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All makeup lovers understand the importance of carrying a perfectly filled cosmetic bag with them throughout the day. A great cosmetic bag should be large enough to hold your 5 favorite makeup products, yet small enough to fit easily into your purse. Deciding which makeup items to carry around with you for touch ups and makeup emergencies can be an overwhelming process. So I decided to help you out a bit, and compiled a list of 5 makeup essentials that will save you from a cosmetics disaster!

  • Mascara, Eyeliner and Makeup Brush Combo

Of all makeup items to never leave the house without, mascara and eyeliner take first place. By highlighting your eyes with black mascara and eyeliner, the definition of your eyes will pop and appear larger. This is an essential and magnetic makeup must have.

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Your Favorite Tube of Lipstick or Lip Gloss

A touch of color and shine to your lips throughout the day not only adds pizzazz to your face, but keeps you looking awake and refreshed. Do you look bland when you look in the mirror? Swipe some wow colored lipstick over your lips and watch your look come to life.

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• Spray Spritz Moisturizer

Spraying a light mist of moisturizer to your face throughout the day will not only keep your foundation and powder looking fresh, but your skin will look supple and youthful. Not sure how to look wide awake in that afternoon boardroom meeting? Wipe the tiredness away with a quick moisturizer spray.

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You never know what the day holds for you or your makeup, so it’s smart to keep a solid beauty warrior in your cosmetic bag in case redness or blemishes start to show. Cover up those pesky flaws with a concealer that matches your skin tone.

Makeup Sponge

Always have a makeup sponge handy to wipe away face oils as the day wears on, or blend eye shadow and/or blush back in place that might be fading away. A few wipes with a dry makeup sponge can save a glamour girl’s day.

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Much like a glorious pair of high heeled shoes, your makeup bag can be your fashion and beauty best friend, going everywhere you go and saving you from unexpected and unwanted makeup mishaps!

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