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Fabulous, fun, ring bling! Most people who want to know the time of day rely on their wrist watches, or, glance at their iPhones or mobile phones. While these items are great indicators to let you know if you’re running late, are early, or will be right on time, a much more colorful way to read the clock is to look at your decorated fingers!
Ring watches: let your ring bling do the time talking!
If I could only use one word to describe the ring watch, my choice would be “cool!” Ring watches are one cool piece of fun jewelry.
There’s an element of flashiness and playfulness with wearing ring watches that you don’t get when you’re wearing a standard wrist watch, pocket watch, or relying on your cell phone to show you the time of day.
As with all  jewelry, the selection of ring watches runs the gamut from costume to real jewels, and from sporty to elegant. You can find an ideal ring watch that speaks to you more deeply than merely telling you the time. A ring watch can add a touch of class and character to your hands that radiates a spark of your personality.
Although wrist watches are the most common types of watches, a wrist watch can’t match the novelty conversation piece known as the ring watch!
Ring watches are king of the ring bling!
I’ve owned quite a few ring watches throughout the years and I find them both fun to look at and enjoyable to wear. There are many ring watches on the market that you can find them from simple, or decked out to sparkly and lovely: complete pizzazz. Whatever your taste…you’ll get much use out of your ring watch. Your hard-earned money won’t go to waste!
Ring Watch Tip: If you do wear a ring watch, remember to remove the ring watch before washing your hands or submerging your hands in water. Unless the ring watch is waterproof/water resistant, you’ll cause the watch to stop running.
Ring watches wear well on both hands, so if you prefer to wear one on your left hand, go for it! Right handed preference? The choice is yours. Or, wear them on both hands and be a walking time clock!
Watch Fun Fact: Although wrist watches evolved in the 17th century, they didn’t become extremely popular as fashion pieces until the 1920s. Before this, most watches were pocket watches and attached to a watch chain or a watch fob.  As with most all practical items, women found a way to doll up the wrist watch and wear the watches around their feminine fingers.
Another fun way to wear a ring watch is to attach the ring to a chain and dangle the darling timepiece around your neck. Similar to how people wear friendship rings or class rings when they hook up with a particular guy or gal. Ah, good old junior high school and high school days! Or, if you receive a ring that is too big for your finger, you can wrap fuzzy angora material around the band, and size the ring this way. Priceless!
Time Telling Fun Fact: The study of timekeeping is known as horology.
Ring watches are amusing! Ring watches are trendy! Ring watches are the cat’s meow!
The next time that someone asks you for the time of day, you can hold up your finger and show off your glamorous ring watch, and let them check the time themselves. Unless you’re wearing the fabulous ring bling on your middle finger, at which time you’d probably be better off to glance at the watch yourself and tell them the time in your own sweet voice!
Imagine how much fun it would be to find out the time through your fingers. Ring watches are a unique, stylish, elegant way to track down the time of day!
I think I’ll go out tomorrow and buy me a new ring watch! After seeing all of these colorful, spectacular pieces of ring bling, buying a new one for myself sounds like a real good thing! A finger treat that can’t be beat!
“Excuse me miss, that’s a beautiful ring.”
“This ring is more than a decorative piece of bling.”
“What can it do? Does it dance and sing?”
“Don’t be silly. It’s also a watch.”
“So you’re telling me it acts as a clock?”
(Hold out your hand).
“Look for yourself. This ring shows you the time.”
“Why that is magnificent. Truly sublime!”
Ring watches: let your ring bling do the time talking!
Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano

Halter dresses or halter tops? Whichever your preference, halter garments are a sexy, popular clothing style in mainstream women’s fashion. Not to mention a perfect look for the hot, lazy, luscious days of summer!
Halternecks, also known as halters or halter tops, is a style of strap that holds up clothing, which features a single strap of material that runs from the front of the garment, around the back of the wearer’s neck, and leaves the shoulders and back uncovered.
Halters make a perfect cut for warm spring and summer weather! One or two straps hold your halter together!
Halter dresses look fantastic when worn with high heels for a glammed up, gorgeous look. Halter tops can be dressed up or down, depending on what other garments you are wearing the tops with. A halter top and a form-fitted pencil skirt? For a lovely look, try a sexy strappy high heeled sandal or a pretty platform pump. A halter top with jeans or shorts? Flat shoes or flat sandals set off the casual yet chic look to sheer perfection. Another look that shouts adorable is to wear a high heeled ankle boot! Styling!
Halterneck Fun Fact: Halterneck garments are generally considered more provocative than other styles because they leave the upper back or both the upper and middle back uncovered, also exposing the shoulder blades. Some establishments that adhere to dress codes (schools, businesses, offices) prohibit wearing halter garments. If so, you can add a lightweight waist jacket or blouse over the halter, to cover the exposed skin.
You’ll remain styling even when a bit more modest! Honest!
dress34303570_01orange4aYFLOqzsXiJV2x0WUUCIu8Kiw8XEc1kJ 61691315897293oyezeNew-Years-Eve-Fashion-and-Beauty-Giveaway-Hot-Pink-Dress
Halterneck Fashion Tip: Many halter tops and halter dresses are worn braless, or have built in bras. If you wish to wear a bra with the halter, invest in a strapless bra. Some people find it sexy to show bra straps when wearing tank tops, etc., especially when the bra straps are a different color than the tops. However, as for halters, since they are intended to be worn braless, halters do look better when no bra straps are visible.
High top fashion in a halter!
Halter dresses come in a variety of styles, from straight cut to A-line, full skirts. Halters look great and glamorous in knee-length dresses, miniskirts, and notably, evening gowns!

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Halterneck Fun Fact: The halter style is commonly used with swimsuits, which allows the wearer to maximize sun tan exposure on the back and minimize tan lines. Halter straps can be tied, snapped, buttoned, etc., depending on the make of the halter.
Shimmer and shine from head to toe, a halter is the way to go!
Halter dresses make for popular sun dresses, perfect to wear to outdoor brunches, bridal showers and baby showers, birthday parties and beach days! How do you wear your halter? Oh, there are so many exquisite ways!
Halterneck Fun Fact: The décolletage and spaghetti strap are two styles of wear that are similar to the halter. Halternecks come in a variety of fabrics, some being cotton, polyester, chiffon, satin, lace and silk.
Halterneck Fashion Tip: I prefer halters to be worn with a bare neck (no neck jewelry), however, if you do want to dress the look up, a choker works marvelously. Make sure the choker fits tightly around the neck and doesn’t droop or sag, to accent the halter neck line. A long, dangling necklace tends to get in the way of the alluring neckline that the garment creates on its own!
What the heck, deck yourself out in a glamorous halterneck!
“Your dress is darling. I love the neck.”
“This old thing? I look a wreck.”
“But you look stunning, and the dress brand new.”
“The straps hold the top up, the hem has glue.”
“Oh dear. I guess it’s time to buy a new dress.”
“Yes. I’ve been dying to purchase a new halterneck!”
Sensual and chic in a halter! Sweet!
nancy black dress
Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano

Who said that in order to paint a beautiful picture you need a blank canvas? Sometimes, all you need are bare fingernails to come up with a painted masterpiece!
Fingernail painting can be as artistic as creating an oil or pastel painting, painting with watercolors or painting your bedroom walls. The fabulous shades of fun colors of nail polish available today allows you to adorn your hands in bright, festive, unique colors and designs.
Fingernail painting is a true art!
Whether you wear acrylic nails, press on nails or go au natural with your own fingernails, polishing and designing your nails can turn any pair of hands into sensuous, alluring, delightful eye candy! With so many colors of polish available, and so many decorative beads, rhinestones, decals, etc. that can be placed on the nails, everyone can become a pro at changing their standard pale nails into vibrant shades of glitz and grandeur.
Change your fingernails from dab to plush with the stroke of a color soaked brush!
Two trends of nail polish that are popular now are glittered polish and black nail polish! Posh in glittery and black polish!
Glittered Polish Fun Fact: If you’ve ever worn glittered polish, you know that the look is sparkly and flashy, but removing the polish can be difficult. With glittered polish, apply nail polish remover to felt (rather than cotton or tissue) and rub over the glitter polish. The polish comes off much easier!
Taking care of your hands is truly important to good grooming, and easy to do. Do it yourself manicures are quick, inexpensive and the perfect lead in to painting your nails in your most preferred, original way!
How to Give Yourself a DIY At Home Manicure:

  1. Remove any old or chipped nail polish. For natural nails, use a nonacetone polish remover.
  2. File the nails into your desired shape. What looks modern now is a shorter nail with rounded edges. File your nails in one direction.
  3. Soak your fingers in warm soapy water for a couple of minutes to soften the cuticles.
  4. Rub cuticle cream into the cuticles of the nails.
  5. Use a Qtip or nail stick to gently push back the cuticles.
  6. Wipe the nails with a damp cloth to ensure that you remove any oils or residue left from the cuticle cream. Pat dry the nails.
  7. Apply a clear base coat to the bare nails and let dry (this permits the polish to stick to the nail easier and to not smudge).
  8. Stroke you nails with the fingernail polish color or colors of your choice. A good, thick polish should only need one coat of color. Generally a nail needs three brushes of polish: a stroke down the center and one stroke on the left and right side of the nail.
  9. Once dry, apply a topcoat of clear polish. This will provide a lustrous shine and help to seal the color, eliminating chips and divots.

A self-manicure is that easy! Then, if you want to get artsy-craftsy and fancy, you can add nail art, rhinestones, polka dots, beads, etc. to the desired nails and make up your unique signature manicure! You go girl!
Magnificent manicures made simple!
Fingernail Polish Tip: I personally think that painted fingernails and toenails look their best when they match. I prefer the same shade over my fingernails as I do on my toes. However, if you find it fun to mix up colors, designs, etc. your manicure/pedicure will look more elegant if the colors on your hands at least match and compliment the colors on your toes. Of course it’s what works best for you that truly matters, so anything goes!
For centuries, women, girls and little girls have been painting their fingernails. The beauty practice is enjoyable, fun and alluring, adding chic cool and charm to that hand attached to your arm!
Another great way to take your manicure up a notch or two is to add beautiful jewelry to your hands to offset the polish. Gorgeous rings and attached ring/bracelets compliment painted nails with off the charts visual appeal.
Paint your nails with passion and stay in fashion!
Let’s give a toast to the finest painted hands in all the land!
“What color nail polish are you going to wear tonight?”
“My dress is different colors so I might offset it with white.”
“That would look nice, but what about going dark? Black or plum?”
“I could go red on my fingers and pink on my thumb.”
“Be sure to add rhinestones, making the nails shiny and bright!”
“Ah, you are correct. My hands will be a beautiful sight.”
A posh manicure done right!
Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano

Minerals, gems, stones, jewels, pearls.  These beautiful, much revered decorative nuggets make great jewelry for boys and girls. Of recognizable minerals used in the making of both fine and costume jewelry, turquoise is one of the most popular.
Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminum. It is rare and valuable in finer grades and has been prized as a gem and ornamental stone for thousands of years, owing to its unique hue. In recent times, turquoise has been devalued by the introduction of treatments, imitations and synthetics onto the market.
Fine or costume, real or fake, you must own a few pieces of turquoise jewelry, for goodness sake!
Turquoise Fun Fact: The word turquoise, which dates to the 17th century, is derived from the French turques for “Turks” because the mineral was first brought to Europe from Turkey, from the mines in historical Khorasan Province of Persia. Pliny the Elder referred to the mineral as callais and the Aztecs knew turquoise as chalchihuitl.
Turquoise is one of the dominant materials of Southwestern Native American jewelry. Thousands of pieces of turquoise were found in the Ancestral Pueblo sites at Chaco Canyon. Some turquoise mines date back to pre-Columbian times, and Ancestral Pueblo people traded the turquoise with Mesoamericans. Some turquoise found in southern Arizona dates back to 200 BCE.
Turquoise is closely associated with Navajo jewelry, but it was not until 1880 that the first turquoise was known to be set in silver.
Turquoise and silver: a match made in jewelry heaven!
Turquoise Fun Fact: Turquoise was among the first gems to be mined, and while many historic sites have been depleted, some are still worked to this day. These are small-scale, often seasonal operations, owing to the limited scope and remoteness of the turquois deposits. Most mines are worked by hand, with little or no mechanization. However, turquoise is often recovered as a byproduct of large-scale copper mining operations, especially in the United States.
As a secondary mineral, turquoise forms by the action of percolating acidic aqueous solutions during the weathering and oxidation of pre-existing minerals, mainly copper and aluminum.
Whether real or imitation, turquoise jewelry is immensely popular and visually appealing.
Turquoise: A gem so grand in high demand!
Turquoise Fun Fact: Turquoise  is insoluble in all but heated hydrochloric acid. Its streak is a pale bluish white and its fracture is conchoidal, leaving a waxy luster. Turquoise is soft compared to most other gems, yet turquoise takes a good polish. Turquoise may also be peppered with flecks of pyrite or interspersed with dark, spidery limonite veining.
Shiny, lustrous, easy on the eyes! Turquoise jewelry compliments garments like suits to ties!
The Southwest United States is a significant source of turquoise: Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada are especially rich with turquoise. The turquoise deposits of California and New Mexico were mined by pre-Columbian Native Americans using stone tools, some local and some from as far away as central Mexico. Cerrillos, New Mexico is thought to be the location of the oldest mines. Prior to the 1920s, the state was the country’s largest producer of turquoise. Today, only one mine in Apache Canyon, California operates at a commercial capacity.
Turquoise: always marketable – always in demand! Let’s give a hand for this precious gem so grand!
Turquoise-Jewelry-Accessories-Can-Present-The-Luxurious-And-Royal-Looks vintage_turquoise_jewelry-6089navajo-turquoise-cuff-bracelet
The pretty pastel aqua shades of turquoise has endeared the nugget to many great cultures of antiquity: turquoise adorned the rulers of Ancient Egypt, the Aztecs, Persia, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and ancient China since at least the Shang Dynasty. A common belief shared by many of these civilizations held that turquoise possessed certain prophylactic qualities; it was thought to change color with the wearer’s health and protect him or her from dark forces.
Turquoise jewelry wears well to any event: from sports, to entertainment venues, to weddings! Investing in tempting turquoise jewelry is money well-spent!
“I bought you a diamond necklace, since diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”
“I find the necklace lovely, but my heart belongs to turquoise to the end!”
“Are you saying you would like me to do an exchange?”
“I’m afraid so. Turquoise is my only jewelry range.”
“I see you’re a woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind!”
“And I get what I want. That’s the very best kind!”
The potent, powerful, toying power of turquoise!
Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano

There is something sleek, sensual and sassy about showing a tad bit of your midriff section. When you are dressed elegantly, womanly or playfully, yet a mere portion of your midriff skin is exposed, the look can be classy and clean!
Fashionably fit and flashy in a crop top; let your midriff come out and play for a day.
A crop top is a piece of clothing, covering the upper body, but cut short to end above the naval, thereby exposing the midriff area (stomach, abs). Midriff is a particular term referring to the human body between the thorax/chest and the pelvis/hips.
Hip-hop, the crop top!
In some cultures, exposure of the midriff is socially discouraged or even banned, and the Western culture has historically been resistant to midriff-baring styles.
Crop Top Fun Fact: Baring the midriff was introduced into Western fashion in 1932 by Madeleine Vionnet when she presented an evening gown with strategically cut openings in the waist. Fashion designer Bill Blass, when speaking of the crop top/midriff shirt once said, “It is too difficult. Women will much more readily wear bare-back or plunging neckline styles.”
That noted, crop tops do indeed make many appearances on the catwalks/runways of high fashion!
Take a crop top peek during Fashion Week! Many celebrities have been draped in crop top midriff chic while walking the red carpet, on stage and in fashion photo shoots!
Women’s fashion in the 1960s saw a spike in crop tops and midriff baring shirts due to the sexual revolution, and in the 1970s with the popularity of halter tops and tube tops.
Midriff facts and terms used to describe the garment:

  1. The belly area.
  2. A synonym for the waist.
  3. A name for the area below the diaphragm (including the stomach region).
  4. The Eastern art of belly dancing places the female midriff on center stage.
  5. During the 1940s, schools with dress codes added the bare midriff look and all crop tops to the forbidden list. The majority of private and public schools still ban the crop top today, unless a tank top or undershirt is worn underneath that covers the bare midriff skin.
  6. When abs are toned and only a wee section of midriff is exposed, crop tops add a fit, flashy and fashionable demeanor to an outfit.

Midriff Fun Fact: During the 1980s, pop star Madonna appeared in a bare midriff in her performances and music videos, which helped spread the popularity of the crop top into mainstream fashion.
Midriff Fun Fact: According to the PBS Frontline documentary, “The Merchants of Cool”, midriff is a marketing classification for an American teenage female who is characterized as prematurely adult and consumed by appearances.
Midriff marketing magic! Sizzling yet cool!
Crop tops wear well with most all clothing items and add a touch of frisky fashion to their cool, chic image. Pair a crop top with a pencil skirt, jeans, high waist pants, hip huggers, shorts and flared skirts. A crop top can be worn with a bottom garment that fits either above or below the naval. Alluring abdomen peek-a-boo pretty!
03564f25daf09f3af65c0af5d5353804Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 10_10_30 PMimagesDJR6MQYKcroptop6
For Indian women, baring the midriff has always been considered fashionable attire. Indian women have traditionally worn saris that bare the midriff, especially South Indian women. The cholis, worn by Indian women, exposes a thin section of midriff, usually 3 to 4 inches. Currently in Hollywood, the bare midriff is a fashion trend!
In addition to the sexy front that crop tops show off, many crop tops have adorable backs as well!
The midriff look flaunts one of the most desired symbols of beauty and health today: a flat, toned abdomen (abs). Jane magazine fashion editor Elizabeth Kiester stated, “A woman’s stomach and waist is the most feminine part of her body. It’s sexy, but not overtly sexy like cleavage.”
crop-top-with-maxi-skirtcrop-topmaxi-skirt---polyvore-lnv2scetcroptop6 Crop-Tops-and-pencil-skirts
Sashay the runway or strut the streets with a spicy touch of an exposed midriff!
Crop Top: Cream of the “top” crop!
“May I help you?”
“Yes. I’m looking for the perfect top to go with my new pencil skirt.”
“Do you prefer a frilly blouse or a more casual shirt?”
“Something elegant and sleek, with punch and pizzazz!”
“Ah, then the crop top is a definite must have!”
“I do believe that is the cutest shirt I have ever seen!”
“Yes. The crop top reeks of fashion queen!”
The crop top – Short on length; long on style!
Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano

Too many clothes in your closet and not enough time to wear them all? Break out from the perpetual overload problem by loading up your wearable wardrobe. Layer by layer by layer!
A layer is merely a sheet, cover, or an individual layer, generally divided by something inbetween. In layering clothing, you’re mixing and matching individual garments, and building them up by adding additional layers of clothing, one on top of the other. Basically, garment over garment.
Layering creates a lovely visual effect, and can also be a lifesaver in cold weather, the additional clothing items leaving you warm, cozy and fuzzy inside.
Layering clothing creates an edgy, comfortable look. The trick is to avoid adding so much material that your clothes tend to look bulky.
One great layered look is to wear jeans tucked into boots, and a blouse tucked into the jeans. Then add a vest or a sleeveless jacket over the blouse, with a scarf tied around your neck. If your boots are ankle boots, you can wear socks under the boots, and cuff the tops of the socks over the tops of the boots. Layer, layer, you’ve never looked better!
With layering, you want to match the colors, however,  a rainbow of colorful or neon colors of clothing make for a great looking, fun ensemble. Another ideal way to top off the layered look is by wearing a stylish, trendy hat on your head.
With that being said:
Loving me some of that layered look!
Tips for Lovely Layering:

  1. Since you are adding many clothing items, keep jewelry to a minimum. This way your accessories compliment the outfit, avoiding the overdone look.
  2. Knits and crocheted clothes can tend to look bulky, and if you are adding these fabrics, you may want to wear them as the last layered item (rather than layering over them).
  3. If you are laying your tops, start with a more form-fitted top, and add looser clothing items over the top (the tight-fitted clothes are the base).
  4. Belts, scarves and hats add extra appeal. Your layering will never look flat.
  5. If wearing pants, concentrate on layering your upper half. The tighter the pants, the more attractive an upper layered look.
  6. Regarding number five, disregard that with leggings. If you’re wearing leggings, knee high socks or cuffed socks can look downright darling layered over the leggings.

So rather than layer away brick by brick, layer away with fabrics both thin and thick.
Layering works particularly well for cold weather, but you can layer summery, warm weather clothes as well. Just blend lighter fabrics, such as cotton, silk and lace. Keep up with the latest fashion trends and still dress in your own personal taste!
Layering Tip: If you don’t want to wear flashy colors, stick to one or two neutral colors, and add layers with varying shades of that color (i.e., black/gray/silver or brown/ tan/beige)!
Layering, all the fashion rage! Layering works for any age!
Layering clothes works whether you’re dressing up or down! Are you wearing pants? A dress? Layer your fabulous way through town!
“Wow, your closet is full of so many clothes.”
“Yes, I hang them color-coded and in rows.”
“Where do you find the time to wear them all?”
“I drape them item over item, like bricks in a wall.”
“Don’t you feel bulky, heavy and unable to move?”
“The look is so splendid I feel in my fashion groove!”
The layered look: groovy!
Get hooked on the layered look!
Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano

Vivid colors make everything brighter and life a bit sweeter. Think beautiful colors of flowers, rainbows, ice cream, snow cones, crayons…colors can spike up your mood and are pretty and pleasing on the eyes!
Another great place to find vivacious, vivid color? Your hair! With summer upon us, have sun in the air, sun in your hair. Sure, you can dye your hair various shades of blond, reds, browns or go sleek black. You can even weave pink, blue, purple and green shades into your fabulous head of hair. That sounds fun, you say, but too permanent? What if I want to add mounds of bountiful color to my hair, but only for a day? (or a couple weeks)?
No more talk. The answer? Hair chalk.
Whether you chalk the ends of your hair, the scalp or long strands of hair, the fancy, fun looks that you can pull off with splendid color are simply splendid!
Chalking your hair works on light, medium and dark hair, and depending on the application process and the type of chalk used, the color can last for a couple of days, or up to one or two weeks. The chalk can be applied by a professional or done yourself, in the privacy of your own home.
DIY hair chalking? All you will need is colored chalk, water, heat and rubber gloves!
How to apply temporary colors to your hair with chalk:
Temporary Color for One or Two Days:

  1. Purchase colored chalk from a beauty supply store or a salon.
  2. Brush your hair to remove tangles.
  3. Spray the area of hair that you want to color lightly with water.
  4. Separate the hair that you want to color into small, manageable sections.
  5. Wearing rubber gloves, rub the colors of chalk that you prefer over the strands of hair that you want to color (rub the chalk downward toward the ends).
  6. Using a flat iron or a curling iron, run the heat over each colored strand.
  7. Brush and style your hair, being thrilled with the finished, fabulous look!

Temporary Color That Lasts One to Two Weeks:

  1. Brush your hair to remove all tangles.
  2. Cut small pieces of chalk from the colors that you select to use, and soak the desired pieces of chalk in a bowl of  hot water, until the chalk melts.
  3. Dampen the area of hair that you want to color with water.
  4. Apply the chalk/water mixture directly onto your selected hair pieces with a paint brush or makeup brush, or your rubber gloved fingertips.
  5. Let your hair dry without brushing, until the color mixture clings to your hair.
  6. Style your hair to preferred perfection.

Hair chalking works for whatever occasion that you prefer, but concerts, proms, parties, dances, etc. are ideal venues to wear the grand, glorious, flamboyantly flashy colored hair!
Don’t be afraid to experiment with neon colors! Playful guilty pleasures!
Are you feeling blue today? Having a bad hair day? Lift your spirits and your hair style by adding incredible color! There, there, don’t you feel better?
new-hair-chalk-colours-2012-2013-5 black-hair-chalk-bigarticle-2189330-1493059D000005DC-786_468x602imageshair-chalking
For those of you who want to sparkle up your hair with rainbow colors of happiness, but you don’t want to use chalk or hair dye, you can purchase strands of colored, clip in hair extensions at your local beauty supply store. This makes having fancy, fun, flavorful hair as easy as clipping in a barrette, and extremely easy to remove once you are finished with your flashy, favorite colors.
Chalk your hair to savvy, sensational color!
It makes no difference if you wear your hair short or long…chalked full of playful colors gives off a look both soft and strong! Happy with all sorts of hip hair hues!
All glamour girls, you can match your hair, to your purse, to your nail polish, to your clothes. How? With colored hair rows!
Chalk your hair to hip hue heaven!
“Would you like to catch a movie tonight?”
“I already have plans to color my hair just right.”
“The salon should close by ten. Perhaps we can catch the late show after then.”
“I’m going to do the creative process myself.”
“You have hair dye at home on your shelf?”
“I’m using colored chalk.”
“Cool. I’ll keep you company. We’ll just hang and talk.”
Hair chalking: a chic, cool experience!
Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano

In fashion, there are many clothing items and stylish looks that blur the lines between gender; the same garment able to be worn and pulled off well by both men and women. Androgynous (exhibiting both male and female traits) trends and styles can be carried out to fashion supreme, and the tuxedo suit and other business suits fall into this category of the male/female fashion phenomenon!
A suit is a set of garments made from the same cloth, consisting of a jacket and trousers. There are variations in design, cut and material, such as two and three-piece suits, and single and double breasted suits. Suits originated as menswear, but now pants suits and business suits are a favorite mode of dress for women as well.
A tuxedo, or dinner jacket, is a formal evening suit distinguished primarily by satin or grosgrain facing on the jacket’s lapels and buttons, and a similar stripe along the outseam of the trousers.
Tuxedos, suits and business suits: alluring and appealing when worn by men and women!
Suit Fun Fact: The word suit derives from the French suite, meaning “following”, from the Late Latin derivative form of the Latin verb sequor, which translates to “I follow”, because the component garments (jacket, trousers, waistcoat) follow each other, and have the same cloth and color and are worn together.
Follow the forward fashion trends and suit up in a masculine yet feminine suit!
For a change of pace, I feel that women rocking suits that resemble men’s clothing look put together with an air of sultry sophistication. Match the suit with a ruffled blouse and high heels, along with elegant jewelry, and the mix of male/female vibrations ramps up to va-va-voom levels! Tough and tender. Leather and lace.
Women’s Fashion: Well-suited in a business suit!
Tuxedo Fun Fact: The tuxedo, in the context of menswear, originated in the United States around 1888. The garment was named after Tuxedo Park, a Hudson Valley enclave for New York’s social elite, where the tuxedo was often seen in the suit’s early years. The term tuxedo was capitalized until the 1930s, and at first referred only to the jacket. When the jacket was given its own unique trousers and accessories in the 1900s, the term began to be associated with the entire suit.
Women rock suits well…but men look just as fine when dressed in dapper suits divine!
Man oh man, what a handsome, suit wearing man!
For women, tip your hat to the look of business suit sophistication and exquisite elegance. Sure to cause a hoot…the suit!
Business Suit Tip: When wearing a masculine pant suit, a lace blouse, a men’s dress shirt, or no top at all wears well underneath the jacket. Depending on your destination and where you intend to wear the suit, the shirt that you select to pull your look together adds a fantastic, fashionable finishing touch to the overall suit ensemble.
If your goal in wearing the suit is to give credit to the androgynous look, stick to more basic colors of gray, black and brown. If you want to add your special, signature female touch to the suit, try brighter colors of blue, pink and orange. No matter the color, you will look well-suited in a business suit.
Business Suit Fashion Tip: Fancy silk scarves that resemble floppy ascot ties highlight pant suits with sexy, fashionable flair. The scarf works well in place of a tie or wrapped loosely around the shoulders or in your hair.
Tuxedo Jacket Fun Fact: In French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish, Russian and other European languages, the tuxedo jacket is sometimes referred to as a smoking jacket. In Spanish, the jacket is called an esmoquin. The name is in reference to the jacket’s early similarities to Victorian smoking jackets.
Look smoking hot in the brilliant, bold, brazen business suit!
For the fashion diva, dare to wear the men’s trouser suit. Arguing my fashion taste on this point is highly moot!
Women appear alluring, attractive and all that when dressed from head to toe in a man’s business suit. Handsome meets cute!
“You wear that suit with style and grace.”
“Yes, you certainly have great fashion taste.”
“Man, oh man, what a lovely, suit wearing woman!”
“I’ve never seen anyone wear the suit so well. Absolutely no one!”
Have fun wearing a man’s suit and feeling every ounce a woman!
Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano