December 2013


As the year 2013 comes to a close, and the year 2014 is escorted in, are you looking for an easy yet subtle change to a new you? If so, then I suggest that you consider bangs! Adding bangs to your hairstyle is a minor way to make a major change!

Bangs, also known as fringe, are an amazing way to change your look. Bangs can help to frame your face, whether you have short, medium or long hair. 

Create a banging new you with bangs!



Bangs can look sweet, saucy, sexy, playful, feminine and fun, all rolled into one!

Bangs are a high fashion statement, whether the bangs end above the eyebrow, directly at the eyebrow line, below the eyebrow, or slide elegantly over one eyebrow.


Bangs Fashion Tip: If you are cutting your hair and bangs are new to you, it is best to cut the bangs a bit longer than you would prefer, and slowly decrease the length until the bangs are at the length of your liking.

In the realm of bangs, there are many options:

  1. Side-Swept Bangs: These bangs generally look soft and feminine, and flatter the face. A portion of the forehead is visible, and the side-swept bangs blend in with your longer hair.
  2. Blunt Bangs: Blunt bangs are cut straight across the forehead, and are generally worn thick.  Blunt bangs look best when cut directly at the eyebrow line, or hanging below the eyebrows, yet above the eyelids.
  3. Wispy Bangs: Wispy bangs are very thin, where strands of the bangs hang over the forehead, while other areas of the forehead are visible. 
  4. Pixie Bangs: These bangs accent short hair styles fabulously. Pixie bangs are extremely short, often jagged, and cover only to top of the forehead.
  5. Asymmetrical Bangs: These bangs are worn to where the cut is not even. Portions of the bangs are longer than other areas of the bangs. These bangs, if cut right, have a choppy appearance.
  6. Curved Bangs: Curved bangs are similar to blunt bangs, where most of the forehead is covered, however the center area of the bangs are shorter than the left and right areas of the bangs.

Bangs Fun Fact: If you wear blunt or straight cut bangs, and you want to occasionally change the hairstyle, part your hair down the middle and separate the bangs, bushing one side of the bangs to the right of your face, and the other side of the bangs to the left of your face.



I feel that bangs help to accessorize a haircut in much the same way as jewelry and hair trinkets help to accessorize your outfits.

Let’s end the year 2013 with a bang!

One positive of bangs is that they can be worn well with any hair color, any hairstyle and any hair length! Also, depending on the texture of your hair, there is some type of bangs that will highlight your hairdo!


Bangs not only frame your face, but they help to bring out the allure of your eyes! Bangs are also easy to style. If you prefer to wear your bangs straight, yet you yearn for an evening change, you can add a soft curl or wave to your bangs. A slight variation can bring on a stunning change! When you prefer to go back to straight bangs, merely wet the bangs and they will dry straight.

Wahlah, easy, breezy, beautiful bangs!


Bangs will always be popular! If you’re looking for a new you for a new year, may I suggest bangs? An easy hairstyle variation that is difficult to mess up!

Bangs, whether worn short or long, soft or hard, thick or thin, wispy or straight, are always stylish!

Glamour girl elegance with bouncy bangs!

Bangs are a banging, blue ribbon way to make a fashion statement!


Author Nancy Mangano is the author of two Natalie North murder mystery novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Nancy has blended her love of detective work and her flair for fashion into her books. Visit Nancy on her author website, her fashion/style/beauty/book blog, Twitter @nancymangano and her author “like” Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano.


On most days, you will find me wearing some shade of pink lipstick. From frosted pinks to plum pinks, various shades of pink lips offer you the perfect pout. Today, I am wearing bright red lipstick, which I don’t wear that often, yet I am doing this blog post on pink lipsticks. No one ever said that fashion makes sense, only that it is fun!

There are times, depending on my outfit, that I wear orange lip gloss, or reds, or golds, but I find myself always reverting back to pink tones!

Pink lips always please and always stand out. 

When in doubt, go with the pink pout!


There are so many varieties and shades of pink lipsticks on the market, that you can always find the perfect pink to match your moods. One of my most favorite shades of pink is the frosted pink. This look blends natural and sexy into one lip!

Too hip, the frosted pink lip!


Frosted pink equals pale pink perfection! Soft and sensual!

Lipstick is sexy. Colored, shiny, glossy, luscious lips are absolutely divine.

Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, waxes and emollients that apply color, texture and protection to the lips. Not to mention that lipstick adds pop to the lips that brings out the true essence and beauty of your face.

Lipstick Tip: If you can only select two makeup items that will instantly add glamour and gorgeousness to your face, with easy application, select lipstick and mascara. Your entire face will be transformed from these two simple makeup choices.



With lipsticks, you may select to wear a matte lipstick, that tones down the shine. Or, you may want your lips to glow, so a glossy, wet lipstick will do the trick! Or scream for a cream gloss!

Lipstick Fun Fact: Dark red was the most popular lipstick color in the 19th and 20th century. In the early 1930s, Elizabeth Arden began to introduce different lipstick shades. At this time, lipstick was seen as a symbol of adult sexuality, and many teenage girls viewed lipstick as a symbol of womanhood.

Be the woman that you were meant to be in pink lips that are oh, so pretty!



Pink lipstick is a woman’s best friend. Pink shades of lipstick look youthful and beautiful at any age and on any skin tone!

Pink Lipstick Fun Fact: Pink lipsticks are made by mixing colorless titanium dioxide and red shades. There are both organic and inorganic pigments used in lipsticks.

Pop onto the glamour scene in a punchy, pretty, popping pink lipstick!



Lipstick Fun Fact: Ancient Mesopotamian women were possibly the first women to invent and wear lipstick. They crushed gemstones and used them to decorate their lips. Women in the ancient Indus Valley Civilization applied lipstick to their lips for face decoration.

Decorate your face to sheer loveliness with the help o
f playful, pleasing, plush, posh pink lipsticks!

Not sure what color lipstick to apply when you look in the mirror? For a definite win, think pink!

Lipstick Tip: Usually, the best shade of lipstick to select is one that matches what clothes you are wearing at the time. However, for a match where anything goes, pink lipstick wins head to toe (and mouth)!

A fashion tip for the lip: Pink is mink for the lips!


Author Nancy Mangano is the author of two Natalie North murder mystery novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Nancy has blended her love of detective work and her passion for fashion into her books. Visit Nancy on her author website, her fashion/style/beauty/book blog, Twitter @nancymangano and her author “like” Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano.



I guess that my parents got it right when they named me Nancy, as far as rhymes go. I did indeed, in the realm of fashion, turn out to be a fancy Nancy. I love elegant, fancy, sparkly, delicate, chic clothes. Elan trumps casual when it comes to my personal dress code, and that is merely my own preference.
In fashion, as in life, to each their own and to thine own self be true! Style to me is something that is in my blood, a facet of life that brings me extreme enjoyment. I hope the same for you!
In this season of raising the bar on fancy, add some twinkle to yourself and some sparkle to your style with fabulous, sensual sequin garments!
Sequins are disk shaped beads used for decorative purposes. In earlier centuries, sequins were made from shiny metals. Today, most sequins are made from plastic. Sequins come in a variety of colors and are commonly used on clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes and accessories!
Sequins Fun Fact: Sequins are sometimes referred to as spangles, paillettes or diamantes. Paillettes themselves are generally large and flat. Sequins may be stitched flat to the fabric, so that they don’t move or fall off, or they may be stitched at only one point, so they dangle and move easily, catching more light.
Be the most effervescent beauty at your dress up event when covered in gorgeous, shimmery sequins!
When wearing sequins, you can go all out overboard and light up luxuriously from head to toe sequins, or you can mix fancy and casual, adding just enough sequins illumination to make a fashion statement.
Whether you are wearing sequins subtly or as an all out flashing neon light, you will rise to the height of fabulousness when your diva body is dressed in shiny sequins!
Sometimes a low key outfit, highlighted with a flamboyant, sequins handbag and sequins shoes says I am a fashion know how! Zap, zip, pow! Wow!
Reflect your radiant beauty by wearing reflective sequins garments!
Evidence exists that gold sequins were being used as decoration on clothing or paraphernalia in the Indus Valley as early as 2500 BC, during the Kot Diji phase.
Sequin Fun Fact: The word sequin is from a rendition into French of the Italian word zecchino, which was a gold coin that was issued in the late midieval and early post midieval centuries in Republic of Venice, and also issued in Ottoman Turkey. By the early 19th century, the sequin coins were no longer being issued, and the name sequin fell out of use from its original sense. France designated the word sequin for what it means today.
Sequins are colorful, frilly, illuminating beads that rock the fashion world and meet a glamour girl’s stylish needs!
Sequins decorate more than clothes. Large sequins, fastened only at the top, have been used on billboards and other signage, particularly on lighted and neon signs.
Sequins can also be used by novice and professional artists to create alluring, inspiring artwork!
Light up a room and be the belle of the ball when dressed in sensuous sequins walking proud and tall!
Are you attending a black tie or an evening event? How about going dressed in the best sequins of events! You’ll stand heads and tails above the rest!
Look your best in a sequins dress!
Be the dazzling divas that you are, being the best dressed sequins queens be far!
Let the shiny round, delicious disks known as sequins transform you from a shining bright beauty to shining the brightest of all beauties!
Let everyday be New Year’s Eve when dressed in stylish, vogue, trendy sequins beads!
Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano

In everyone’s life, cold weather will fall. And, if you are built like me and prefer excessive sunshine to dismal chills, there is one benefit of fighting off frigid weather! Bundle up clothes are comfortable and aesthetically enjoyable to wear!
A terrific ensemble for easing the pain of cold weather is wearing straight legged pants and long, thigh-length sweaters. Adding jackets, sweatshirts, shawls, etc. and layering your clothes not only adds warmth, but style as well. Battle the cold looking chic and swell!
Straight legged pants seem to go better with longer, layered shirts and sweaters than bell bottomed or flaired pants. With the loose fabric on top, and pants that fit snug and taper at the ankles, the look tends to create a long, thin appearance. Symmetrically, the look is eye catching and stylish. Add boots or a pump shoe, and you radiate a vogue, cozy, warm look.
Straight legged pants (or slim-fit pants) have a snug fit through the legs and end in a small opening that can be anywhere from 9 inches to 20 inches, depending on the size. Denim straight legged pants are often times referred to as skinny jeans or pencil pants.
A sweater is a knit garment intended to cover the torso and arms. Sweaters are often worn over shirts, blouses, T-shirts, tank tops, or merely against skin.
Cover the skin that you are in by adorning yourself in straight legged pants and an oversized sweater. What could be better?
To give yourself a more tapered, fashionable flair, wearing a belt around your waist to accentuate your figure, and wrapping a shawl over your shoulders, or a scarf around your neck, adds to the coolness of your cold weather outfit.
Various types of sweaters that wear well with straight legged pants are pullover sweaters, button up sweaters, zip front sweaters, cardigans, turtleneck sweaters and V-neck sweaters.
Sweater Fun Fact: It was in the late 20th century that the sweater increasingly came to be worn as an alternative to a shirt, when finer materials made the sweater comfortable against the skin. My most favorite sweater to wear as a shirt? A cashmere sweater. Cashmere sweaters are soft, furry, feminine and rich looking. Pretty and pleasing!
Wear it better! Straight legged pants and a thigh-length sweater.
In fashion, the straight legged pants and long, layered tops are a universal favorite for inclement weather or overcast days apparel. There are so many ways to wear this look, and the results are always spectacular!
Sweater Fashion Tip: Sweaters can be worn with a blouse or top underneath, which has the advantage of allowing the wearer to have the option of removing the sweater if it gets a tad warm, and the wearer will still look glam and presentable for most all events that you are attending.
Saunter the streets in style wearing straight legged pants and a long, hot looking sweater!
Hats on the head and boots on the feet add an extra batch of oomph when you strut down the street!
Not a fan of the cold?  Winter clothes help to take the sting out of the biting freeze!
Sweater Fun Fact: In South African English, a sweater is called a jersey. In the sport of Ice Hockey, the top of the hockey player’s uniform had traditionally been a sweater, and even though modern hockey uniform tops are more commonly a jersey, they are typically referred to as a “hockey sweater”, regardless of the style.  Frequently, in the United States, it is called a hockey “jersey.”
Whether you are attending an ice hockey game, a roller hockey game, or some other sporting event, take center stage when you dress spot on glam, unable to look much better, when you show up dressed in straight legged pants and a thigh-length sweater.
The weather may be cold, but you will be amazingly comfortable when draped in diva winter wonderland duds!
Author Nancy Mangano is the author of two Natalie North murder mystery books, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Nancy has blended her love of detective work and her lifelong style allure into her books. Visit Nancy on her author website, her fashion/style/beauty/book blog, Twitter @nancymangano and her author “like” Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano.

All around the world, blouses are a dress attire that hold much appeal to many women. It’s a fair assumption to say that probably most females own at least one blouse, if not many more. Blouses are versatile, feminine, comfortable and chic, all rolled into one top!
A blouse is a loose-fitting upper garment that was formerly worn by workmen, peasants, artists, women and children. A blouse can be worn gathered at the waist (with elastic, a belt, a waistband, etc.) or the blouse hangs loosely over the wearer’s body.
Blouses, even if the style and cut is casual and sporty, have an unmistakable feminine appearance!
Cotton, lace, frills, ruffles or flannel, blouses are festive, fun and fashionable.
Blouses look vogue and trendy whether they hang loosely, outside of the lower garment, or tucked into a pair of pants or a skirt. When wearing a front button up blouse, most women prefer to have the top button open for better comfort (so as not to grip the neck). Some blouses are made with a free neckline so as not to compromise comfort.
Button Up Blouse Tip: Button up blouses look fantastic when the top two to three buttons are left unbuttoned, and a tight choker is worn around the neck! This look sizzles.
Blazing forward in fashionable becoming blouses!
Button Fun Fact: Women’s button up blouses have buttons on the reverse side of men’s shirts. On women’s blouses, the buttons are normally on the left hand and the buttonholes are on the right. Some suggest that this custom was introduced by launderers so they could distinguish between men’s and women’s shirts. Another theory is that women’s blouses were designed so that they could be easily buttoned by the maids and servants, while men’s shirts were designed to be buttoned by the man wearing the shirt.
Whatever the reason, the custom or tradition of the button placement of men’s and women’s shirts still exists today.
Blouses are often made of cotton or silk, and may include a collar and sleeves. Blouse are usually more tailored than simple knit tops, and often contain feminine details such as ruffles, lace, soft bows, ties, embroidered decorations and rhinestones and beads.
Beautiful blouses decorated to dandy perfections!
Traditional blouses are usually white. There are many ways to tailor blouses to give the tops a variety of shapes and appearances. Different styles can be achieved by sewing of features such as princess seams or darting in the waist and/or bust.
Blouse Fun Fact: During the Victorian period, blouses became common as informal and practical women’s wear. A simple blouse and a plain or tight cut pencil skirt was the standard dress for the newly expanded female workforce of the 1890s, especially for the females employed in office work. In the 1900s, elaborate blouses (heavily decorated, tucks, pleats) became popular for daywear and some informal evening wear.
Today, you can find the perfect style blouse whether you are going to a high society event, or merely spending your day in play!
Blouse is a word loaned to English from the French word blouse, which means dust coat. The word was first officially noted in 1828, from French blouse (a workman’s or peasant’s smock) of obscure Occitan route.
Blouse Fun Fact: In the 1970s and 1980s, blouses made a bouncing spike in fashion popularity: double cuffs, extra wide pointed collar, belt around the waist, synthetic fibers, bedazzled artwork and the like. Blouses with three-quarter arm sleeves were a striking phenomenon in the 1990s.
Blouse Fashion Tip: Blouses look divine when they are tucked into waist cut, flared pants (bell bottoms or flared jeans) and worn with a platform shoe or ankle boots! Gussy the garments up with dangle bracelets, gems, jewelry and rhinestones, and you are dazzling good to go!
Blouses also look fabulous and wear well with blazers, tank tops, bolero jackets, sweaters, colorful accessories and bead chain necklaces.
Blouse Fashion Tip: You can’t go wrong wearing a blouse. If you aren’t sure what to wear, but you want to look right, being dressed in a blouse is a lovely sight!
From the front and the back, a blouse is all that!
Provocative and sexy without trying too hard! A trick to having exquisite style is that you never want to appear is if you’ve tried too hard. Subtle and sassy speaks volumes by far!ImageImage
Silk, satin and sheer blouses are sheer elegance!
Glamour personified!
Many women adore the blouse jacket. A blouse jacket is one garment that is drawn tight at the waist (either tailored or with a built in elastic band) with loose blousing hanging over the waistband.
A blouse generates a nightlife clothes feel, and is also a status of the elegant woman. A blouse can be worn to the most ritzy club, or to church and places demanding formal attire.
Aspire to own a garment that works for sporting events to lighting up a fashion fire! From summer beach babies to glamour girl gorgeousness, blouses are a fashion best!
Do you have a cats meow blouse stored in your house?
Nancy Mangano is an American fashion journalist and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Visit Nancy on her author website, Twitter @, her fashion magazine Strutting in Style! at, and her Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano

I’m in a fun, party down kind of a mood! Today, I feel good, rested and grateful! I should go out on the town to celebrate and enjoy my upbeat mood, but I have a chicken cooking in the oven, and I’m sitting here at my computer, wearing a pink furry bathrobe as a jacket (over my clothes)!

That’s a far cry from the glitz and glam clothes that I am going to showcase in this blog post. The garments that I am going to highlight today are party clothes, and would work splendidly for New Year’s Eve. Since New Year’s Eve will be here in a mere five weeks, let’s dress to party like it’s 2014!

Be the 2014 party queen and enjoy the twinkled, sequins, shimmer and shine! Be all the rage at the party scene!


Let your effervescent clothes make the entrance! You will never exit anyone’s mind!

Spectacular clothes to paint the town and party down!



I know that many of you are shoe lovers, much like myself. For me, the higher the heel, the better the shoe. Even if you prefer flats or low heeled shoes, or sneakers, there are certain clothes that demand a high heeled shoe. No other type of a shoe will do! And that, for all fashion divas, holds true when your clothes sparkle and glitter on fabulous you.

Perhaps a pair of these shoes will do nicely and interest you:



Would you like your backside to make more of an entrance than your front side? Warning: If you wear one of these stunning garments, expect people to stand behind you and talk to the back of your head (with their eyes elsewhere)!


Twinkle, twinkle you beautiful star! You are the loveliest dressed women in the room, by far!

Light up a room merely by your va va voom, sparkly clothes!

Who knows, you just may light up someone’s life!


Sparkly Clothes Fun Fact: Sparkly, bubbly, glowing clothes attract attention! If you prefer to not be seen, remain inconspicuous, or remain anonymous while out in public, do not drape your glorious body parts in clothes that shimmer and illuminate.

However, if you want to sparkle, pop and wow and zing, much like an aged bottle of expensive wine, then by all means, dress to shine! You will look simply divine!



I must pay tribute to this French actress and trend setting fashion icon! Brigitte Bardot!Image


I realize that these clothes displayed in this blog post are not what most people would consider day-to-day wear. That is precisely what makes these clothes spectacular! They stand out, can be thought of as over the top, not practical and too flamboyant!

That is what forward fashion stands for! Amazing, alluring, artistic and all intriguing!

I say that if it is going to make your day to shimmy and shine away, then by all means, play!


The world is your stage. Live your life that fabulous way!

Seize the day and dress up your own individual way!

Hooray for high fashion!


Author Nancy Mangano is the author of two Natalie North murder mystery novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Nancy has mixed her love of detective work and her passion for fashion into her books. Visit Nancy on her author website, her fashion/style/beauty/book blog, Twitter @nancymangano and her author “like” Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano.


Short, sassy, sexy and sensational. For females that relish shorter hair, or simply want to change their current hairstyle, the bob just may be the hairdo for you!
A bob cut is a short or mid-length haircut for women in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about the level of the jaw, or shoulder length, often with bangs at the front. Bangs on a bob look absolutely banging whether they are brushed to the side, or cut blunt across the forehead!
Bangs and bobs are truly mod!
Bob haircuts can be styled in various ways so as to create different looks. With a bob, you can:

  1. Blow dry the hair sleek and straight
  2. Blow dry the hair fluffy and full
  3. Grow the front left and right strands one or two inches longer than the length of the actual haircut
  4. Grow only one front strand (either right or left) one or two inches longer than the length of the rest of the hair
  5. Wear one side fluffed, with the other side smooth, sleek and straight (sexy!)

The bob is one short haircut that looks edgy, stylish and extremely fashionable!
The bob is not to be confused with the pixie cut. Pixie cuts are shorter than bobs, with a pixie haircut consisting of hair that is anywhere from one-half inch to three inches in length. Pixie cuts remind me of waif cuts, as they are cute, youthful and character like. Here is a photograph of a pixie cut!
As you can see, pixie cuts are much shorter than the bob cut, and pixie cuts generally lie flat on the head.
Back to the bob! Why, hello bob!
Types of Bob Haircuts:

  1. Chinese Bob – Cut at the neckline, bobbed around the edges.
  2. A-line Bob – A typical bob cut, with slightly longer hair in front, cut in an asymmetrical style.
  3. Shingle Bob – A dome shaped bob with the back razor cut very short into a V shape.
  4. Buzz Cut Bob – Shoulder length in the front and close cropped in the back.
  5. Long Bob – A blunt bob that reaches the shoulder, symmetrically cut all the way around.
  6. Flipped Bob – The ends are turned or curled upward.
  7. Shaggy Bob – A messy bob layered with a razor.

Bob cuts offer you a wealth of ways to wear your hair, bringing out your various moods and personalities of the moment. Charming hair chameleons at their finest!
Hobnob in the latest trendy hairstyle – the bob!
Wear your hair victoriously with various versions of the bob!
Bob Haircut Beauty Tip: Since bob haircuts tend to frame your face, (almost like a picture frame), I find a heavily made up set of eyes, peering out from a bob haircut, a striking look! Even if you don’t want to wear eyeliner, dark mascara accenting your eyelashes highlights the edgy, alluring look of the bob and really draws out the magnetism of your eyes!
Fashion trends come and go, yet the bob is always a stylish, cute cut (and very in at the moment if you follow style fads). Like I have said many times though, with fashion, a true diva wears her hair to her desire and her clothes to her taste. If you are a fad follower, by all means, follow away! On the other hand, if you want to wear white when everyone else is wearing black, then light your unique self up dressed in white! You will stand out like a light!
You will always be your own best mannequin! Dress to win at whatever game that you want to play!
I must say, as I post these pictures, a fun, funky, edgy, classy, cute bob haircut does look simply divine! Bobs look fantastic whether you are grocery shopping or going out to dine!
Long layered, angled bobs radiate a feel of class and glamour! With a styled bob cut, you and your hair will always appear camera ready! Strike a pose!
Since fashion is all about glamour, and pushing the envelope, and revealing snippets of your personality in private yet unspoken ways, let your bob haircut tell others what your inner self has to say!
If you are particularly playful and you want to express your creative, artsy self through your hair, add in some alluring, beautiful colors, if you dare! What a fun way to wear your hair!
Bob Cut Fun Fact: In the mid 1920s, the bob cut (in various versions, often worn with a side-parting, curled or waved, and with the hair at the nape of the neck shingled short) was the dominant hairstyle of females in the Western world. The style then spread beyond the West.
Bob Hairstyle Tips: The bob haircut looks great with a side-part, parted down the middle, or fluffed on top of your head with no part at all. Also, hair accessories worn in your hair can doll the bob up to even higher proportions!
The bob is a rich looking hairstyle with easy upkeep!
Get the high maintenance look with simple maintenance!
Perfect your bob haircut to absolute perfection!
Bob Cut Fun Fact: Anna Wintour, the English editor-in-chief of American Vogue, wears the bob as her signature hair style! She looks amazing! If the editor-in-chief of one of the most iconic fashion magazines in the world prefers the bob, then you know the bob cut is haute couture, for sure!
Let’s toast the bob! The chic, classic cut deserves it!
A hairstyle at its frilly fashion finest!
Author Nancy Mangano is the author of two Natalie North murder mystery novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy. Nancy has blended her love of detective work and her fashion fetish into her books. Visit Nancy on her author website, her fashion/style/beauty/book blog, Twitter @nancymangano and her author “like” Facebook fan page Nancy Mangano.