Whether worn for style and fashion because an ankle boot can make an outfit, or you choose to slip your feet into  a grand pair of ankle boots to keep your feet warm and dry in the rain, the ankle boot in fashion is here to stay! Most ankle boots are worn for reasons of style and fashion over practicality and often times signifies women’s boots.

Ankle boots are the most widely worn style of fashion boots, often under pants but also with skirts, shorts and dresses. Ankle boots are also the only type of fashion boot commonly worn by both men and women, and this awesome boot has remained popular since the 19th century. Ankle boots vary in length from booties or shoe boots (a boot that skims the ankle), to boots that rise to the mid-calf. The soles of ankle boots can be flat or platform, with heels that are stiletto, chunky, wedge, one inch or higher.  Those incredibly high ankle boots make you look sizzling…on fashion fire!

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, ankle and calf-length boots were common footwear for women. Rising  hemlines made longer styles of boots popular. Worn with knee length skirts, ankle boots were often adorned with decorative features such as elaborate stitching, gems, stones and fur trims.

A fashion salute to the adorable ankle boot!

Fashion ankle boots are defined from a pair of shoes by the length of the shaft. Ankle boots generally have a shaft height of less than 8 inches (20cm), while calf length boots have a shaft anywhere from 8 to 15 inches (20-38cm). The shaft of fashion boots can be fitted, loose, slouched (straight legged or loose fitting).

Ankle Boot Fun Fact:  Close fitted ankle boots achieve flexibility by the use of gussets; slits in the material either at the top of the shaft, or wider panels at the sides of the shaft, which are backed with elastic fabric. Compression folds around the ankle allows for movement of the foot.  Move in saucy style when your feet are adorned with colorful, cool ankle boots. Boots so glorious you’ll want to walk that extra mile! Even with a smile!

 Ankle boots display a variety of fasteners. Laces are commonly used in ankle boots, along with zippers and/or elastic. Slip on ankle boots and button up ankle boots also make for a pair of boots that are easy to get on and off, as well as look stylish and trendy aesthetically.

I’m literally up to my ankles in all the latest styles of adorable, beautiful, playful ankle boots!

Whether your ankle boots are made from leather, patent leather, vinyl,  velvet, rubber or suede, any outfit that is highlighted by a stunning pair of ankle boots on your feet definitely gets an A+ grade!

“I love your ankle boots. They’re oh so cute!”

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