July 2015


It’s refreshing to see what an impact such a tiny item as the clutch purse can make on an overall outfit! Clutch bags add something special to your attire, and generally, clutch bags are elegant and royal looking.
A clutch purse, or clutch bag, is a women’s accessory item designed to hold a few necessities such as makeup. a driver’s license and more than likely, your cell phone.  A true clutch purse is designed to be carried by hand, with no attached chain or strap that can be placed over your wrist or over your shoulder.  A clutch purse is intended to be clutched beautifully in your delicate hand or gripped by your fabulous fingers!
Clutch bags come in a variety of shapes, brands, styles and colors, and as with all purses, the clutch that you choose to carry may change between outfits and seasons. You can find clutches made from leather, plastic, crocheted, etc., and the fashionable purse can be shaped in a square, a rectangle, heart shaped and covered with flowers or simple beads.
There is surely a clutch bag available for every personality type! Believe the positive clutch hype!
Clutch Purse Fun Fact: The history of purses dates back to the Babylonian era. Purses were more commonly used for carrying money and small valuables. In ancient times, many men and women wore small purses on a belt. By the early 1800s, women began carrying reticules (similar to modern handbags) and the clutch purse emerged.
The most popular type of clutch bag is the evening bag, as clutch purses tend to be more regal and feminine looking than carrying a large handbag. Many clutch purses are decorated with rhinestones and gems, giving off an elegant, rich night look.
I adore the visual appeal of clutch bags, yet they aren’t suited for practicality! On many levels, fashion itself isn’t suited for sensibility, and that’s part of the fun and the allure of fashion! Clutch purses, though not always realistic to carry, are always beautiful and beguiling to look at and enhance any outfit!
Clutch Purse Fun Fact: Clutch bags make great gifts for girlfriends, coworkers, sisters, daughters, mothers, wives, etc. Most every woman owns at least one clutch bag, and if she doesn’t, why don’t you surprise her with a clutch purse and allow her to enter the club of fashionable female purses?
Doll up your dress clutching a stylish clutch purse!
Clutch bags are usually chic and look extremely modern and cool when held in your hand. The vogue clutch purse gives an “it” factor to whatever outfit that you are wearing. In addition to looking so fabulous. clutch bags are easy to carry and can come in extremely handy when you only need to hold a few small items.
Clutch bags, by their pint size alone, look petite and pretty in any hand!
Clutch Purse Fun Fact: The clutch purse became immensely popular during World War II. With rationing, the smaller clutch required less material for manufacturing and fit in well with the sensible mindset of that war time environment.
The clutch is simply, well, cute and classy! Hand-held sassy!
What is the best reason for owning a clutch? The glamorous bag is merely too cool to pass up! What is the least common reason for owning a clutch purse? Limited space. However, for those of you who travel light, the clutch bag fits just right!
There is a clutch for every hand and a clutch for every occasion!
The clutch bag has become a fashion statement, and a basic necessity for many women! As every woman has her own unique taste when it comes to clothes, the same holds true for her purses.
Release your inner dialogue with your outer dress, highlighted by a charming clutch bag!
Let the power of fashion carry you to a higher realm as you handle a glorious, alluring and off-the-charts attractive clutch purse!
Dare to be a diva and clutch away!
The attention grabbing clutch purse is here to stay, so grip away!
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Give a hand to the hand-held clutch handbag!
Small purse – large fashion statement!
“That is one small bag with maximum oomph you’re carrying in your hand.”
“My clutch bag? Yes, I completely agree. It really is quite grand.”
“Doesn’t your hand get tired after awhile?”
“It’s all about the look…class and style!”
“I’m assuming by the size of the purse that you travel light.”
“Intelligent you are. What I have in my bag fits just right.”
“And makes for a beautiful, fashionable sight!”
Travel light and hold the clutch tight for a look and feel that is just right!
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Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano

In the world of clothing glitz and glamour, if you were to describe a belt, you might say that a belt is an item that is generally worn around the waist, and is used to hold pants up.  This definition is correct. But, to take the practicality out of the definition and to spruce the belt up to its true fashion potential, one would say that a belt is a decorative sash, or waistband, or cord type item that is used and worn as a clothing ornament.
A belt that is truly versatile and always attractive is the chain belt. Rarely is a chain belt worn merely as a practical device to keep one’s pants or skirt up. Chain belts are usually worn to add sparkle, style and glamour to an outfit!
Chain belts are made as a series of connected links, which are typically made of metal. A chain may consist of two or more links.
Chain belts should be thought of as jewelry for the waist and/or hips! Whether worn tightly around the waist or flowing around the hips, chain belts exude “hip”.
My favorite way to wear a chain belt is to let the belt drape loosely around my hips, with plenty of chain left to dangle when the belt has been locked (or buckled) together on one hip. This creates a cascading, pleasing look made of chain links!
Chain belts, with their elegant flow and their pleasant appeal, do much more than merely hold your pants up! Chain belts are extremely feminine and radiate a fashionable vibration, emitting a draping, glamorous look!
Chain belts come in many variations. The belt can consist of one small, classy, thin line of chain, or many strands of chain can come together to form a thick, extremely wide belt. Chain belts can add pomp and pizzazz to an outfit in a way that cloth or leather belts cannot match! Exceptional chain belts, in my opinion, are chain belts that are decorated with ornamental rhinestones. Masculine chains and feminine stones. Ying and yang. Leather and lace. Tough and tender. Hard and soft. Okay, you get the point!
Many chain belts don’t have belt buckles, fastening by merely an opening in one chain link that hooks into another chain link (much like fastening a necklace or a bracelet). However, belt buckles do exists on some chain belts. The buckle is the clasp for fastening the two ends of the belt, where one of the ends is fitted or coupled to the other end.
Belt Buckle Fun Fact: Belt buckles became more popular as fashion accessories in the early 20th century, as the tops of pants and trousers moved more toward the waist. “Western style” belt buckles were largely popularized by cowboy movies in the United States and are often awarded to winners in rodeo events as prizes and trophies. Some belt buckles are so elaborate and stylish that they are known as the “front tuck”, as people tuck in their shirts simply as an attempt to show off the belt buckle! Fashion lovers, all of us!
Aesthetically, belts win more for their look and their high fashion allure than for their simple usage of holding up a pair of pants. Fashion wins again! Always!
If you do need a belt to hold your pants up , you might as well keep the trousers in their preferred place with something that looks delicious at the same time as serving a predictable, practical purpose!
Chain Belt Fun Fact: Chain belts, whether worn around the waist or dangled over the hips, give your waist and/or hips a trimmed down look. Waist belts tend to pull in the waist, which makes the waist appear smaller.
Chain Belt Tip: If you are going for an illusion of making your waist or your hips look thinner, don’t clasp the belt too tightly, as this causes extra skin to drape over the belt. You would be ahead to wear a larger sized belt and to fasten the belt to where no excess skin folds over the belt.
Chain belts, whether gold or silver or colored, add a far classier look to your outfit than an elastic, material or leather belt will.
Chain belts are charming, graceful and beautiful!
Chain Fun Fact: According to the “Complete Guide to Chain” (yes, this does exist!) the metal link chain was invented in 225 BC. Chains can symbolize interconnectivity or independence.
Are you looking for an accessory item, in addition to your jewelry, that can pump up the volume of your outfit? Then perhaps a sizzling, styling chain belt is the answer. Your garment doesn’t have to contain belt loops to wear a chain belt well!
Shine like the true star that you are and be noticed both near and far in a riveting, jeweled, splendid chain belt!
Razzle, dazzle, cling and clang in a chic chain belt that flows and hangs!
Whether you are dressed for sun or rain, you’ll always be prepared when draped in a belt made of chain!
Chain belts are chic! Would I yank your chain?
You’ll be dressing in stellar diva decor when dressed in a chain belt! Haute couture!
“I like your waist chain.”
“Do you mean my belt?”
“Yes. But won’t it rust in the rain?”
“Not anymore than your belt made of felt.”
“I doubt it will rain. There’s not a could in the sky.”
“I’d wear my chain belt even if it got wet.”
“May I ask why?”
“Because fashion trumps practicality. I wouldn’t lie.”
Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano