December 2017


Sometimes less truly is more…especially when you’re dolling up for an evening out and your choice is an eye stopping, alluring miniskirt.
A miniskirt is a skirt with a hemline well above the knees, generally at mid-thigh level, normally no longer than 4 inches (10 cm) below the buttocks. A dress with such a hemline is called a minidress, or a miniskirt dress. A micro-miniskirt or microskirt is a miniskirt with the hemline at the upper thigh.
Miniskirt: A skirt so short with thighs so high you truly touch the sky!

Short skirts have existed for many years, though they were generally not called “mini” or became a real fashion trend until the 1960s. Instances of clothing resembling miniskirts have been identified by archaeologists and historians as far back as 1390-1370 BCE. In the early 20th century, the dancer Josephine Baker’s banana skirt that she wore for her mid-1920s performances in the Folies Bergere was subsequently likened to a miniskirt.
Always a fashion flirt when dressed in a stunning, short, sensual miniskirt!

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V28 Junior Girls High Waist Stretch Waist Flared Plain Pleated Skater Mini Skirt (Black)

LOBiI78lu Women’s Classic High Waist Lace Up Bodycon Faux Suede A Line Mini Pencil Skirt,Nude Pink,X-Large

The miniskirt for maximum effect!
Miniskirt Fun Fact: Hemlines were just above the knee in 1961, and gradually climbed upward over the next few years. By 1966, some designs had the hem at the upper thigh. Stockings worn with suspenders or garter belts were not considered practical with miniskirts and were replaced with colored tights or opaque stockings. The popular acceptance of miniskirts as mainstream apparel peaked in the ‘swinging London’ of the 1960s, and has continued to be commonplace in fashion, particularly among younger women and teenage girls. Before that time short skirts were only seen in sport and dance clothing, such as skirts worn by female tennis players, figure skaters, cheerleaders and dancers.
Ooh la la, the miniskirt. Rah, rah, rah!

Miniskirt Fun Fact: Several designers have been credited with the invention of the 1960s miniskirt, most significantly the London based designer Mary Quant and the Parisian designer Andre Courreges. Although Quant reportedly named the skirt after her favorite make of car, the Mini, there is no consensus as to who designed the flashy skirt first. Valerie Steele has noted that the claim that Quant was first is more convincingly supported by evidence than the equivalent Courreges claim. However, the contemporary fashion journalist Marit Allen, who edited the influential “Young Ideas” pages for UK Vogue, firmly stated that the British designer John Bates was the first designer to offer fashionable miniskirts. Other great designers, such as Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent, had also been raising hemlines at the same time
No matter the designer, no matter the brand…as a true fashion diva the sexy, leg showing miniskirt deserves a congratulatory hand!

Nancy Mangano’s Fashion Fun Tip: Miniskirts look especially cute and alluring when worn with a high heeled ankle boot or a stiletto heel or pump. The higher the heel and the shorter the skirt, the more eye popping the look! And isn’t that the main goal of the miniskirt? To open eyes, turn heads and show off legs for days!
Stop traffic as you walk across the street when draped in a darling miniskirt and high high heels on your feet! A delightful eye candy treat!
Skirt sweet!

Miniskirt Not So Fun Fact: In the early 21st century, miniskirts were still seen as controversial, and remain subject to bans and regulations. Valerie Steele told the BBC in 2014 that even though miniskirts no longer had the power to shock in most Western cultures, she would hesitate to wear one in most parts of the world.
Whether your choice is a miniskirt or a maxi skirt, when donned in a flamboyant and playful miniskirt be prepared to flirt, flirt, flirt!

What’s that you say? The miniskirt is a surefire fashion hit all the way!
“I feel I need to tell you that the bottom of your skirt has fallen off.”
“My skirt hemline is sewn this short…a look that’s sexy and tough.”
“I do believe I like the look…less fabric truly is more.”
“And my legs are long and lean…legs to truly adore.”
“What do you call a skirt that is so short yet adorable all in one?”
“The miniskirt. A definite fashion A+ whether at home or on the run!”
Miniskirt: A fashion hit out of the ball park every time. A winner skirt, truly sublime!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website

There’s never a point where one tires of wearing velvet. You can never have or own too much velvet clothing. The beautiful soft material is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving it a distinctive soft, smooth feel and look. After all, the word ‘velvety’ means “smooth like velvet.” Velvet can be made from either synthetic or natural fibers.
What better fabric to wear around the holidays than velvet? The look alone is feminine, fancy and festive. All velvet garments truly do fit as easily and elegantly as a velvet glove!

If you’re not sure what to get that great gal for the holidays, remember all women adore velvet!
SeSe Code Trendy Tunics For Women, Ladies Thin Pullover Cute Shirts Elegant Pretty Plain Classy Fancy Clothes Perfect Velvet Fabric Tops Navy Dark Royal Blue XL

R.Vivimos Women Ruffled Asymmetric Long Velvet Blazers Coat Casual Jackets Medium WineRed

ICONOFLASH Women’s Crushed Velvet Leggings (Dusty Rose, Large)

Velvet Fun Fact: Velvet is woven on a special loom that weaves two thicknesses of the material at the same time. The two pieces are then cut apart to create the pile effect, and the two lengths of fabric are wound on separate take-up rolls. This complicated process meant that velvet was expensive to make before industrial power looms became available, and well-made velvet remains a fairly costly fabric even today. Velvet pile is created by warp or vertical yarns and velveteen pile is created by weft or fill yarns.

Velvet can be made from several different kinds of fibers, traditionally, the most expensive of which is silk. Much of the velvet sold today as “silk velvet” is actually a mix of rayon and silk. Velvet made entirely from silk is rare and usually has market prices of several hundred U.S. dollars per yard. Cotton is also used to make velvet, though this often results in less luxurious fabric. Velvet can also be made from fibers such as linen, mohair and wool.
For over-the-top elegance and opulent style and glamour, wrap your delicious self in velvet and regal apparel forevermore!

Popular Types of Velvet:

  1. Chiffon
  2. Crushed
  3. Devore
  4. Embossed
  5. Hammered
  6. Lyons
  7. Mirror
  8. Panne
  9. Pile-On-Pile
  10. Plain
  11. Velveteen
  12. Voided
  13. Wedding Ring

Rock it for the holidays in happening velvet!

Velvet Fun Fact: Because of velvet’s unusual softness and appearance, as well as the fabric’s high cost of production, velvet has often been associated with nobility. Velvet was introduced to Baghdad during the rule of Harun al-Rashid by Kashmiri merchants and to Al-Andalus by Ziryab. In the Mamluk era, Cairo was the world’s largest producer of velvet.  Much of it was exported to Venice, where velvet spread to most of Europe.
Today, velvet is worn worldwide and no matter your background or heritage, everyone dressed in velvet looks regal and royal! Velvet loyal!

Velvet Fun Fact: In 1399, King Richard II of England directed in his will that his body should be clothed in ‘velveto’ after his passing.
The earliest sources of European artistic velvets were Lucca, Genoa, Florence and Venice, which continued to send out rich velvet textures. Later, the art was taken up by Flemish weavers, and in the sixteenth century, Burges attained a reputation for velvets that were not inferior to those of the great Italian cities.
Wherever you walk, wherever you go, when dressed in gorgeous velvet you’ll put on a fashion show!

Even if you’re dressed in the sister threads of corduroy and/or velour, there is no mistaking true velvet attire on men, women, boys and girls!
“Excuse me, sir, but I don’t believe that I gave you permission to rub my shirt.”
“I can’t resist feeling the softness of your velvet top; I’m not trying to flirt.”
“I’ll give you a free pass on that one because I rub my own velvet clothes.”
“Glad it’s your shirt that is velvet and not your legs wrapped in velvet hose.”
“I believe if you rubbed my velvet stockings I would certainly understand.”
“Everyone is tempted to feel the smoothness of velvet; not only an interested man.”
Velvet: I challenge you not to feel the luxury of the feminine fabric, even if you can!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website

Chances are, if you’re wearing gladrags, you’re already spiced up! What are gladrags? Gladrags are defined as clothes for a special occasion; one’s best clothes. For the fashion lovers and the not so fashion lovers, a sure way to spruce up your outfit (whether casual or dressy)  is by carrying a great, stylish, knock-out handbag or purse.
A handbag, also called a purse or pouch in North American English, is generally a handled, medium to large bag, often used by women to carry personal items. Purses do so much more than hold our necessities; purses make or break an outfit!

Purse Fun Fact: The term “purse” originally referred to a small bag for holding coins. In British English, a purse is still used to refer to a small coin bag. A “handbag” is a larger accessory that holds objects beyond currency, such as personal items. American English typically uses the terms purse and handbag interchangeably. The term handbag began appearing in the early 1900s. Initially, the term was most often used to refer to men’s hand-luggage. Women’s bags grew larger and more complex during this period, and the term was attached to the accessory!
Nancy Mangano’s Purse Fashion Tip: I love all satchel handbags. There is something about the easy handle and the smaller shape of the purse that I adore. For me, satchel bags are the best bags to carry.
Here is a beautiful Marco M Kelly (MMK) Satchel Handbag:
MMK collection Fashion Handbag with coin purse(XL-11) Classic Women Purse Handbag for Women` Signature fashion Designer Purse ~ Perfect Women Satchel Purse (XL-02-7103W-PT/BK)

Purses and handbags to spice up your gladrags!

Purse Fun Fact: Early modern Europeans wore purses for one sole purpose: to carry coins. Purses were made of soft fabric or leather and were worn by men and women. In the 17th century, young girls were taught embroidery as a necessary skill for marriage; this also helped to make beautiful handbags. By the late 18th century, fashions in Europe were moving towards a slender shape for these accessories, inspired by the silhouettes of Ancient Greece and Rome. Women (the fashion bugs that we are) wanted purses that wouldn’t be bulky or untidy in appearance, so ‘reticules’ were designed. Reticles were made of fine fabrics like silk or velvet, carried with wrist straps.
Taking a gorgeous handbag away from a woman is like taking high heels away from a shoe buff! You just don’t do it!
For those of you that prefer large tote bags, this Cadier Tote Bag is a practical yet classy bag rolled into one:
Cadier Womens Designer Purses and Handbags Ladies Tote Bags

As fashion accessories, handbags can be categorized according to the silhouette of the bag, as well as the type of handle:
Classic Types of Handbags/Purses:

  1. Baquette
  2. Barrel
  3. Bowling Bag Purse
  4. Clutch
  5. Drawstring
  6. Half-Moon
  7. Hobo
  8. Messenger Bag
  9. Muff
  10. Pocketbook
  11. Pouch
  12. Saddle Purse
  13. Satchel
  14. Tote
  15. Wristlet

Whatever type of purse is your preference, a fashionable coin purse or tote is worth a glorious shout out! To the collector of purses, that’s what I’m talking about!

PARIS, FRANCE – SEPTEMBER 28: A Handbag detail at the Lemaire show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2017 on September 28, 2016 in Paris, France. (Photo by Estrop/Getty Images)

Purse Fun Fact: The modern purse, clutch, pouch or handbag came about in England during the Industrial Revolution, in part due to the increase in travel by railway. In 1841, the Doncaster industrialist and confectionery entrepreneur Samuel Parkinson (of the butterscotch candy fame) ordered a set of travelling cases and trunks and insisted on a travelling case or bag for his wife’s particulars, after noticing that her purse was too small and made from material that wouldn’t withstand the journey. H. J. Cave (London) obliged Parkinson’s request and produced the first modern set of luxury handbags as we would recognize them today, including a clutch bag and a tote bag!
Hail H. J. Cave who designed purses that were cool and rave!
Ah, give me my stunning, gorgeous handbags to carry and highlight my dressy gladrags!

MILAN, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 24: A model walks the runway at the Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Ready to Wear show during Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 on September 24, 2016 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Handbag Fun Fact: The verb “to handbag” derives from United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s habit of pulling scraps of paper out of her handbag in meetings and reading aloud the comments that she had written on them.

No more does granddad have to sweat to buy you handbags and gladrags! As independent, fashion forward women, we can pamper ourselves by buying our own handbags and gladrags! (Handbags and Gladrags: Great song sung by Rod Stewart, by the way)!
For purses and handbags that are here to stay, carry your own signature bag and look chic and regal in every way!
“I see that you’re carrying a lovely Guess designer purse. Is that your designer fave?”
“I love all designer bags: Versace, Coach, Gucci, Guess, Prada, and more to rave!”
“Large pink tote bags are in style and add pizzazz and punch to your look.”
“I also carry satchel bags, clutch bags, shoulder strap bags…on all bags I’m hooked.”
“I think I know what to get for you on your birthday or holiday.”
“A fashionable purse or handbag hits it out of the ball park each and every day!”
Purses and Handbags: A surefire win in every way!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website

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Nancy Mangano

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website

Palazzo pants are chic, cool, stylish and fashionable enough to start a fashion frenzy palooza! Palazzo pants (British/English: Palazzo Trousers; Indian/English: Pantada) are long women’s trousers cut with a loose, extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist.
Palazzo pants are popular as a summer season style, as they are loose and tend to be flattering in light, flowing fabrics that are breathable in hot weather. Silk crepe, jersey and other natural fiber textiles are popular fabrics for this design. Palazzo trousers are less frequently seen during the winter months, but they may be found in wool or heavy synthetic fabrics as well.

Palazzo pants bear a resemblance to boho chic trousers. They also share a similarity with harem pants, in that both pant styles start at the waist and flare out from the thighs and calve area of the legs. Where palazzo pants continue to flare wider all the way down to the ankles, harem pants catch and cuff at the ankle.
If you’re interested in a dressy pair of palazzo pants, you may want to try the Voghtic Women’s Casual High Waist Bellbottoms:
Voghtic Women Casual Bellbottoms High Waisted Stretchy Straight Leg Pants Trousers with Belt

Wide legged palazzo pants for a fashion and beauty palooza!
Palazzo Pants Fun Fact: Palazzo pants for women first became a popular trend in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The style was reminiscent of the wide legged cuffed trousers worn by some women fond of avant-garde fashion in the 1930s and 1940s, particularly actresses such as Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.
During the 1960s, some upscale restaurants resisted modern fashion trends by refusing to admit women wearing pants, which were considered inappropriate by some proprietors. This posed a problem for women who didn’t want to wear the skirt styles that were in fashion. Some women opted to circumvent restaurant bans on women in pants by wearing palazzo trousers or culottes as evening wear.

Cocoleggings are extremely feminine, extremely dressy and extremely fashionable all in one. Darling!
COCOLEGGINGS Womens Ruffle Draped Skinny Flared Bell Bottom Pants Black L

Uptown Apparel Womens Fold Over Waist Wide Leg Boho Printed Palazzo Pants!!-Ship from U.S.A(Los Angels) (S, Gray)

Palazzo pants flare out evenly from the waist to the ankle, and are therefore slightly different from bellbottoms, which are snug in the thigh until they flare out from the knee. Palazzo pants are also not to be confused with Gaucho Trousers, which only extend down to the mid-calf length. Harem pants are yet another loose style, but they have a snug cuff around the ankles.
Flare those ankles out in a great pair of pretty palazzo pants as that’s what it’s all about!
Fashion flare: fashion smart! Fashion is truly a creative art!

Palazzo Pants Fun Fact: Palazzo pants went out of fashion in the start of the 21st century, but have currently become a popular and trendy fashion garment that’s here to stay all the way!

Join the fashion palooza party dressed in a gorgeous, comfortable, chic pair of palazzo pants!

Palazzo Pants Fun Fact: In 1911 the Paris couturier Paul Poiret introduced harem pants and a version of the palazzo pant as part of his efforts to reinvent and liberate Western female fashion. Although Poiret is often credited with single handedly inventing pants for Western women, the couturier Jeanne Margaine-Lacroix presented wide legged pants in 1910, and a fellow couturier, Bourniche, is also credited with designing such styles at the time.
A stunning pair of palazzo pants are not only playful and fun time to time; but they are trendy and alluring all of the time!
For fun, festive fashion on a dime, a glamorous pair of palazzo pants wins every time!
“I believe I’ll wear a glamorous pair of velvet black palazzo pants and a black velvet crop top.”
“Accessorize with black velvet pumps and diamond jewelry for a look that’s over the top.”
“I want to be evening wear dressy yet comfortable all in one outfit.”
“Your sense of fashion and your exquisite taste in clothes shows your style wit.”
“I truly am a real life glamour girl at heart, where clothes have a voice all their own.”
“Never a better dressed girl have I seen, no matter where I call my home.”
Palazzo Pants: For a fashionable, flared pant that is made to wear anywhere!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at Twitter @ and her author website

Wristwatches do more than tell time; they decorate your arm much like a fancy bracelet or  a decorative arm chain. I have fun with costume watches, and being a lover of jewelry and all things sparkly, I enjoy wearing festive, beautiful watches, the more bedazzled and glittery the better! I wear watches more for the mere fashionable aesthetic of the watch than to tell me the time!
Watches truly are a unique piece of fashion and often times, with costume watches, you can match your watch to your outfit. A watch is a timepiece intended to be carried or worn by a person. A watch is designed to keep working despite the motions caused by the wearer’s activities. A wristwatch is designed to be worn around the wrist, attached by a watch strap or other type of bracelet. A pocket watch is designed for a person to carry in a pocket.
Wristwatches: Time’s gift to bling!

Watch Fun Fact: Watches progressed in the 17th century from spring-powered clocks, which appeared as early as the 14th century. During most of its history, the watch was a mechanical device, driven by clockwork, powered by winding a mainspring, and keeping time with an oscillating balance wheel. In the 1960s the electronic quartz watch was invented, which was powered by a battery and kept time with a vibrating quartz crystal. By the 1980s, the quartz watch had taken over the market from the mechanical watch.
For over the top arm candy, that also tells you the time of day or night, try the Trendy Crystal Stretch Bracelet Watch by Fashion Destination:
Trendy Fashion Jewelry Crystal Stretch Bracelet Watch By Fashion Destination | (Gold)

Wristwatches so gorgeous you’ll watch your own watch!
Wristwatch Fun Fact: The concept of the wristwatch goes back to the production of the very earliest watches in the 16th century. Elizabeth I of England received a wristwatch from Robert Dudley in 1571, described as an arm watch. The oldest surviving wristwatch (then described as a bracelet watch) is one made in 1806 and given to Josephine de Beauharnais. From the beginning, wristwatches were almost exclusively worn by women, while men used pocket watches up until the early 20th century.

Various Face Displays of Watches:

  1. Analog
  2. Digital
  3. Illuminated
  4. Tactile

For beautiful arm bling to match any turquoise ring, I suggest the Turquoise Bangle Watch by Moulin:
Moulin Women’s Bangle Watch Turquoise Blue 17114.60573

Developments of the watch in the 2010s include smartwatches, which are elaborate computer-like electronic devices designed to be worn on a wrist. They generally incorporate timekeeping functions, but these are only a small subset of the smartwatch’s facilities.
Wristwatch Fun Fact: Talking watches are available today, intended to be used for the blind or visually impaired. They speak the time out loud at the press of  button!
Watches so fine you’ll find them truly sublime!

Watch Fun Fact: A great leap forward in the accuracy of watches keeping up with correct time occurred in 1657 with the addition of the balance spring to the balance wheel, an invention disputed both at the time and ever since between Robert Hooke and Christiaan Huygens. The innovation increased watches’ accuracy enormously, reducing error from perhaps several hours per day, to perhaps ten minutes per day, resulting in the addition of the minute hand to the face of the watch from around 1680 in Britain and 1700 in France.
Can you imagine wearing a watch that is off the correct time by sometimes hour per day? Not a bad deal at all if you need an excuse to use on the boss of why you’re late for work! Blame it on the watch! Do that one too many times and you’ll most likely watch yourself be booted out the door!
Glamourous costume watches sure decorate your arm galore!

Wear watches so fun, ornamental and beautiful that no one looks at your watch for the time, but merely to admire the arm candy and arm bracelet you wear so divine!
“Excuse me, my dear lady, but I see you wear one watch on each arm.”
“My watches are all so gorgeous, I wear them more for the charm.”
“Wearing two jeweled watches at one time is quite interesting to me.”
“I am a true fashion diva. Inventing my own unique style comes easy to me.”
“Pray tell, will you please tell me the time?”
“It’s time for me to go. I have a new watch I want purchase in mind!”
Wristwatches: Whether you wear one, two, three or four, you’ll spend so much time deciding what lovely watches to wear you’ll be lucky to get out your door (on time)! Ha!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website

The color red is empowering. Lipstick is a cosmetic that accentuates your mouth, brings out your facial features and adds a touch of sensuality to your appearance. What do you get when you blend the two and paint up your lips in ravenous, regal, roaring shades of red lipsticks and lip glosses? Ultimate glamour!
Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, waxes and emollients that apply color, texture, and protection to the lips. Dark red was one of the most popular shades of lipstick throughout the 19th and 20th century. Today, red toned lipsticks are still one of the most sensual, provocative, alluring and classic colors to wear!

For lips that look inviting, enticing and gorgeous, try the ever popular Kylie Jenner Birthday Matte Liquid Lipstick Kit:

100% real Birthday Kylie Jenner Kylie Edition Birthday kit Matte Liquid Lipstick | 6 Mini set

Red Fun Fact: The color red is a warm and positive color associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. Red exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy, but looks oh so feminine! The color red is often used to express love, as in Valentine’s Day, and also relates to sexuality and lust.
Rev up your holiday romance in roaring red lipsticks! Look over the top royal in Elizabeth Arden Red Door Red!
Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick, Red Door Red, .12 oz

Always glam; always gorgeous, always glorious! Red lipsticks!

Lipstick Fun Fact: If you’re looking for a red, sultry, dry look, then go with matte lipsticks. If you want a more daring, wet, sensual lip, use lip glosses. Lipstick contains waxes, oils, antioxidants and emollients. Wax provides the structure to the solid lipstick. Lipstick can be made from such waxes as beeswax, ozokerite and candelilla wax. Because of its high melting point, Carnauba wax is a key ingredient in terms of strengthening lipsticks.
Take back your feminine strength and power when you cover your luscious lips in glorious red lipsticks from hour to hour!

Lipstick Fun Fact: During the second World War, metal lipstick tubes were replaced by plastic and paper tubes. Lipstick was scarce during that time because some of the essential ingredients of lipstick, petroleum and castor oil were unavailable. As women started wearing lipstick for photographs, cosmetic giants such as Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder began selling lipstick in their salons.
Nancy Mangano’s Lipstick Beauty Tip: If you can only wear two cosmetic products for the rest of your life, choose lipstick and black mascara. A bare face can be dolled up and glammed up with just these two cosmetics. Stand out colored lips and long eyelashes bring out the entire face!
Win the lipstick race: decorate your lips in shades of red to heighten and radiate your face!

Positive Keywords for the Color Red:

  1. Action
  2. Energy
  3. Speed
  4. Attention Getting
  5. Assertive
  6. Confident
  7. Energizing
  8. Stimulating
  9. Exciting
  10. Powerful
  11. Passionate
  12. Stimulating
  13. Driven
  14. Courageous
  15. Spontaneous
  16. Determined

Be determined to grab all of the attention you crave when stepping out in regal red lipsticks. For all the divas that relish glamour, red lipsticks give you an ultimate power!

Whatever your skin tone, whatever your eye color, when your luscious pouty mouth is heightened in shades of red, you’ll never be the wallflower!
“I don’t believe that I’ve ever seen a mouth as perfectly shaped as yours.”
“I give some credit to the bold red lipstick that is bringing my mouth out more.”
“With your dark complexion and your brown eyes your red lips do stand out.”
“Watch me frown and see my luscious red lips take on a playful pout.”
“So what you’re telling me is that roaring red lips are what it’s all about?”
“I am indeed, my friend. Red lipsticks and glosses deserve an extra shout out!”
Red Lipsticks: In a league of their own! For the holidays and all days, red lipsticks are the cat’s meow in so many ways!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website