Nearly everyone feels at times like they need more hours in a day. Why is it that we all get 24 hours in each day, yet some people tend to thrive with productivity while others lag behind no matter how much effort they feel they invest? It can all come down to how you choose to spend a pivotal ten minutes of your day. Even if a 10-minute routine is difficult for you to fit into an already busy schedule, once you make the routine a daily priority you will soon complete it without any effort, as it will become a welcomed habit. You’ll even enjoy it!

We all need time to ourselves in order to have the strength and energy to get through our daily tasks and give our time to others!

10-Minute Routines to Boost Productivity:

• Stretch/Yoga: Taking 10 minutes of your day to fit in stretch exercises and/or yoga can cause you to relax and free your body and mind of stress. This will make you more inclined to tackle projects, deadlines and responsibilities in a positive manner.

• Walk/Run: If you’re someone who prefers the outdoors, taking a 10 minute walk or jog can help you boost your productivity throughout the day. Whether you do this first thing in the morning, or later in the day, the exercise and fresh air will rejuvenate you much like taking a desirable, much needed nap.

• Read a Magazine or Book: You’d be surprised how far you can get in a good book in 10 minutes. Or merely get comfortable in your favorite chair and thumb through a magazine. You’ll be focused on the stories, articles and pictures, and your mind will clear itself of all the daily clutter. You’ll be recharged and able to focus on the tasks at hand that your daily life demands.

• Meditate: The definition of ‘meditate’ is to think deeply or focus the mind for a period of time, in silence or chanting, in order to relax you. At some point during your day take a 10 minute break, go to a quiet place and simply meditate. Your clear mind and thriving energy level will thank you.

• Wake Up 10 Minutes Earlier/Relax: If you wake up 10 minutes earlier each morning and do nothing but relax or merely rest in bed, you’ll be wide awake by the time you put your feet on the floor. This will ensure you have plenty of energy as soon as you start your day.

Another great way to have a stress free, wonderful, productive day is to set time aside to do something you love. Whether you call a friend, eat yummy food, shop or just chill and watch YouTube videos, setting 10 minutes aside each day to do something  you want to do will not only make you feel better, but give you an enjoyable reason to get out of your comfy bed in the morning!

Having something pleasant to look forward to helps build a healthy, happier, happening you!

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