What’s the easiest and most fun way to decorate an outfit to sheer perfection? Accessorize and accessorize. By adding the right jewelry, shoes, scarves, etc., and carrying a matching handbag, you can take a “10” outfit to an even higher level. You can also turn a casual look into a dressy look, and take a top notch garment and tone it down, all by the accessories you wear.

One accessory that is always a hit is the bracelet. A bracelet is an article of jewelry that is worn around the wrist, up the arm or around the upper arm (arm cuffs). Bracelets are worn as ornaments and may also have a supportive function, such as holding charms and pendants.

If a bracelet is a single, inflexible loop it is called a bangle. A large group of bangles worn together looks adorable.  Arm cuffs are also a favorite of mine, as well as beaded, bedazzled bracelets.

Bracelet Fun Fact: Bracelets are manufactured from metal, leather, cloth, plastic, beads and other materials, and jewelry bracelets often times contain jewels, rocks, shells, crystals, metal, plastic hoops, pearls and many more materials.

The origin of the term “bracelet” is from the Greek word “brachile”, meaning ‘of the arm’, via the Old French ‘bracel’. A bracelet is also a small brace or bracer (an arm guard used by archers).

Popular Types of Bracelets:

  1. Alternative Health Bracelets: This group contains ionized bracelets, karma bracelets, magnetic bracelets, etc., and are a group with a beneficial function claimed for them by their manufacturers and distributors.
  2. Bangles: Rigid bracelets that make a solid loop. They can be smooth, textured or set with stones.
  3. Beaded Bracelets: Bracelets made from loose beads with a center hole and connected by a piece of string or elastic band through the holes.
  4. Charm Bracelets: These bracelets carry personalized charms, decorative pendants or trinkets which are significant and important in the wearer’s life.
  5. Link Bracelets: Bracelets made from connecting or linking various or similar components or jewelry findings. These bracelets are often made of metals and gemstones.
  6. Slap Bracelets: Flat, felt covered strips that curve around your wrist when gently hit against it.
  7. Slave Bracelets: Bracelets with attached rings.
  8. Sports Bracelets: The use of colored silicone rubber as a material for producing sports bracelets was popularized by Nike and Lance Armstrong through the Yellow Livestrong wristband starting in May 2003.
  9. Tennis Bracelets: Single strand diamond bracelets. Elegant!

Brace yourself for gorgeous arm candy when adorned in beautiful bracelets!

Bracelet Fun Fact: The history of Egyptian bracelets is as old as 5000 BCE, starting with materials such as bones, stones and woods to serve religious and spiritual interests. The Scarab Bracelet is one of the most recognized symbols of ancient Egypt. The Scarab represented rebirth and regeneration. Carved Scarabs were worn as jewelry and wrapped into the linen bandages of mummies.

Bangles and beads: Beautiful bracelets!

Let’s also give a shout out to terrific turquoise bracelets! Always alluring, always bedazzling!

As much as bracelets made from gold and silver are regal and stunning, bracelets made with gemstones, beads, rhinestones and diamonds  are in the top running!

When your fashionable outfit need a perfect touch, slip your arms into fabulous bracelets and look top notch!

Whatever your preference in jewelry, beautiful bracelets are always beguiling!

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