January 2013


Boots!  Gotta’ love ’em!  Footwear at its finest!

Whether thigh-high boots, knee-high boots, mid-calf boots, ankle boots, cowboy boots, cowgirl boots or rain boots, the ideal boots can be super fun, super sexy, super cool, super glam and super sophisticated!

With Super Bowl Sunday just days away, whether you’re tuning in for the game, the commercials and/or the halftime show, why don’t you steal the show at your super bowl party and show up at the event adorned in a great pair of boots?

Boots run the gamut from high glamour to casual chic! Boots are ideal to wear to a glorious celebration, as noted in my second novel, Murder Can Be Messy:

Upon hearing the fabulous news that Blake’s vampy mistress Mia Dawson was currently in custody for the murder of Blake Belmont, Victoria celebrated in her Beverly Hills mansion by dressing in her finest country western duds and her pink cowboy boots, blaring Carrie Underwood’s song “Before He Cheats” over her home theater system and dancing the two step solo, a full glass of Dom Perignon in her hand.  

Yes, boots can assist you in celebrating the best possible news!


Football Fact Fact:

In the NFL, goalposts are 20 feet high, 18 feet 6 inches wide and have a crossbar 10 feet above the ground that the ball must pass over. The distance of a field goal is calculated from the spot of the kick to the position of the uprights. The kick is generally seven yards behind the line of scrimmage and the uprights are 10 yards behind the goal line, so add 17 yards to the line of scrimmage to come up with the distance.

Fashion Fun Fact:

Show up at your Super Bowl celebration wearing a head turning pair of boots! Whether your clothing attire screams “All Eyes on Me,” “I Just Want to Have Fun,” or “Where’s the Food?” up your entrance by kicking your outfit over the goalpost in a knock-out pair of boots!


This Sunday, score yourself a grand time in a classic pair of boots!


So, whichever team that you are rooting for, may the best boots win!

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I love the color yellow, and every happy emotion that the color yellow makes you feel! Be it in fashion, flowers, cars, houses, etc., the color yellow shouts sunshine and abundant happiness.
If you read color charts and color descriptions, yellow is commonly associated with reason, optimism and pleasure. If yellow is your favorite color, it means that you are ambitious and eager to please. If yellow is your second, third, or fourth favorite color, you are positive, optimistic and you look to the future, never backwards. You find life easy, free from worry, and you lead a carefree life, but this does not mean that you are lazy!
Think back to school when you learned about the color wheel. The warm colors are yellow, orange and red, while the cool colors are green, blue and violet.
How does a person beat the winter blues and warm themselves up through the cold, rainy, dreary, snowy days?  Think yellow, yellow, yellow, and then yellow!
This is definitely true to fashion in fashion! When you wear yellow, you stand out. Yellow clothing is attention grabbing, uplifting, and makes a powerful statement. Think about the men’s power tie. What color is the power tie? Yellow!
Yellow demands you to look. Yellow firetrucks stand out on the road even more than red firetrucks, and what about yellow sports cars? Have you ever seen a yellow Corvette or Porsche whisking down the freeway that doesn’t look like it is hauling compared to all of the other cars? Yellow fades other colors away, as your eye is drawn to the sunny hue.
Take a look at these yellow fashion garments and see if your mood doesn’t brighten:
So much for mellow yellow! Yellow is bright, brilliant and bedazzling!
So who cares if the weather outside in winter is generally cold, depressing and drab? Invite spring in early and drape yourself in yellow! It is the perfect remedy to beat the blahs!
Yellow: the perfect blah-buster! Simply simple!
Watch for Nancy’s next book in her award winning murder mystery series, Deadly Decisions – A Natalie North Novel, coming to bookstores and online bookstores in February  2017.
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Amy adjusted her bouffant hairdo, colored in her penciled, exaggerated lip line with watermelon lip gloss, and tried not to blink, as the glue meant to hold on her one-inch false eyelashes was instead causing her right eye to stick in a flirtatious mode.  A Passion for Prying – Chapter 29.

If you have read my Natalie North novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy, then you know that my stories take place in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area. With the Academy Awards coming up in February, which as we all know is magnitude glamour, I thought that I would share with you the steps that it takes to create the sensual, sultry, steaming eye visual known as smokey eyes.

I’m sure that you have all seen smokey eyes as the look has been worn by many celebrities and the gals of the Jersey Shore clan. Smokey eyes definitely radiate high form glamour, and the smokin’ hot appearance can be captured in just a few easy steps:

  1. Prep the Eyelid: Swipe an eyeshadow primer (base) across the upper and lower eye area and let it dry.
  2. Apply Eyeliner: Apply liner above the entire upper lash line, drawing the line thicker in the middle of the eye.
  3. Blend in Color on Bottom Lashes: The bottom color is one of the main elements of the smokey eye look. Run an eyeliner pencil under the entire bottom lashes and smudge the line with your finger. You can also apply some eyeshadow and smudge them together.
  4. Apply Base Color: The key to the smokey eye is pairing a lighter base with a darker hue. Sweep a light, glistening shadow over the eyelids to the browbone.
  5. Blend in Darker Color: Blend in the darker color starting at your lash line, blending up. Blend the color into the lash line so that the eyeliner disappears.
  6. Check your Work: Make certain that both eyes match and rub out any smears or smudges with a Qtip.
  7. Apply Globs of Mascara: Thick mascara is a must to finish off the smokey eye effect. Apply enough coats so that the lashes look long, thick and dark. False eyelashes can be worn if preferred.

Smokey eyes are smokin’ hot!

Tip: A nude or pale pink lip gloss wears well with smokey eyes. With such a dramatic eye, a dark, bold lipstick could be too much!

Generally, the smokey eye is done in darker shades, using blues, grays, silvers and blacks. However, this same method can be applied with any colors that you prefer!

Smokey eyes are alluring, hot, eye catching and sultry! They can also be playful and fun! So the next time that you go out to a fancy dinner, a party, dancing, or any place where you want to glam up, remember the smokey eye. You will double dazzle!

Or, if you’re a makeup/beauty connoisseur like me, you can wear the smokey eye at two o’clock in the afternoon on a trip to the car wash!  After all, we all have to live a little!






I am excited to announce that my second Natalie North novel, Murder Can Be Messy, has won the Book of the Year 2012 award in the murder mystery genre (PageOneLiterary/BooksandAuthors).  I am humbled, honored, grateful and thrilled!  Thank you to everyone who has purchased and/or read my novels and for allowing me the wonderful opportunity to entertain you with my writing!


Jett parked the Corolla in the nearest spot he could find to the I Pry, Inc. entrance doors and the famous heartthrob made a mad dash into the lobby. The forty-nine-year-old Amy had dressed for the occurrence in a sweater a tad too tight and a skirt a tad too short, accented by white patent leather boots. The hip outfit would wear well on a trim young adult, but if the clothing eluded Amy’s thought process and accelerated her confidence, then so be it.  Murder Can Be MessyChapter 19.


Loudly, quietly, boldly, brazenly, playfully, fashionably, trendily, shyly, flirtatiously, subtly, smartly, sensibly, confidently!

In the above excerpt from my second novel, Murder Can Be Messy, Amy Cobb told the gorgeous actor, Jett Jaso, oodles about herself through her mode of flirtatious fashion, without verbally uttering so much as a meager, lustful word.

As the true glamorous fashion plates that we are, we have the luxury of speaking and shouting loudly, without every making an audible sound, merely by the clothes that we choose to drape our fabulous bodies in. Our voices can be heard without so much as moving our lips. An outfit or a put together fashion ensemble that we are adorned in can tell people facets of our moods and of our personalities with merely a flick of their eyes.

Are you feeling smart?  Blow them away dressed in a no nonsense business suit.

Are you feeling frisky? Knock them over in a thigh high skirt and a ruffled, frilly blouse.

Are you feeling spunky? Dazzle them in denim.

Are you feeling glamorous? Grab them with a gold dress.

Fashion speaks its own language!


Who would have thought that garments have their own gift of gab?

And when glamour speaks, everybody listens!

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In life, we all like to put names to faces and faces to names. There is more of a feeling of personal connection when we speak to someone either by telephone or face-to-face, and in our minds, their facial features mix with their name. It is automatic. Think to yourself a name of someone that you know, and in your head, you don’t see letters spelling out their name, or a blurry image muddying up their looks. You can vividly picture their entire face, probably all the way down to their unique smile.

You would think that would also be true for me, as a fiction writer, when my named human characters develop faces. You might be surprised to learn that, in both of my novels, A Passion for Prying and Murder Can Be Messy, the reader meets and mingles with many people, yet there isn’t one named character in my books whose facial features come together so distinctively in my visual head that I actually see a complete, put together face. After writing both of my books, if I had to draw a detailed face of a person who precisely mirrors a character from my novels, I wouldn’t be able to do it.

As I write, relating to my characters, the names have no concrete faces!

When penning my books, I don’t generally use my imagination to apply colors and features to my characters. Instead, the people who are telling their own story through my writing tell me what they look like. When a new character joins the plot, my fingers can be moving at a speed of what literally feels like a mile a minute, and I don’t stop writing to take the time to decide what color of hair they have, eye color, distinct or interesting facial features, full lips or thin lips, etc. The new person entering the story tells me what they look like as my fingers stay in motion, never missing a beat.  Until the character comes to life on the written page, what they end up looking like can be as surprising to me as seeing a baby being born. What is on everyone’s mind at that precise moment? What does he or she look like?

As an author, this makes my writing much more fun and exciting to me, as I am merely the vessel that my characters use to tell their story.

The cover of my first novel, A Passion for Prying, was sketched and drawn by Dan Drewes from AuthorHouse (the publisher). The female blond on the cover is one person’s vision of what Natalie North, the main character and a stylish, first-rate private investigator, would look like if she stepped off of the written page and came to life. You may find it interesting to know that Dan and I never sat down in person, face-to-face, during the drawing of the cover. I simply gave Dan a description of Natalie North, through telephone and email conversations, and from my words, Dan drew a concrete, vivid image of Natalie. The beautiful investigator that you see on the cover is Dan’s perception of what Natalie looks like, based on the descriptive features that he had been told from how Natalie is described in the book.

Even now, as I continue to write Natalie’s dramatic, dangerous and daring, yet fun escapades, as my fingers are moving fast and furiously, I don’t ever see a vivid image of Natalie’s face in my mind. Not even the Natalie drawn on the cover of A Passion for Prying. Natalie’s face remains to me a range of features and colors. I know that her eyes are cocoa brown, her hair is golden blond, her lips are plump and her features are embedded in alabaster skin. Yet, as I spend my days with Natalie, her complete face blended together remains a mystery to me, and I could never narrow her down to one particular face that I could point out in a crowd.

Even I can’t explain how I can spend hours and hours with my beloved characters, allow them to tell their crazy, fun, heartwarming tales through their words on paper, and never imagine in my own mind their concrete face, as every descriptive detail explaining their looks follows them through every adventure that they take. And I prefer it that way!

Natalie to you may look completely different than what Natalie looks like to Dan. Jett Jaso, the gorgeous Hollywood hunky actor, may appeal to one reader, yet not quite hold up in the killer looks department in another reader’s mind. And that is the thrill of the written word and the wonder of the imagination! You are free to interject whatever look suits you and draw your own face with the name.

As for me, I find it perfectly intriguing that as far as my precious people go, their names have no absolute faces!



Victoria reached into her handbag resting near the recliner she was comfortable in and pulled out a massive wad of cash. She rose from her chair and swiped the money back and forth, under Floyd’s nose.

“Take a whiff,” she said seductively.

Floyd sucked in deep, his nostrils partying from the sweet aroma. – Murder Can Be Messy, Chapter 21.

What is it about a mere smell that can transform an atmosphere from dreary to dynamic and entice even the most unromantic romance cynic to want to sniff out a partner? Walk up to any cosmetic counter and you will find a vast array of perfumes, colognes and aftershaves, with a variety of scents, packaged in perfectly shaped, tempting bottles. From designer perfumes to celebrity endorsed colognes, no product on the market is more fitting for subtly flirting than a seductive, sensuous scent.

Personally, as a female, I love the smell of a great cologne lingering off of a man. If I was asked to give one piece of advice to the male gender on how to attract a mate, my response would be, “Wear cologne!” I go cuckoo over classic cologne. If I step into an elevator, and there are five men closed in with me, and of those five men, one is wearing cologne, the other four men around me evaporate. I immediately go where my nose goes, and I suck in deep and take a whiff. I can truly get lost in the luxury of breathing in a masculine, sassy scent.

Who is that fine fellow floating in the fantastic fragrance?

Fragrance is fun! Fragrance is fabulous! Fragrance is flirting!

At our family Christmas Eve party this year, there was a gentleman wearing cologne. When I greeted him and said hello, the aroma of his cologne transforming me to a different dimension, I hugged him – twice, each time, sucking in the sweet smell of his cologne. When the party was over, and we were saying goodbye, I hugged him again – twice! Whiff, whiff!

I couldn’t deny myself the pure joy of breathing in the blissful aroma, much like when you see a young boy who just got a buzz haircut, and you have an overpowering need to rub his head and meander your hand through the blunt bristles!

So, when you’re too shy to talk to that guy or that girl, or you want to speak loudly without talking at all, smolder yourself in an intriguing smell and shout out with your scent – – – attract with your aroma. ImageAnimalistic appeal!  Grrrr!

Fragrance is fun! Fragrance is Fabulous! Fragrance is Flirting!

What a playful, easy way to entice! Nice!





Let’s give a nod to great bangs!

A fantastic hairstyle can beam even more brilliantly with the fine feature of bangs!  I personally adore bangs. Depending on the cut, bangs can be alluring, provocative, cute, fashionable, high fashion, sexy, youthful and fun. Whether you choose to wear your bangs draping over one eye (intriguing!), swept to the side, wispy, baby bangs, blunt, feathered, above the eyebrow, below the eyebrow, bangs help to frame your face and to make their own power statement: I’m trendy!

As a fiction author, my characters wear their hair in all sorts of styles. From long, flowing tresses to shoulder length cuts to the swept up bouffant hairdo, some sort of bangs to accentuate the hairstyle merely adds more punch!

Bangs are beautiful!ImageImage

If you’re used to forging forward with a bare forehead, yet somewhere deep inside of you bangs are banging to get out, but attempting to wear bangs feels a wee bit too drastic for you, you can go to most beauty supply stores and buy clip in bangs. This serves a few purposes, as you can see if you do indeed rock your look with a pair of fashionable bangs and, if you don’t want to go as permanent as cutting your hair, you can periodically clip in the bangs whenever you feel sassy enough to do so.

So are you ready for a new you in a dazzling new hairdo?

Go Bold! Go Beautiful! Go Bangs!

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Los Angeles magazine ran an article on the power couple a few months back. Blake Belmont is relatively young, rich and gorgeous. That’s a lethal combination for a male.”

This is a direct quote from Natalie North, the sassy private investigator who spends her days busting adulterous partners, letting her father know that merely due to Blake’s enviable top of the line package (youth, bucks and beauty) Natalie somewhat suspects that she would be surprised if Blake wasn’t cheating on his alluring wife, Victoria Belmont.

Fast forward to the next chapter in my novel, Murder Can Be Messy:

“For fourteen years I’ve been a loving wife to that man. I’ve known him since I was a mere teenager.”

“I’m sure he loves you.”

Victoria sighed. “He loves only himself. And his money,” she threw in as an afterthought.

“If it turns out that your husband is having an affair…”

“Affairs,” Victoria interrupted.

“You sense there is more than one other woman in his universe?” Natalie asked.

“Women, men, two, twenty. I don’t know the man anymore.” 

The question is, did Victoria ever really know Blake in the first place? I’m not saying that it is right for anyone to cheat on their partner, but hooking up with or marrying a man who turns heads, has more money than he knows what to spend it all on and is still basking in his youth, does up the ante that he just might cheat on you. But hey, only you know if the lavish perks of being with this man outweigh the odds that he might view his enviable traits as a free pass to slip his weenie in any other woman that he feels so inclined to frolic with.

My sister and I were at a concert of a well known rock band. As the world-famous lead singer walked through the audience to approach the stage, every female within close range of the rock God screamed and stretched out her arms in an attempt to touch the married man. My sister turned to me and said, “I could never be married to him!”

Interpretation: If I was his wife, my days would be consumed with thoughts that he might be cheating on me. True, but obviously his wife is willing to take the chance, being as she gets to live the lifestyle of a wealthy woman and does get to enjoy this man in all of his birthday suit splendor.

No one is immune to being cheated on, no matter what their partner’s genetic pool has bestowed on them and no matter how much cash sits in their bank accounts. A cheater is a cheater as much as a  loyal mate is a loyal mate. Hooking up with a man who has countless women throwing themselves at him at his every turn comes wrapped with probable suspicions of infidelity. It comes with the territory.

As the wonderful women that we are, if I was married to an Adonis who needed to carry a large stick to fend off all of the glamorous women that were dying to get their hands on him, and their naked bodies, I would go about my days merely being me, as let’s face it, he would be darn lucky just to have me. If he chose to sample the sweet nectar of other babes, I wouldn’t hesitate to kick him to the curb. I wouldn’t waste my time worrying about if he was sharing his sensual manhood with only me. 

Why? Because as females, we are fabulous. With or without a partner! And men, all men, are quite lucky to have us!







When writing my novels, I have numerous female characters that take great delight in what lipstick shades that they are wearing. I believe that this is true with many females, as is evidenced by how many color variances that you have to choose from when selecting shades of lipstick and lip gloss. And let’s face it, lipstick is one of the sexiest pieces of makeup that we can wear!

Selecting the perfect color for the perfect occasion can be grueling. Have you ever walked into a store looking for a pink shade of lipstick, thinking that you would be in and out in ten minutes or so? And what happens? We’ll play it out:

Pink, it sounds basic enough. We all know that the color pink originates from mixing the colors red and white. What we didn’t know, until we approached the lipstick counter, is that there are more shades and hues of pink than there are brands of lipsticks. And when we want just the right pink for just the right outfit, the amount of choices can be overwhelming. As the consumer, you have your pick of Passionate Pink, Perfectly Pink, Puckered Pink, Poodle Pink, Pussy Cat Pink, Hot Pink, Cold Pink, Think Pink, Prance Around Pink, Pastel Pink, Praised in Pink, Polished Pink, Pounding Pink, Pivotal Pink, Party in Pink, Pink Lemonade, Pink Parade – – – the pink supply is endless! Yet, with each catchy name of pink lipstick, each swipe of color that paints your sensuous mouth does take on a different hue of pink when the lipstick meshes with your natural lip tone. And yes, as females, we are not going to be completely satisfied with our choice of pink until we have found the precise shade of pink, and that can change from day to day and mood to mood.

I will demonstrate how imperative our shades of lipstick can be to us to pull our overall look together. This is a true story:  A few years back I was flying from Los Angeles to New York, accompanied by my children and my parents. As I was boarding the airplane at LAX, walking down the narrow aisle to my seat, my mom, who was walking behind me, said, “I like your shade of lipstick!” Now, she had been with me during the entire wait at the airport, yet she chose this exact moment to mention my lipstick. At hearing her comment, I stopped in the airplane aisle, turned my head back to face her, and said, “Thanks” as I proceeded to tell her the color and the brand. It wasn’t until I heard my dad’s voice, who was standing behind my mom and now stuck in the aisle along with all of the boarding passengers behind me, unable to move forward as I was holding up the line, say, “Why don’t you two wait to discuss your lipstick once we have found our seats!”  Interpretation:  My dad is definitely not a female! If he was, he would have joined in the conversation!

And yes, that is how important the precise shade of lipstick can be! I can’t begin to tell you how many hues of pink lipsticks are in my makeup collection, yet the pink that works for today might be all wrong for tomorrow. So, I merely take it day by day, and when I’m in the mood to wear pink, I simply finger through the various shades until I spot the container that screams to me, “I am the perfect shade of pink, I think!”  And generally, the makeup is spot on!