For a defining face that stands out and radiates, decorating the eyes is the key. If you choose to only accentuate one facial feature with cosmetics, go with the eyes. The second? Line and color your luscious lips.
When it comes to the eyes, no matter the color or shape, your color choice of cosmetics can make a big difference. The two main eye cosmetics for eyes that shine bright are mascara and eyeliner. If you wish to doll up your eyes with eye shadow, go for the overall look. But if you are toning down, colored mascara and colored eyeliner will do the trick!
Since eyes are the organs of the visual system, use your ornamental eyes to see the world!

Mascara Fun Fact: Mascara is a cosmetic commonly used to enhance the eyelashes. It may darken, thicken, lengthen and/or define the eyelashes and the eyes. Black and colored mascara comes in three forms – liquid, cake or cream – and modern mascara has various formulas.  Most all mascaras contain basic components of pigments, oils, waxes and preservatives.
The Collins English Dictionary defines mascara as, “a cosmetic substance for darkening, lengthening, curling, coloring and thickening the eyelashes, applied with a brush or a rod.”  Mascara can also be used to define the eyebrows, as well.

Eyeliner Fun Fact: Eyeliner is a cosmetic used to define the eyes. It is applied around the contours of the eyes to create a variety of aesthetic effects. Eyeliner is often worn directly above the top eyelashes and directly below the eyes.  Eyeliner was first used in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as a dark black line around the eyes. As early as 10,000 BC, Egyptians and Mo wore various cosmetics including eyeliner not only for aesthetics, but to protect the skin from the desert sun.
The characteristics of having heavily lined eyes has been frequently depicted in ancient Egyptian art. The Egyptians produced eyeliner with a variety of materials, including copper ore and antimony.
No matter the color or shape of your eyes, when wearing colored mascara and eyeliner, your mesmerizing eyes will be super sized!


Nancy Mangano’s Makeup Tip: Although I adore heavily made up eyes using black mascara and black eyeliner (a very dramatic effect), colored mascara and colored eyeliner is a beautiful, alluring, fun way to add variety and spice to your face that is oh so nice!
Aesthetic adornment is a cultural universal art and mascara and eyeliner are documented in Ancient Egypt beginning around 4000 BC. At this time, kohl was used to darken eyelashes, eyes and eyebrows. Through Egypt’s influence, kohl usage persisted in Babylonian, Greek and Roman Empires.
Colored mascara and colored eyeliner adds oomph, pizzazz and a pleasing effect to help your face shine brighter!

Eyeliner Fun Fact: Eyeliner is commonly used in a daily makeup routine to define the eyes or to create the look of a wider or smaller eye. Eyeliner can be placed in various parts of the eyes to create different looks with a winged eyeliner or tight lined at the waterline.
Eyeliner can be drawn above upper lashes or below lower lashes or both, even on the waterlines of your eyes. Eyeliner helps your lashes to look lush and full, while also drawing attention to the eyes, or enhancing or changing the eyes’ shape.
Gorgeous colors of colored eyeliner range from black, brown, gray, neon colors, primary colors, pastels, glittered colors and frosty golds and silvers! Is there a color you love? Use your favorite color of eyeliner to highlight your eyelashes both below and above!
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If you truly want to bring out the magic and allure of your eyes, match your colored eyeliner and mascara to the color of your eyes. If you’re more bold and daring, mix and match to whatever color choices your prefer. Giver your eyes a special whirl!
Tight Lining Fun Fact: Tight lining is the use of eyeliner tight against the waterline under the eyelashes of the upper lid, and above the eyelashes of the lower lid. Due to the proximity of the membranes, and the surface of the eye itself, waterproof eyeliner is preferred. Tight lining is a technique that makes the eyelashes appear to start further back on the eyelid, making the lashes look longer. Gel eyeliner and a small angled brush may be used to create this look.
All eyes on you: the eye makeup guru!

Eyeliner can be softly smudged or clearly defined. I prefer clearly defined for an edgy, dramatic, eye catching eye!
Five Main Types of Eyeliner:

  1. Liquid Eyeliner
  2. Powder Based Eye Pencil
  3. Wax Based Eye Pencil
  4. Kohl
  5. Gel Eyeliner

Traditional wax based eyeliners are made from about 20 components. About 50% by weight are waxes (Japan wax, fats, or related soft materials that easily glide onto the skin). Typical pigments include black iron oxides, as well as smaller amounts of titanium dioxide and Prussian blue.

Mascara Fun Fact: An increased demand for mascara has led to the development of the many formulas seen in the current market. Despite the many variations, all mascara formulas contain the same basic elements: pigmentation; oils and waxes. Water resistant mascaras have their basis in substances that rebuff water, like dodecane. Non water resistant mascaras have base ingredients that are water soluble.
Mascaras designed to lengthen or curl the eyelashes often contain nylon or rayon microfibers. Additionally, ceresin, gum tragacanth and methyl cellulose are regular ingredients added to act as stiffeners.
Stiffen those luscious, lavish eyelashes with colored mascara that adds length and allure to all lashes!
Mascara and Eyeliner Psychology Fun Fact: The use of mascara and eyeliner to mimic a youthful, childlike appearance exists in various cultures. The typical characteristics include soft cheeks, a round face, soft skin, upturned nose and short chin – often seen as ideal facial characteristics for women. Mascara pulls away the eyelashes from the rim of the eye, creating a doe-like illusion of larger, more open eyes.
No matter your face shape and facial features, you fashion divas, are lovely creatures!
When it comes to stand out features and windows to the soul make no mistake about it: the eyes truly have it!
“I love your yellow eyeliner and your bold orange eyelashes. Mesmerizing!”
“The warm colors highlight my brown eyes and add some super sizing!”
“Your large, colorful eyes are the first feature I see when I look at your face.”
“And my orange blush and nude lipstick add glamour with my exquisite makeup taste.”
“I’ll buy me some colored eyeliner and colored mascara for a much needed change.”
“Buy a variety of colors allowing for a fun, festive, off the charts makeup range!”
Colored Mascara and Colored Eyeliner: Buy colors that match every garment you own for signature eyes that are only your own!
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