irregular bands of fading above the ankle caused by according of the fabric due to contact with the foot or shoe.
  4. Train Tracks- Fading along the out-seams due to abrasion.

One of my most favorite clothing ensembles that always looks classy, stylish and trendy are flared bell bottom blue jeans worn with black patent leather high heels, a white or black blouse and a black velvet blazer. Striking! Add accessories and a great handbag for a look that works in the office, at parties or out at your favorite restaurant enjoying brunch or dinner!

Bell bottom blues are a true garment winner!

Denim fabric dyeing is divided into two categories: indigo dyeing and sulfur dyeing. Indigo dyeing produces the traditional blue color while sulfur dyeing produces specialty black colors and other colors, such as red, pink, purple, gray, rust, mustard and green.

More comfortable in stretch denim? Stretch denim incorporates an elastic component, such as spandex. This creates a certain amount of “give” when putting on, wearing and removing your delicious denim duds!

Whether skinny jeans, daisy duke shorts, miniskirts, dresses or bells bottom jeans, let’s toast the beloved material worn worldwide known simply as denim! Hats off to the denim king and queens!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website




Living in a fast paced, busy, densely populated area can be exhilarating, culturally rewarding and a stimulating experience. Metropolitan cities generally offer great theater, exquisite dining, fashionable events and numerous things to do. You can truly avoid boredom in cities that never slow down, such as Los Angeles and New York City. No matter how much you love living life on the edge, everyone needs to shut down once in awhile and connect with family, friends and nature. Welcome to small town living!

Photo Source: Unsplash

Photo Source: Unsplash

When making a change from living in a metropolitan area to connecting with your inner self in a smaller town, you’ll definitely need to pack a few items that you wouldn’t particularly use much in a large city environment. What would I pack, you say?

Photo Source: Unsplash

Layered Clothing: Odds are in a small town you’ll have larger, open areas of trees, grass, farm land, etc. Outside temperatures can change dramatically from day to night, and if you relish a hefty hike or a walk in the woods, the weather can go from warm to nippy in no time. Dressing in layers allows you to remove or add various clothing items as needed.

Photo Source: Unsplash

Versatile, Comfortable Footwear: For a small town atmosphere, you may choose to trade out your gorgeous high heels for a sturdier, more comfortable walking shoe. There are cute, stylish flat shoes on the market for the glamour girl that lives in all of you.

Thermos/Water Bottle: In a small town you won’t find a fast food joint or restaurant on every corner, so you’ll want to carry a thermos/water bottle with you to keep yourself refreshed and hydrated. Whether you drink water, coffee or tea, a thermos to keep your beverage cold or warm is a wonderful idea indeed.

Photo Source: Unsplash

Sunscreen/Moisturizer: We all know how important a strong sunscreen/moisturizer is for our skin and our health. In a metropolitan area you may spend a large portion of your day indoors in an office, a mall, a restaurant, etc. With a small town, simpler life, you’re likely to spend more time outdoors, in the sun. Pack a strong sunscreen and moisturizer to keep your skin soft, block out any damaging effects from the sun and simply have fun!

Fitness Supplies: In addition to gaining more quiet time in a small town, you’ll probably unwind with more time to exercise. Packing an exercise band and a yoga mat will give you the luxury and benefits of exercising while maintaining your peace and serenity at the same time.

Bathing Suit: Even if you live near the ocean in a large, crowded city, perhaps you were too busy to enjoy a day at the beach, or maybe you didn’t want to deal with all the people and the traffic in a highly populated beach city. In a small town, you can find a relaxing river to wade in or a soothing stream to play in. Put on that bathing suit and be the bathing beauty that you are.

Photo Source: Unsplash

Books, iPod, Movies: Small town living will slow you down, allowing you more time to read your favorite books, listen to your prefered style of music and watch movies that make you feel alive and good inside.

Whether you live in a metropolis environment or are surrounded by serene small town living, you look and feel your best when you have an active, healthy, balanced lifestyle. How do achieve this for your mind, body and soul? Mobile Styles professionals, of course! Merely download the on demand health and beauty app from your phone and book an appointment with a professional hair stylist, nail artist, and/or beauty stylist and pamper yourself from head-to-toe. No matter where you live, a Mobile Styles expert will come directly to you, fighting the traffic or the back roads to get to you!

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We all enjoy the pampering and pleasure that we receive by indulging in a fabulous facial. In addition to the soothing, relaxing effects and joy that a facial brings, we also get immediate benefits with clear, smooth, healthy, younger looking skin. Ah, to love the skin that you’re in!

Facials are used for both general skin health and to treat specific skin conditions. Popular types of facials include the European facial, LED light therapy facials and mini-facials.

Depending on your preferred results, your skin type and your complexion, there are different types of facial masks (cactus, cucumber, etc.) used for different purposes:

  1.  Deep Cleansing: Penetrates the pores, healing acne scars or hyper-pigmentation.
  2.  Brightening: Brings a gradual illumination to your skin tone.

Photo Source: Unsplash

Facials are performed using moisturizer creams, masks, or both. A large part of the success of your facial is determined by the type of moisturizer that you use. Moisturizers are complex mixtures of chemical agents specifically designed to smooth the skin and make external layers of the skin softer and more pliable.

Facial masks help hold in moisture, making your skin supple and adding a healthy glow. Some masks are designed to solidify on the face, almost like plaster, while others remain wet. The perceived effects of a facial mask treatment include revitalizing, healing and refreshing the skin, yielding temporary and long term benefits. Facial masks are removed by either rinsing the face with water, wiping the mask off with a damp warm cloth, or peeling a dry mask off the face.

Fabulous facials make your skin look and feel healthy and younger!

Photo Source: Unsplash

Photo Source: Unsplash

Why not rejuvenate your skin and your mind with a professional facial, administered by a professional Mobile Styles expert? Be kind to yourself and the skin that you’re in!

Fabulous Facials Preserve All Skin Types:

1. Normal Skin
2. Dry Skin
3. Oily Skin
4. Combination Skin
5. Aging Skin
6. Sensitive Skin

Fancy, youthful, stress free faces deserve fantastic, fresh facials!

Photo Source: Unsplash

I scream, you scream, we all scream for an indulging facial using marvelous masks and face creams.

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Photo Source: Unsplash

Fabulous facials that make your skin look and feel healthy and younger. For the glamour girl youthful glow, a professional Mobile Styles facial is the way to go!

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Photo Source: Unsplash

All makeup lovers understand the importance of carrying a perfectly filled cosmetic bag with them throughout the day. A great cosmetic bag should be large enough to hold your 5 favorite makeup products, yet small enough to fit easily into your purse. Deciding which makeup items to carry around with you for touch ups and makeup emergencies can be an overwhelming process. So I decided to help you out a bit, and compiled a list of 5 makeup essentials that will save you from a cosmetics disaster!

  • Mascara, Eyeliner and Makeup Brush Combo

Of all makeup items to never leave the house without, mascara and eyeliner take first place. By highlighting your eyes with black mascara and eyeliner, the definition of your eyes will pop and appear larger. This is an essential and magnetic makeup must have.

Photo Source: Unsplash

Your Favorite Tube of Lipstick or Lip Gloss

A touch of color and shine to your lips throughout the day not only adds pizzazz to your face, but keeps you looking awake and refreshed. Do you look bland when you look in the mirror? Swipe some wow colored lipstick over your lips and watch your look come to life.

Photo Source: Unsplash

• Spray Spritz Moisturizer

Spraying a light mist of moisturizer to your face throughout the day will not only keep your foundation and powder looking fresh, but your skin will look supple and youthful. Not sure how to look wide awake in that afternoon boardroom meeting? Wipe the tiredness away with a quick moisturizer spray.

Photo Source: Unsplash


You never know what the day holds for you or your makeup, so it’s smart to keep a solid beauty warrior in your cosmetic bag in case redness or blemishes start to show. Cover up those pesky flaws with a concealer that matches your skin tone.

Makeup Sponge

Always have a makeup sponge handy to wipe away face oils as the day wears on, or blend eye shadow and/or blush back in place that might be fading away. A few wipes with a dry makeup sponge can save a glamour girl’s day.

Photo Source: Unsplash

Much like a glorious pair of high heeled shoes, your makeup bag can be your fashion and beauty best friend, going everywhere you go and saving you from unexpected and unwanted makeup mishaps!

Photo Source: Unsplash

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Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website


Anyone who has ever had a professional foot massage knows they feel wonderful. There is something about getting your feet rubbed and pampered that is relaxing, rejuvenating and restoring to your mental and physical health. On top of that, having your toenails painted and decorated adds pizzazz and glamour to your princess toes and feet.

A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails, normally done for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. Pedicures are popular throughout the world, particularly for women, but are gaining popularity with men as well.

Both professional and do-it-yourself pedicures feel oh so extra sweet! An extra special foot treat!

For those of you that crave a pleasant pedicure, yet don’t have the time or pocketbook to visit a salon, do-it-yourself (DIY) pedicures are fun, easy and invigorating!

How to Give Yourself a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Pedicure:

  1. Buff your feet when dry, not wet, and use a foot file on the heels, balls of the feet and the edges of the toes.
  2. Fill a large bowl with warm water and a reviving soak solution. Soak the feet for approximately 10 minutes.
  3. Massage your feet with a foot scrub to get rid of dead skin, then rinse.
  4. Dry your feet and gently push back the cuticles of your toes with a Qtip or cuticle cream.
  5. Cut, file and shape your toenails to your desired length and shape.
  6. Massage your clean feet with a rich foot lotion.
  7. If you wish to paint your toenails, wipe away any excess foot lotion and apply a clear base coat of nail polish to your toes.
  8. Polish the toenails with the color(s) of your choice. Add jewels, stones, etc. if preferred.
  9. Apply a top coat of clear nail polish to add shimmer and shine to your toenails, and to prevent the nail polish from chipping.

Wahlah, an at home pedicure is that easy to do for you!

pedicures Best of Hermoso pedicure manicures Pinterest

Pedicure Tip: Although fashion is a unique choice, I prefer manicures and pedicures where the nail polish on the fingernails is the same color as the nail polish on the toes. Of course, it is an individual preference and not everyone agrees with me. If you prefer a French manicure on your fingernails and blue or black nail polish on your toes, then go for it! Your hands, your feet, your preference. Anything goes!

Pedicure Fun Fact: People have been pedicuring their nails for more than 4,000 years. In southern Babylonia, noblemen used solid gold tools to give themselves manicures and pedicures. The use of fingernail polish can be traced back even further. Originating in China in 3000 BC, nail color indicated one’s social status: royal fingernails were painted black and red. Ancient Egyptians have been manicuring all the way back to 2300 BC.


Popular Tools and Nail Cosmetics:

  1. Acetone
  2. Cotton Balls
  3. Cuticle Cream
  4. Cuticle Pusher or Cuticle Nipper
  5. Foot Bath
  6. Lotion
  7. Nail Buffer
  8. Nail File
  9. Orangewood Sticks
  10. Toenail Clippers
  11. Toe Spacers

Pedicure Fun Fact: Pedicures take approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Much longer if you want to soak your tired, aching feet in a hot water bowl or shower for over an hour! Refreshing!

Pamper your feet with a pleasing pedicure!

“I simply adore your baby blue toenail polish and the toe rings that you have on.”

“Massaging and decorating my feet and toes feels relaxing and soothing all day long.”

“The matching baby blue polish on your fingernails is striking to see.”

“The bedazzled ornaments on my pinkie fingers are oh so beautiful to me.”

“You clearly care about the appearance of your hands and your feet.”

“Looking at my own creative nail art and footwork is a real treat!”

Slip your gorgeous, perfectly pedicured feet into summer sandals for a hot, sizzling look that turns up the heat!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website




Find me a man wearing a beautiful, alluring cologne and I’ll follow him most anywhere! There’s something about a man and his cologne that tends to drive women wild and force them to take notice. Be it the soothing scent, the sexiness of a man who isn’t afraid to show his feminine side and the thrill of the pleasant aroma, men who lather themselves in sweet yet manly cologne are downright masculine!

Men, if you doubt me, try this experiment. Step into an elevator wearing the beguiling aroma of cologne, along with three or four men who choose to go bare necked (no cologne). Make sure one female is in the elevator. I guarantee you, the woman who is trapped in an elevator with four or five probably very good looking men is only going to notice the “one” man who brings her nose and her senses to life with his very delicious scent of cologne. Manly!

The wonderful, sensual, romantic scent of a man in cologne brings a woman to life! It could be that one signature move that elevates a girlfriend to a wife!

Photo Source: Unsplash

Women’s (and men’s) love of smelling great cologne has a lot to do with our pheromones. A pheromone is a chemical that humans and animals produce that changes the behavior of another human or animal. In the case of men in cologne, the glorious scent alone can cause our frown to turn into a smile and our noticing of you to rise to an off the charts level. I give a serious “thank you” shout out to all men who wear cologne…I am so happy from the scent alone.

Photo Source: Unsplash

Facts About Pheromones:

1. Pheromones are similar to hormones but work outside the body.
2. Pheromones induce activity in other individuals, such as sexual arousal.
3. There are four types of pheromones: releaser; primer; signaler and modulator.

The nose knows! All men should wear cologne!

Our sense of smell is particularly powerful, keeping us women noticing scrumptious food, the scent of fresh, sweet flowers and the attractive and alluring smell of our men wearing their signature, favorite cologne!

Men, let your woman or barber pamper you, manscape and groom you to the ultimate perfection, adding a splash of cologne to take you in a “smells divine” direction!

Photo Source: Unsplash

“But I’m afraid cologne will sissify me!” you say. Not even one single day! A sultry, soft smelling cologne worn on your neck and wrists will cause your wives and/or girlfriends to give you an extra kiss! Ah, you have no idea how much she will appreciate this!

Men who bathe themselves (just don’t overdo it) in the powerful, intoxicating scent of a heavenly cologne will most likely have females following you home.

Why not give it a try? Once you’re styling, smiling and ready to take on the town, highlight your overall aura with a splash of yummy cologne and be the best smelling man around! You’ll smell and look like a million bucks, whether you’re cruising through the streets in a shiny BMW or looking masculine and sexy driving a truck!

Photo Source: Unsplash

Cologne, often times referred to as perfume for men, can be viewed as the cherry on the sundae. The final topping that puts a “put together” man completely together…and tops off his vibe of sex appeal and undeniable masculinity! A lethal combination!

Photo Source: Unsplash

Men, remember this equation and you won’t go wrong: Men + Cologne = A Turn On! Masculine and strong!

“Who is that man you’re walking so close behind?”

“I’m getting whiffs of his cologne when I stand nearby.”

“He’s going to think you’re stalking him or you don’t respect his space.”

“I can’t help it. The marvelous scent of his cologne shows he has great taste.”

“He’s entering the gym. Are you following him in there too?”

“Yes. Fit and he smells divine. What’s a girl to do?”

Cologne: Perfume for men. Give it a try. The fabulous results will show you why!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website




I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In my fashion and beauty opinion, the two cosmetic items that are most important to add glamour, allure and magic to the face are mascara and lipstick! If you can only choose two makeup items to put in your cosmetic bag, choose those two and your fabulous face will thank you.

Long, thick, luscious eyelashes area a sign of health and beauty. Long, thick eyelashes not only look beautiful, but they draw out the appeal and allure of your eyes. Your eyelashes are to your eyes what a fabulous frame is to a picture; they highlight the overall look.

An eyelash is one of the hairs that grows at the edge of the eyelid. Eyelashes protect the eye from debris and perform some of the same functions as whiskers do on a cat or mouse, in the sense that they are sensitive to being touched, thus providing a warning that an object (dust, hair, etc.) is near the eye, which then closes reflexively.

Items needed to capture the essence and glamour of long, heathy eyelashes are mascara, an eyelash brush and if preferred, an eyelash curler. If you do use an eyelash curler, don’t press and close the grips too hard, as this can cause eyelashes to pull out.

Mascara Fun Fact: Mascara is a cosmetic commonly used to enhance the eyelashes. Mascara darkens, thickens, lengthens and helps to define the eyelashes. Mascara is available in three forms (liquid, cake, cream), and most contain the basic ingredients of oils, waxes and preservatives.  The thicker the coats of mascara applied, the thicker and more full your eyelashes will look.

For the most dramatic eyelash look of all, jet black mascara outdoes them all. However, colored mascara can be fun to experiment with and wear when you’re feeling unique, magical and whimsical!

Tips for Growing Long, Lush, Healthy Eyelashes:

  1. Vitamin E, Iron, Vitamin B12 – Just like your body, hair needs protein, iron and Vitamin B12 to stay strong and healthy. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that adds to healthy hair growth. Eyelashes are hair, so they need to be fed nutrients just like the hair on your head.
  2. Biotin (Vitamin H) – Promotes hair growth, texture and thickness.
  3. Petroleum Jelly – If you remove your mascara before you go to sleep, then apply petroleum jelly to your bare eyelashes and leave on overnight while you sleep, this will help your eyelashes to grow faster, thicker and stronger.
  4. Castor Oil/Olive Oil – These oils help to promote hair growth.
  5. Enriched Mascara – Many mascaras that are available for purchase today include lash boosting serums, botanicals and pro-vitamin enriched formulas.

Bat your eyes in lovely, long eyelashes!

Long eyelashes are considered a sign of beauty in many cultures. Did you know that you can enhance your eyelashes artificially, either by applying false eyelashes or using eyelash extensions? Permanent eyelash tints have also become a popular procedure provided in many salons. It is also possible to get eyelash transplants, which are similar in nature to hair transplantation done on the head. Since the eyelash hair is transported from the head, the new eyelashes will continue to grow.

Eyelash Fun Fact: The invention of the photograph and motion picture launched mascara’s popularity and usage in the United States. Motion pictures advertised a new standard of beauty and sex appeal. Famous actresses of the classic cinema era, such as Theda Bara, Pola Negri, Clara Bow, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis and Jean Harlow depended heavily on dramatic mascara applications for their glamorized appearances, which the mainstream public began to mimic.

Today, mascara is often used on a daily basis around the world. In 2016 alone, U.S. consumers spent 335.6 million dollars on the top ten leading mascara brands.

Yes, beauty is a billion dollar business!

For the animal lovers out there, eyelashes, being hair, are found on mammals. Camels have eyelashes that are remarkably long and thick. Horses and cows have long eyelashes also. Inherited eyelash problems are common in some breeds of dogs and horses. Not much different than people!

Eyelash Fun Fact: The average eyelash takes about seven to eight weeks to grow back if pulled out, and constant pulling may lead to permanent damage, stunting hair growth.

Eyelashes bedazzling and beguiling being lush, lovely, luxurious and long are truly a fashion and beauty bomb!

“Baby, baby, baby, bat your lovely, lush, long eyelashes at me.”

“I’m flattered you’re admiring my luxurious eyelashes, you see.”

“Are your eyelashes naturally that long, or could your lashes be fake?”

“These are my own lashes coated with mascara. Black mascara takes the cake.”

“Your extra long lashes add to the allure, appeal and attractiveness of your eyes.”

“Yes. The longer the lashes, the larger your eyes appear in size.”

Long Eyelashes: A true beauty masterpiece!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website





If it’s true what they say, beauty is in the “eye” of the beholder, then why not decorate and adorn your precious peepers with the epitome of eye shadow beauty, the smokey eye? The smokey eye is a distinctive cosmetic blend of eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara applied in a way that gives a sultry, dramatic, dazzling look to the eyes. Since the eyes are the window to our souls, the smokey eye allows us to see ourselves and the world through glamorous, gorgeous, mesmerizing eyes!

We all know that eye shadow is a makeup item that is applied on the eyelids and under the eyebrows. Did you know that eye shadow adds depth and dimension to your eyes, can complement your eye color, can be used to make your eyes appear larger, or simply to draw attention to your eyes? In a nutshell, various forms and shades of eye shadows make your eyes stand out and look more attractive.

Smokey eyes are, well, smokin’ hot!

Smokey eyes definitely radiate with high end glamour, and the smokin’ hot appearance can be captured in just a few easy steps.

How to Apply the Perfect Smokey Eye:

1. Prep the Eyelid: Swipe an eye shadow primer (base) across the upper and lower eye area and let it dry.
2. Select the Colors of Eye Shadow: Smokey eyes work best when you use a dark and a lighter color (brown and gold, dark blue and light blue, etc.) Beauty knows no bounds…you can use whatever shades you desire!
3. Apply Eyeliner: Apply eyeliner above the entire upper lash line, drawing the line thicker in the middle of the eye.
4. Blend in Color on Bottom Lashes: The bottom color is one of the main elements of the smokey eye look. Run an eyeliner pencil under the entire bottom lashes and smudge the line with your finger or Qtip. You can also apply some eye shadow and smudge the eyeliner and eye shadow together.
5. Apply Base Color: The key to a fabulous smokey eye is pairing a lighter base with a darker hue. Sweep in a light, glistening shadow over the eyelids to the browbase.
6. Blend in the Darker Color: Blend in the darker color of eye shadow starting at your lash line, blending up. Blend the color into the lash line so that the eyeliner disappears.
7. Check Your Work: Make certain that both eyes match and rub out any smears or smudges with a Qtip.
8. Apply Lots of Mascara: Thick, dramatic mascara is a must to finish off the alluring smokey eye effect. Apply enough coats that the lashes look long, thick and dark. Black mascara works best for the ultimate look. False eyelashes can be applied if preferred.

Congratulations! You have mastered the smokey eye! Sizzling!

Eye Shadow Fun Fact: Have you ever wondered what ingredients are used to make the eye catching eye shadow that you love to wear? Common ingredients in eye shadows consist of talc, mica, sericite, magnesium stearate, colorants and preservatives. Fillers in eye shadows are primarily talc. The liquid binders are typically silicone and the dry binders are usually magnesium stearate. In order to make a perfectly blended eye shadow, there has to be a balance between the fillers, dry binders and liquid binders.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire? Show the fire in your eyes with the dramatic smokey eye!

Eye Shadow Fun Fact: Many people use eye shadow to simply improve their appearance, but it is also commonly used in theater and other plays, to create a memorable look, with bright, bold colors. Depending on skin tone and the shades of eye shadows selected, the effect of eye shadow usually brings out the glamour and gains attention. The use of eye shadow attempts to replicate the natural eye shadow that some women exhibit due to a natural contrasting pigmentation on their eyelids. Natural eye shadow can range anywhere from a glossy shine to one’s eyelids, to a pinkish tone, or even a silver look.

Whether your eye shadow comes a la natural or applied from a case, when you spruce up your eyes with the signature smokey eye, you’ll be a true fashion and beauty plate!

Eye Makeup Removal Fun Fact: To remove the eye shadow and all of the hard work that you’ve put into mastering the smokey eye, a commercial eye makeup remover can be used, as well as a rich face wash. You may also go with water and a gentle soap. Eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara also wipes clean with baby oil or petroleum jelly. You may also purchase makeup removal wipes at salons and beauty supply stores.

Jeepers, creepers! Where did you get those smokey eye peepers?

“I feel like I need a night on the town. Would you like to go dancing at a club with me?”

“I don’t want to sound like a party pooper, but sometimes the clubs are too smokey to see.”

“Perhaps we can find a no smoking club, where the only smoke will be our smokey eyes.”

“Then I’m up for it. Some good music, dancing and munchies sounds “de-stress” wise.”

“Having some fun, dancing, mingling and a good time is what I need to relax as well.”

“Let’s go over dramatic with the alluring smokey eye. Tomorrow we’ll have a story to tell!”

Smokey Eye: Eye makeup perfection. Get the beauty connection!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website